Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

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Medical Marijuana is Not Yet Legal in Nebraska

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana Leads Effort to Gather Signatures for Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Last update: January 13, 2020

Despite pleas from patients and families all across the state, Nebraska’s unicameral legislature adjourned last year without taking action on legislation (LB 110) sponsored by Sen. Anna Wishart, which would have created a sensible and compassionate medical marijuana program in the state. Despite this disappointing result, patients and allies are looking forward to November, as a campaign aims to put the issue directly to voters later this year. Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is working to collect roughly 130,000 voter signatures by July to qualify its constitutional medical marijuana initiative for the 2020 ballot. The proposal would establish legal protections for patients who receive a recommendation from their healthcare provider to treat a debilitating condition with medical marijuana. It would also establish a foundation for the state to regulate a market of medical marijuana producers and dispensaries.

Current marijuana laws in Nebraska

Possession is illegal in Nebraska. Possession of one ounce or less is an infraction, which is punishable by a maximum fine of $300, and the judge may order the offender to complete a drug education course. A second conviction for possession of one ounce or less is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $500, and the third and subsequent convictions for possession of one ounce or less are a misdemeanor and are punishable by a maximum sentence of seven days imprisonment and a maximum fine of $500.

Cultivation is not allowed. Cultivation penalties in Nebraska are based upon the total weight of the plants found.

There is no medical marijuana program or any other allowances for patients in Nebraska.

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1/8/21 – A Nebraska senator introduced a resolution to place a marijuana legalization constitutional amendment on the 2022 ballot

12/8/20 – Nebraska senators and activists announced they will collect signatures to put a recreational marijuana legalization initiative-in addition to a separate medical cannabis measure-on the state’s 2022 ballot.

10/26/20 – Nebraska medical marijuana activists are already collecting signatures for a 2022 ballot measure after the state Supreme Court blocked this year’s initiative last month. The justices ruled the proposal violated the state’s single-subject rule by covering too many topics, so the new one is just one sentence long.

10/2/20 – Nebraska regulators published an overview of the fee structure for the state’s hemp program.

9/30/20 – The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of drug dealing charges brought against CBD sellers.

9/29/20 – Nebraska medical cannabis activists-whose measure was removed from November’s ballot by the state Supreme Court because the justices determined it violated the single-subject rule-are filing a new initiative for 2022 that simply states:  “Persons in the State of Nebraska shall have the right to cannabis in all its forms for medical purposes.”

9/28/20 – The legal firm that brought a case that kicked a Nebraska medical cannabis initiative off the November ballot is refusing to disclose who paid for its work.

9/21/20 – Nebraska’s secretary of state is considering a request to make the Legal Marijuana Now Party a recognized third party.

9/18/20 – The Lincoln Star Journal editorial board slammed Nebraska lawmakers for failing to legalize medical cannabis.

9/14/20 – Nebraska medical cannabis activists announced they will pursue a 2022 ballot initiative with “no limitations” after the state Supreme Court ruled their measure this year violated single subject laws with its regulatory and licensing structure.

9/11/20 – The Nebraska Supreme Court removed a medical marijuana measure from November’s ballot.

9/4/20 – The Nebraska Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case filed by a local sheriff who is trying to prevent voters from having a chance to decide on a medical cannabis ballot initiative in November.  “The Nebraska Constitution provides the power of initiative is the first power reserved by the people. The power is precious. It is one which the courts are zealous to preserve the fullest tenable measure, spirit as well as letter.”

9/3/20 – The Nebraska Supreme Court will livestream arguments in a case challenging a medical cannabis ballot measure on Thursday. Meanwhile, the sheriff who filed the lawsuit explained his reasons for doing so.

8/31/20 – A Nebraska sheriff is asking the state Supreme Court to block voters from getting a chance to decide on a medical cannabis ballot measure in November. The lawsuit filing comes just days after the secretary of state rejected the top local law enforcer’s arguments.  Also, The Nebraska Democratic Party tweeted, “Great news! Medical marijuana initiative should be on the ballot, Nebraska secretary of state rules.” 

8/28/20 – Nebraska’s secretary of state rejected a last-minute legal challenge to a medical cannabis initiative that collected enough signatures from voters, clearing its path to the November ballot. 

8/27/20 – The Nebraska secretary of state’s office informed activists they collected enough signatures to put medical marijuana on the November ballot, the campaign said. But a last-minute legal challenge alleging that the measure is confusing and invalid could stop voters from deciding on it. 

Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) tweeted about an American Heart Association paper expressing concerns about the health impacts of marijuana use, but didn’t mention the part of the document that calls for federal rescheduling.

8/4/20 – Nebraska lawmakers sent Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) a hemp bill.

7/29/20 – Nebraska’s secretary of state reported that medical cannabis activists turned in more than 196,000 raw signatures in support of their ballot measure.

7/3/20 – Nebraska medical cannabis activists submitted more than 182,000 signatures for proposed initiative. That’s way more than they need to qualify for the November ballot. 

6/15/20 – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) said that legalizing marijuana “has nothing to do with police enforcement, that’s not a law enforcement issue, that’s is a separate political agenda.”

6/11/20 – A group of Nebraska medical cannabis advocates announced it has turned nearly 50,000 signatures over to the campaign seeking to qualify a measure for the November ballot.

5/27/20 – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) discouraged people from circulating ballot petitions, including one to legalize medical cannabis, because he said it could spread coronavirus. Meanwhile, activists said they are optimistic about qualifying the measure.

5/4/20 – Nebraska medical marijuana advocates plan to relaunch their ballot petition campaign this month and will use masks, disposable pens and hand sanitizer to protect signature gatherers amid the coronavirus outbreak. They’re confident about qualifying for the November ballot. 

4/15/20 – Nebraska activists said they are “confident” they will be able to qualify a medical cannabis measure for November’s ballot if they can resume signature gathering in May.

4/10/20 – Nebraska’s secretary of state said his office is not going to adjust signature gathering deadlines for a proposed medical cannabis ballot measure to address difficulties experienced as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

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