Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Medical Marijuana in MissouriMedical Marijuana in Missouri

Are you looking to get your medical marijuana in Missouri? The talented team of doctors here at CalmEffect are here to help guide you through every single step of the process.

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Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Missouri - Qualifying Conditions:

Per Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, a qualifying medical condition is:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Intractable migraines unresponsive to other treatment
  • A chronic medical condition that causes
    • severe, persistent pain or
    • persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those associated with
      • multiple sclerosis, seizures,
      • Parkinson’s disease,
      • and Tourette’s syndrome
  • Debilitating psychiatric disorders, including, but not limited to,
    • post-traumatic stress order, if diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or
  • Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  • A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medications that could lead to physical or psychological dependence, when a physician determines that medical use of marijuana could be effective in treating that condition and would serve as a safer alternative to the prescription medication
  • A terminal illness
  • In the professional judgment of a physician, any other chronic, debilitating or other medical condition, including, but not limited to,
    • hepatitis C,
    • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
    • inflammatory bowel disease,
    • Crohn’s disease,
    • Huntington’s disease,
    • autism,
    • neuropathies,
    • sickle cell anemia,
    • agitation of Alzheimer’s disease,
    • cachexia,
    • and wasting syndrome.

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Medical Marijuana in Missouri

4/29/20 - Missouri Marijuana Dispensaries to Open Mid-Summer, DHSS Director Says.  Medical marijuana has technically been legal in Missouri since January 1, but dispensaries have been unable to open until they meet seed-to-sale requirements that mandate that marijuana sold in Missouri must be grown from seeds starting from the time that medical marijuana is officially legal.  And with coronavirus lockdowns affecting, well, everything, it has been unclear when the dispensaries will be able to open, or even when inspectors will be able to have a look at the sites where marijuana will be sold in order to give them the OK.

Dr. Randall W. Williams, director of Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services, shed some light on that subject this afternoon in response to a question from a reporter during today's coronavirus briefing.  While he admits that medical marijuana has been only a tiny fraction of his concern in light of the pandemic (an understandable position), he says that inspectors will be able to head to the dispensary sites starting on May 4, when the state's stay-at-home order is lifted. He says further that the dispensaries are currently looking at opening mid-summer, which he then clarifies would mean "late July, early August."

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7/14/20 - Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas (D) spoke to Marijuana Moment about his recently approved measure to remove cannabis from the local code. Now he’s partnering with mayors in other cities who want to do the same thing and is working to more broadly end the war on drugs locally.  Also, Missouri regulators posted information about how many medical cannabis business facility minimum standards reviews have been completed and are still pending.

7/13/20 - Missouri's top medical cannabis regulator said dispensaries could begin making sales by the fall.

7/10/20 - The Kansas City, Missouri City Council approved an ordinance ending all penalties for marijuana possession under the municipality's local laws. 

6/25/20 - The Kansas City, Missouri City Council's Finance and Public Safety Committee voted in favor of removing marijuana offenses from city code, with the full body expected to consider the issue next month.

6/22/20 - Missouri regulators launched an investigation into a person or people who fraudulently claimed to be a doctor and made 600 invalid medical cannabis recommendations.

6/19/20 - Kansas City, Missouri’s mayor filed a measure to completely remove all local penalties for marijuana possession. Next, he plans to pursue efforts to remove other “minor drug offenses from our code.”  Also, Missouri regulators announced that two medical cannabis cultivation facilities passed initial inspections and have been cleared to begin operations.

6/15/20 - Missouri regulators filed medical cannabis rules.  Also, Kansas City, Missouri's mayor wants to remove marijuana and minor drug offenses from the city's code. 

6/12/20 - Missouri regulators gave approval for the state's first medical cannabis cultivation business to begin operations.

6/8/20 - Missouri regulators published a report on the first year of the state's medical cannabis program.

6/8/20 - Missouri Democratic congressional candidate Lindsey Simmons tweeted, "Vicky Hartzler opposes allowing physicians to prescribe medicinal marijuana to veterans for PTSD. Vicky Hartzler opposes even studying medical marijuana. Vicky Hartzler believes her opinion is worth more than the medical advice of a trained doctor. Send Vicky home." 

6/5/20 - Missouri Democratic congressional candidate Henry Martin tweeted, "We must legalize marijuana. Over 600,000 Americans are arrested every year for minor possession offenses. These otherwise law-abiding citizens are being saddled with a lifelong criminal record over a plant. We can not afford to keep squandering precious law enforcement resources." 

6/2/20 - Missouri regulators have approved more than 50,000 medical cannabis patients and caregivers.

5/18/20 - Missouri lawmakers sent Gov. Mike Parson (R) legislation to ban medical cannabis edibles in shapes that could appeal to children and to strengthen background checks for industry workers.

5/13/20 - Missouri legislation to increase the number of medical cannabis business licenses is advancing. 

5/11/20 - Missouri regulators said they will work to comply with lawmakers' request for information in an investigation into the state's medical cannabis business licensing process.

5/8/20 - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson's (R) deputy chief of staff and chief operating officer are being investigated by the House Special Committee on Government Oversight, which is looking into the rollout of the state's medical cannabis program. Separately, the Senate approved a bill amending rules for medical marijuana edibles, background checks and telehealth.

4/30/20 - A top Missouri regulator said medical cannabis dispensaries will open in mid-summer.

4/16/20 - Missouri regulators said medical cannabis businesses may be able to open by August.

4/16/20 - Missouri activists are officially giving up their effort to put a marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot as the coronavirus outbreak has hampered petitioning. The campaign spent the last few weeks exploring alternatives such as electronic signatures but determined there was no  legally feasible way forward, and they will now focus on a future election cycle.

3/30/20 - The Webster Groves, Missouri City Council approved a marijuana decriminalization ordinance.

3/30/20 - The Missouri campaign working to put a marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot announced it has “no practical way” of collecting enough signatures to qualify amid the coronavirus outbreak.

3/17/20 - Missouri regulators said the coronavirus won't delay the rollout of the state's medical cannabis program.

3/11/20 - Missouri activists announced that they've collected more than 50,000 signatures in support of a proposed marijuana legalization ballot measure.

3/10/20 - The Missouri Senate passed legislation to ban medical cannabis candies.

3/9/20 - The Webster Groves, Missouri City Council gave initial approval to a marijuana decriminalization proposal.

3/4/20 - Missouri regulators proposed revisions to medical cannabis rules.

1/31/20 - Missouri regulators issued a notice clarifying that patients have the right to possess medical cannabis even though no dispensaries are yet open. They also released an information guide for patients.

1/31/20 - Missouri activists launched a signature-gathering drive to put a marijuana legalization measure on the state's 2020 ballot. 

1/21/20 - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) said he thinks the state will consider legalizing marijuana at some point but that he's focused on implementing medical cannabis right now.

1/20/20 -  No Matter the Source, Marijuana Patients Can Possess Weed in Missouri.  The St. Louis County Police Department, which issued a statement to RFT this morning clarifying that its officers will not arrest state-approved patients who've somehow come into possession of marijuana.

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