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Marijuana Cleaning Products

Keep your tools sanitary and clean so they’ll last longer and you’ll feel better.

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack

Formula 420 for Pyrex, Glass, Metal, and Ceramic is the original complete 1-minute cleaner. Our exclusive AbrasivAction technology eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply Shake, Rinse, and Enjoy!  Hassle-Free
Easy to Use, Non-Toxic*, Biodegradable, Cleans and Deodorizes In Seconds


8 Inch Nylon Tube Brush Set, 12 Piece Variety Pack

Sold as 1 set of 12 brushes with varying diameters on a detachable keyring.  The overall length of all brushes: 8 inches (20.3 cm). Brush Diameters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, and 38 mm (1/16, 1/9, 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/3 in).  Made of Stainless Steel and Nylon bristles – Brushes are Tipped with Epoxy to Prevent Scratching.  This product contains 1 set of 12 tube brushes with varying diameters.

KUWAN Bottle Cleaning Brush Multi-Function Household Tools Flexible Bottle Scourer for Glass Devices

Flexible, soft, lightweight, reusable, long enough to clean the dust, dirt on the bottom of the glass.  Ideal for the cleaning of water devices.  Length: Approx 44 cm, can get into the nooks and crannies.  Made of high-quality foam.  Multi-function Household Cleaning Tools Flexible Long Handle Sponge Cleaning Brush.  Length: 16.1 inch  Width:1.96 inch

Orange Chronic Cleaner 16 oz Pack of 2

Clean your smoking accessories with orange chronic bong cleaner. This 16oz bottle of orange chronic is a very efficient and powerful cleaning alternative that you can buy today. It’s produced from all-natural and green substances such as oranges that give a refreshing scent of freshness. There’s no need for tiresome scrubbing, just put it in and shake for instant results.

Silicone Brush 12.5″ Bottle Cleaner for Washing Narrow Neck Containers

Long reach handle & soft, flexible bristles, brush gets deep down into nooks/crannies to easily scrub away grime in tall, narrow containers. Antibacterial silicone bottle brush repels unpleasant odors, grease, & stains, preventing germ build-up which is more hygienic. Leaves your glassware all scratch-free. BPA free, dishwasher safe.

BONG BAE 16oz Bong Cleaner Solution – Powerful Cleaning Solution 420 Friendly

2 Bottles of 16OZ Cleaning Solution. 420 Cleaner Solution & Tobacco Friendly.  Dual Action Cleaner, Good Use for Glass Pipes, Water Glass Bongs, Dab/Cannabis/Tobacco Pipes As well as Your Bowls.  Made with 100% high-grade authentic ingredients.  No Aftertaste or Smell.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here at CalmEffect, we are committed to bringing you up-to-date innovative medical marijuana accessories ideas so you can find everything you need in one convenient place.  We will continue to add new medical marijuana accessories as we find them.  We hope you enjoy this convenient medical marijuana accessories feature from CalmEffect.

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