Getting Your Medical Marijuana CardGetting Your Medical Marijuana Card

The Laws Differ for Each State that has Legalized Medical Marijuana

The laws for each state differ in terms of getting your medical marijuana card but, in general, the process is mostly the same in each state.  Find YOUR state here to read all about getting your medical marijuana card in your state of residence.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Your State

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Three Basic Steps to Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in the United States

Most people think its difficult, but it's actually pretty easy!

STEP #1 - See a Medical Marijuana Doctor

See a doctor. Schedule an appointment with a certified physician so they can do an exam and confirm that you have a condition that qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation.  Not all doctors are certified to recommend medical marijuana in Florida and across the United States, so you must find one that’s allowed. Fun Fact- In Florida, they don’t call it “prescribing” medical marijuana, they call it “recommending medical marijuana”. You can typically call or schedule online with most doctors that recommend medical marijuana. If they make the recommendation, they enter the patient's info into your state's Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

STEP #2 - Apply for Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

After the doctor sees you, qualifies you, and enters you into the registry - you will now need to register with the state. There are two options; mail in the application or file online. We strongly suggest filing online!  Each state has its own schedule of registration fees and generally there is a service charge if you pay online (a few dollars).

STEP #3 - Purchase Medical Marijuana at a Dispensary

After you get approved by the State, you can buy medical marijuana in Florida and across eligible states. There are more and more dispensaries opening each month. You can visit the dispensaries, call and order, or order online, but you do need to be approved by the state before you can buy. Getting medical marijuana in Florida and across the United States is becoming easier if you qualify.

By following the steps, if your doctor recommends medical marijuana as a solution for your condition, you'll be eligible for getting your medical marijuana card!

Feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to walk you through the process of getting your medical marijuana card in the United States.  Want more specifics on getting medical marijuana in 2020 and beyond?