Living the Cannabis Life

Cannabis is becoming a huge part of our world.

Here at CalmEffect, we call it the CalmLife

Enjoying the CalmLife

Music and Cannabis

Many of our readers have a strong relationship with weed while enjoying music at home, at concerts, and at festivals.  And, because so many people travel to see concerts, we’re creating guides to assist you in your journeys.

Other Cannabis Friendly Activities

We hear about many ways that our readers have relationships with marijuana.  Some like smoking after work, enjoying the weekend, chilling at the beach, hanging out at the park (disc golf anyone?), and many other activities.

What is CBD and how does it differ from marijuana?

Technically CBD is a compound found within the hemp and cannabis plant. It’s more appropriate to compare it to THC another compound that’s more prevalent in the cannabis plant.  CBD is not a controlled substance, although some states do have some rules about the sale and labeling of products containing it.  Many people report feeling positive effects on physical and mental health issues when using CBD.

What do you need to consume marijuana in 2024?

Depending on your method of intake, you may need minimal accessories or a little more.

We always recommend that you take good care of your cannabis. Keep it fresh and keep it safe by storing it in the appropriate weed containers, bags, or boxes.

Some advanced users need smoking accessories like rigs and volcanos.

And, be sure to have the necessary cleaning supplies to make sure you accessories are clean.

Where can you smoke weed, and possess it?

Typically the law says, only where the state has ruled that it is legal. In some states you need a medical card.  Even if it’s legal, typically it has to be consumed in private and not near children or federal facilities.

Learning about marijuana?

Just starting out with marijuana, or want to learn more, we have plenty of information at CalmEffect to help you. You’ll find our Blog very helpful. We’ve also got some of our our favorite books that you can quickly pick up.

Got questions like whats the difference between a Spliff vs Joint? We have that type of info too!

How to get a marijuana card?

Still wondering how to get a medical card?  Your first step is to find one of the talented Medical Marijuana Doctors in your area.

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