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Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Start your journey to pain relief. Accessible and Affordable!  We have doctors that want to help.  Now is the time to start feeling better. We want you to be able to enjoy more activities.  Are you tired of pain stopping you from doing the things you love?  Does anxiety or physical pain hold you back?  Let us help!  We want it to be more affordable! Compare our prices to others!  You save with CalmEffect!

Affordable Prices and Incredible Customer Service.

Are you tired of living in pain?  There are options! Isn’t it time to check it out?

We heard our patients say that doctor appointments weren’t affordable!

So, we did something about it! We created Calm Effect CalmTime Events for you, so getting a Card was more accessible!
– Price includes:
– Doctor appointment.
– State registry assistance.
– Recommendation/script that lasts the maximum allowed by the state (Florida state law requires an appointment every 7 months).

We’re making it more affordable!
You’ll see a doctor (who is qualified) and can certify you (if you qualify).
We’ll have concierges on hand that can help you complete the state application.
We’ll provide product info and provide you with available discounts.
You’ll be able to ask your questions in a comfortable environment!
Limited time only.

Over 35,000 Floridians have looked to CalmEffect for information!  Join our growing community today.  With CalmEffect, we make the process straight-forward, simple, and affordable.  We are your partner in your journey to more relief, more freedom, and a better life.