Medical Marijuana Doctor AppointmentsMedical Marijuana Doctor Appointments

Medical Marijuana Doctor appointments are available for residents of the following states: FL, MI, OH, MA, VA, PA, AZ, NY, TX, AK, NH, NJ, NY, VT, CT, RI

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Now that medical marijuana is legal in many states, you must follow the 3 steps to getting a medical marijuana card.  Take the first step and schedule an appointment with a local Qualified Doctor.

STEP #1 – See a Medical Marijuana Doctor

See a doctor. Schedule an appointment with a certified physician so they can do an exam and confirm that you have a condition that qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation.  Not all doctors are certified to recommend medical marijuana in Florida and across the United States, so you must find one that’s allowed.

STEP #2 – Apply for Your U.S. State or Florida Medical Marijuana Card

After the doctor sees you, qualifies you, and enters you into the registry – you will now need to register with the state. There are two options; mail in the application or file online. We strongly suggest filing online!  Each state has its own schedule of registration fees and generally there is a service charge if you pay online (a few dollars).

STEP #3 – Purchase Medical Marijuana at a U.S. State or Florida Dispensary

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