Medical Marijuana in Idaho

Medical Marijuana in Idaho

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Activists gathering signatures for 2022 medical marijuana ballot measure!

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12/24/20 – Idaho activists, who have already filed a medical cannabis initiative for 2022, are now working on a separate measure to legalize recreational marijuana that they also hope to qualify for the state’s midterm ballot.

10/28/20 – Idaho medical cannabis activists filed an initiative that they hope to get on the state’s 2022 ballot. They tried this year with virtually identical language but were impeded by the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures. This time they’ll have 18 months to petition.

8/3/20 – The chances of qualifying an Idaho medical cannabis ballot measure seem diminished after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against a campaign pushing a separate education funding measure that had previously been granted the right to electronically collect signatures by a federal judge.

7/20/20 – Idaho’s secretary of state rejected a medical cannabis campaign’s request to collect electronic signatures for their ballot measure. They’re now considering suing to get the same relief a federal judge has already granted to a separate education funding effort. 

7/15/20 – Idaho medical cannabis activists are threatening to sue the state if officials don’t give them an electronic signature gathering option for their ballot measure by Thursday. A federal judge already granted that relief to a separate education campaign. 

7/13/20 – Idaho medical cannabis activists are asking the secretary of state to let them collect electronic signatures for a proposed ballot measure in the same way that a separate education funding campaign is able to do under a federal court ruling

7/6/20 – Idaho’s medical cannabis campaign is “likely” to pursue the same legal accommodations for electronic signature gathering that a federal judge granted to an unrelated initiative.  “The medical marijuana campaign is similarly situated to the Reclaim Idaho campaign and will likely ask for a similar extension of time and permission to collect signatures electronically from the Secretary of State, and if necessary, from the District Court. I don’t know the exact timeline as there are a number of moving pieces but it will be quick.”

6/30/20 – A federal judge denied a request from Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) and the secretary of state to stay his ruling clearing the path for a non-marijuana initiative to the November ballot in a case that could also have implications for a proposed medical cannabis measure.

6/25/20 – An Idaho medical marijuana cannabis initiative might have another shot at the November ballot after a federal judge ruled the state must make signature gathering concessions to a separate campaign. If Idahoans get a chance to vote on the measure it could have far-reaching federal implications since the chair of the Senate Banking Committee, who is holding up marijuana financial services legislation, represents the state. 

1/13/20 – Idaho remains the only state in the country without any kind of law recognizing the medical or therapeutic value of cannabis. But advocates with the Idaho Cannabis Coalition are working to change that, and voters may have an opportunity to legalize medical marijuana through a ballot initiative later this year. You can read a summary of the proposal here.

The petition was approved for circulation in August last year. Supporters need to collect just over 55,000 signatures throughout the state by April 30 in order to qualify for the 2020 ballot.

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