Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

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Medical Marijuana is Not Yet Legal in Wyoming

Wyoming has not legalized recreational or medical marijuana, therefore it is against the law to use or possess cannabis in the state.  However, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products that contain less than 0.3% THC by weight are legal to use and possess.

A New Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana in Wyoming

The bill does not provide wholesale legalization of medical marijuana but rather, a tightly regulated system for the substance’s distribution and control. Penalties for violating the law would range from a $750 fine for negligent infractions to prosecuting defendants as if they were producers or consumers of recreational marijuana.  Similar to a bill regulating hemp that Barlow signed onto last week, all marijuana tagged for medicinal use would be tested and regulated by the state Department of Agriculture and would be limited to a maximum THC content of 15 percent.  It’s unclear how common such a cap is. Iowa has placed a THC cap of 3 percent on medicinal products there. Frank Latta, the director of Wyoming’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said the cap was “not the norm” and that it was an attempt to win over lawmakers who may be hesitant about supporting the measure.  Barlow said the upper limit for THC content was decided upon after conversations with producers of medical-grade cannabis in other states, who base their mixture on ratios of THC and CBD, another chemical component of marijuana that does not cause a high on its own. The higher the THC level, Barlow said, the lower the CBD level, making a moderate THC content the most ideal strain of marijuana for medical use.

“The closer the THC and CBD level are, the more therapeutic or medicinal it is,” said Barlow.  “We’re not trying to give folks ‘the highs,’ we’re trying to give them the health benefits.” “I’m not advocating for recreational marijuana,” he said. “If the number is too low or too high, we can have that discussion. Maybe it is [an arbitrary number], but I’m trying to get away from giving people a recreational effect, rather than a medicinal effect.”

The system proposed under the bill would be a direct-to-consumer model, with no middlemen or distribution plan involved beyond producers keeping records of who receives the cannabis and where it goes. This, said Barlow, was done in order to keep the distribution model for Wyoming simpler than those seen in other states.  The legislation also has restrictions around who can receive a prescription for medical marijuana, limiting doctor-issued scripts to Wyoming residents over 18 years of age or with the endorsement of a parent or guardian, with a “medically indicated recommendation” from their doctor.

About 70 percent of Wyomingites would support a bill legalizing medical marijuana, according to an October 2019 poll from the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming. However, state lawmakers have long been opposed to such a move and have been reluctant to pursue any legislation that could potentially be in conflict with cannabis’ federal status as a Schedule I controlled substance. Legislators last week rejected a bill to legalize cannabidiol products that are often used for medical purposes.

In the executive branch, Gov. Mark Gordon maintained on the campaign trail in 2018 that he was open to conversations about medical marijuana but did not support it, saying there were other, pharmaceutical-based options already available.  Latta, the director of the state marijuana advocacy group, said he supported the measure and its efforts to give patients a different choice in treatment. But he acknowledged its success was a tall order.

The medical society previously opposed an effort to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, citing the same concerns Wheeler expressed.  Barlow has no illusions that the legislation will actually become law this year. With several days left for bills to leave the committee, it’s uncertain whether or not the medical marijuana legislation will even receive an assignment. Notably, the bill lacks a number of provisions necessary to implement a viable medicinal marijuana program.  However, Barlow said the topic has never been seriously visited by the Legislature and, given Wyoming’s status as one of a minority of states that have not legalized medicinal marijuana, he believes it’s time for the discussion.

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12/10/20 – A poll found that 54% of Wyoming residents support legalizing marijuana, and supermajorities back medical cannabis and decriminalization. Two of the state’s neighbors-Montana and South Dakota-voted to legalize last month.

11/30/20 – A Wyoming representative said that marijuana legalization in neighboring states bodes well for efforts to enact reform there.

11/19/20 – Medical Marijuana in Wyoming MILESTONE – A Wyoming Republican representative is drafting medical cannabis and marijuana decriminalization bills.

11/18/20 – The Wyoming legislature’s Joint Agriculture, State and Public Lands and Water Resources Committee rejected a proposal to ban smokable hemp and certain CBD products.

8/12/20 – A Wyoming judge dismissed drug charges filed against hemp farmers who had successfully lobbied to legalize the non-intoxicating cannabis crop but were later accused by police of growing marijuana. Top state officials and lawmakers testified on their behalf in the case. 

7/14/20 – The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation is accusing a mother and son who successfully lobbied lawmakers to legalize hemp of illegally growing marijuana. Now, top political officials- including the state treasurer-are prepared to defend them in court. 

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