Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Medical Marijuana in New JerseyMedical Marijuana in New Jersey

Are you looking to get your medical marijuana in New Jersey? The talented team of doctors here at CalmEffect are here to help guide you through every single step of the process.

Keep reading to learn the calm effect and how to get your card for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey.

How do you get medical marijuana in New Jersey?

To become a registered patient with the Medicinal Marijuana Program (MMP), you must:

  • Maintain a bona fide relationship with a physician who is registered with the program.
    A bona fide relationship is defined as a relationship in which the physician has ongoing responsibility for the assessment, care, and treatment of a patient’s debilitating medical condition, where:

    • The physician-patient relationship has existed for at least one year; or
    • The physician has seen and/or assessed the patient for the debilitating medical condition on at least four visits; or
    • The physician assumes responsibility for providing management and care of the patient’s debilitating medical condition after conducting a comprehensive medical history and physical examination, including a personal review of the patient’s medical record maintained by other treating physicians reflecting the patient’s reaction and response to conventional medical therapies.
  • Be a New Jersey resident.
  • Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition by a New Jersey health care practitioner registered with the MMP.

Is there a dispensary near me?

It's one of the most popular questions we hear at CalmEffect.  We've created a city by city New Jersey dispensary list to make it easy for everyone! There are now dispensaries in most parts of the state.  From Atlantic City to Montclair and beyond, there are dispensaries ready to help!

Where can I get New Jersey dispensary deals & discounts?

That's another popular one!  We're tracking New Jersey marijuana dispensary discounts and deals so you can save money! New Jersey weed dispensaries typically have birthday discounts, first time customer, discounts, veteran discounts and seniors discounts. And, they usually offer daily weed deals.  Don't worry, we track the dispensary deals so you only have to look in one place!

How do you find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Since Telemedicine is legal in New Jersey, you can "visit" a New Jersey cannabis doctor right from your couch!

Complete Medical Consultations

Medical cannabis can be used for many different symptoms and patients can often get a bit confused by the process. Let our talented staff help you.

Simple 3 Step Process

Want to get your medical cannabis prescription quickly and efficiently? Our 3 step process allows you to get in contact with a doctor near you fast.

Am I Eligible?

If you are in a medical marijuana state, and suffer from a condition that can be treated with cannabis, inquire with our Doctor's for a consultation today!

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

What are the New Jersey Qualifying Medicinal Marijuana Conditions?

We've put together a list of medical conditions that make a person eligible to enroll in New Jersey's medical marijuana program.

New Jersey - Qualifying Conditions:

Approved debilitating medical conditions include:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease
  • Intractable skeletal spasticity
  • Migraine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Opioid Use Disorder
  • Positive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizure disorder, including epilepsy
  • Terminal illness with prognosis of less than 12 months to live
  • Tourette Syndrome

Connect with our MMJ Doctors in New Jersey

With a growing roster of Doctors who can prescribe cannabis all over New Jersey, CalmEffect is ready to help. Learn how you can get your medical card in New Jersey by filling out the form on this page.

Our 3-Step Doctor Process Works

By following these steps, if your doctor recommends medical marijuana as a solution for your condition and unique symptoms, you'll be eligible for a medical marijuana card with access to our growing roster of dispensaries across the entire state. Mail-order and walk ins are available.

If you are ready to start your journey with Medical Marijuana in New Jersey, we are here to help you.

Find a list of conditions that qualify for marijuana in New Jersey

Find a New Jersey dispensary near you!

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Where to Buy Marijuana in New Jersey

Visit our Marijuana Dispensary Locations Page for New Jersey to find out where you can access your meds.

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1/8/21 - New Jersey Senate and Assembly committees approved a bill to address Gov. Phil Murphy's (D) concerns about marijuana legalization legislation provisions concerning possession by underage people. Floor votes are expected on Monday.

1/6/21 - New Jersey lawmakers introduced a new marijuana “clean-up” bill intended to address Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) remaining concerns about how separate legalization and decriminalization legislation currently on his desk would treat underage people caught with cannabis.

1/5/21 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and lawmakers are nearing a deal on tweaks to marijuana legislation to address concerns about penalties for underage individuals, and floor votes are anticipated for Monday.

123/1/20 - The New Jersey State League of Municipalities and the Cannabis Advisory Group sent a survey to the state’s 565 mayors to gather information about local concerns and the challenges of regulating marijuana sales as legalization is implemented.

12/30/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) sent lawmakers proposed changes to marijuana bills on his desk in an effort to resolve a dispute about penalties for people under the age of 21.

12/29/20 - New Jersey marijuana legislation hit another snag as Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said he is unwilling to sign current bills that remove penalties for those under 21. But under the voter-approved ballot measure, legal cannabis will be a state constitutional right as of January 1 and it’s not clear lawmakers can enact a fix by then.

12/23/20 - A New Jersey court is considering a prohibitionist lawsuit seeking to overturn the state's voter-approved marijuana legalization referendum.

12/18/20 - The New Jersey Senate and Assembly passed legislation to implement the voter-approved legalization of marijuana sales. Lawmakers also sent Gov. Phil Murphy (D) separate bills to decriminalize cannabis and lower penalties for possessing psilocybin.

12/3/20 - New Jersey's Senate president and other lawmakers are proposing putting marijuana back on the ballot—but not to undo last month’s legalization win. The new constitutional amendment would ensure cannabis revenues are steered to communities harmed by the war on drugs. Meanwhile, controversial psilocybin language is being stripped out of a marijuana decriminalization bill to speed its passage.

11/26/20 - New Jersey’s attorney general issued a directive telling prosecutors to suspend most marijuana possession cases.

11/18/20 - Stalled New Jersey legislation to enable a legal marijuana marketplace is back on track for committee votes on Thursday.

11/11/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) urged police to use discretion in enforcing marijuana laws following voters' approval of legalization. Meanwhile, the Senate president tweeted, "The people of NJ have spoken loud and clear, and the legislature will work to see that all people are treated fairly under the new #marijuana regulations that our state will establish. We can and will make this industry work for all."

11/10/20 - The New Jersey Senate Judiciary and Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committees approved legal marijuana sales implementation legislation following last week's voter passage of a legalization referendum. The panels took extensive testimony from advocates who laid out concerns that the bills do not sufficiently center equity, ban homegrow and fund police.  The Senate committee also advanced a separate short-term decriminalization proposal, and other panels are set to take up the sales enabling legislation on Thursday.

11/9/20 - New Jersey lawmakers filed legislation to implement legal adult-use marijuana sales three days after voters approved a cannabis legalization referendum, and hearings are scheduled for Monday. Advocates are already upset with some details, including directing revenue to police and a ban on home cultivation. Delivery services and on-site consumption would be allowed, however.

Also, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) appointed a former ACLU staffer to oversee implementation of the state’s voter-approved recreational marijuana market.

11/5/20 - New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal (D) issued a memo urging police and prosecutors to use discretion when enforcing marijuana laws now that voters have approved legalization. For now, cannabis is still criminalized while lawmakers work on enabling legislation.

11/4/20 - Milestone Alert for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey, not allowing recreational use. New Jersey voters approved a referendum to legalize cannabis, setting up a potential wave of East Coast states following suit.

11/3/20 - The chairman of New Jersey’s Senate Judiciary Committee said that he expects to file a bill to implement marijuana legalization as soon as two days after voters approve the state’s cannabis ballot referendum.

11/2/20 - Members of the Jersey City, New Jersey City Council are calling for marijuana tax revenue to be spent on public schools. The mayor tweeted, "I’m 100% supportive of dedicating any local taxes received from marijuana sales to the schools. Only change is that I think it’s important that we have a conversation w/the schools so that funds go towards some specific initiatives around social justice."

10/29/20 - The chairman of the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee said recreational marijuana sales could start just weeks after voter approval of a legalization referendum on Tuesday. That would happen through existing medical cannabis dispensaries under his plan.

10/28/20 - The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee approved a bill requiring workers’ compensation and personal injury protection plans to cover the costs of medical cannabis.

10/26/20 - New Jersey's Assembly speaker said that if voters approve a marijuana legalization ballot measure they might not be able to buy legal cannabis until well into 2021.

10/21/20 - Another new poll shows New Jersey’s marijuana legalization referendum ahead by a solid margin. This one also finds that voters want Gov. Phil Murphy (D) to go even further by pardoning people with past cannabis convictions.

10/19/20 - A new poll shows New Jersey’s marijuana legalization ballot referendum passing by a nearly three-to-one margin.

10/15/20 - New Jersey activists working to pass a marijuana legalization referendum released four English- and Spanish-language ads as new campaign finance data shows supporters out-raising cannabis opponents by a nearly 130:1 ratio.

10/12/20 - A poll found that New Jersey likely voters support the state’s marijuana legalization ballot referendum by a two-to-one margin. The cannabis measure has majority support among all groups—Democrats, Republicans, independents, old, young, men, women, whites, nonwhites and people in every region of the state.

10/6/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said that approval of the state’s marijuana legalization ballot referendum will raise revenue and create jobs but is primarily a social justice move that will reduce racially disparate arrests.  “Low-end drug crimes are the biggest reason, by far, that we have young persons of color, especially young men of color, in our criminal justice system. Beyond that, this is a potential significant, over time, revenue item for the state and a source of job growth, which are also positives. I hope we’ll see it pass in November.”

10/1/20 -  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) sent an email blast urging voters to support the marijuana legalization referendum on the November ballot.  "Black residents are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than White residents. Legalization would right those wrongs while also spurring massive economic development opportunities, job creation, and new tax revenue."

9/28/20 - The campaign to pass New Jersey’s marijuana legalization referendum on the November ballot launched its first ad. Meanwhile, a new poll shows that 65% of likely voters back the cannabis measure.

Also, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) tweeted, "New Jersey’s marijuana laws ruin lives and waste money. Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in New Jersey and it’s time to right this wrong."

Finally, New Jersey lawmakers sent Gov. Phil Murphy (D) a bill to allow medical cannabis recommendations via telemedicine.

9/24/20 - The New Jersey Senate and Assembly are expected to vote on legislation to allow medical cannabis recommendations via telemedicine on Thursday.

9/21/20 - The Ocean County, New Jersey Board of Freeholders passed a resolution opposing the state's marijuana legalization referendum.

9/18/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) tweeted, "Like our neighbors in PA, we’re seeking to legalize adult-use marijuana the right way – with social justice leading the way. This would: 🌱Move NJ away from unfair drug laws 🌱Ensure fairness for minority-owned businesses 🌱Create a stronger, fairer state"

9/14/20 - New Jersey marijuana activists are campaigning for a legalization referendum using banner planes.

9/11/20 - House Democratic leaders are reportedly considering reneging on a plan to bring a marijuana legalization bill to the floor this month after some vulnerable lawmakers expressed frustration about heading into the elections with a cannabis message and a recent whip count showed "faltering support" for the measure.  Also, New Jersey's Senate president tweeted, "Allowing the voters of New Jersey to have a direct say on the legalization of marijuana this fall will offer them the chance to bring social justice and equality directly into their communities. It is time to allow the residents of New Jersey to weigh in on this issue."

9/10/20 - New Jersey activists are launching an online, phone and mail-based effort to pass a marijuana legalization referendum.

9/8/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and the state's Division of Elections are being sued by an activist known as NJWeedman for leaving the name of his Legalize Marijuana Party off the ballot for his congressional race.

9/1/20 - Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) tweeted, "For too long marijuana laws have been selectively enforced against people of color. I look forward to voting in support of the MORE Act which will expunge previous federal marijuana convictions and allow states to legalize marijuana."

8/26/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) tweeted, "I applaud @GovernorTomWolf’s call for the legalization of adult-use marijuana in Pennsylvania. This November, I hope the people of New Jersey will correct a historical wrong and vote to legalize adult-use marijuana – a long-overdue step to balance the scales of justice."

8/21/20 - A new poll shows that New Jersey voters are ready to approve a marijuana legalization referendum on their ballots this November, with 66% in support. The survey also finds that people want to tax cannabis at a higher rate than the normal sales tax. 

8/17/20 - New Jersey activists plan to ramp up a campaign to pass a marijuana legalization referendum soon.

8/12/20 - Medical Marijuana in New Jersey MILESTONE: New Jersey’s attorney general announced an administrative order allowing patients to get medical marijuana recommendations via telehealth services.  Also, The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners suspended the license of a doctor for alleged “negligence, malpractice or incompetence” related to his recommendations for medical cannabis.

8/6/20 - A New Jersey campaign working to pass a marijuana legalization referendum launched a new website.

7/29/20 - A poll found that 68% of New Jersey likely voters support a marijuana legalization referendum that’s on the November ballot. They also back cannabis delivery services, social consumption lounges and expunging past convictions. 

7/15/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said legalizing marijuana should be a “no-brainer” part of the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.  “It’s a job creator, it’s a tax revenue raiser, it checks a lot of boxes."

6/26/20 - New Jersey’s Department of Health issued a waiver allowing medical cannabis dispensaries to launch delivery services. This comes as a referendum vote on legalizing recreational marijuana looms in November. 

6/23/20 - New Jersey regulators published a notice about the phasing out of medical cannabis sales taxes.

6/22/20 - NJ CAN 2020, the effort to pass New Jersey's marijuana legalization referendum, hired a campaign manager. 

6/19/20 - The New Jersey Assembly voted 63-10 to approve a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession. The move comes as voters prepare to decide on a broader cannabis legalization referendum in November. 

6/17/20 - Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) tweeted, "Glad to see the State Assembly advance legislation to legalize marijuana in NJ and put an end to the over-incarceration of New Jerseyans for petty drug offenses. NJ voters will also have the opportunity on November 3rd to vote to legalize marijuana for those over 21."

6/16/20 - The New Jersey Assembly Community Development and Affairs Committee approved a bill to decriminalize two ounce of marijuana, expunge prior records and protect people harmed by cannabis laws from employment and housing discrimination. 

6/12/20 - Columbia Care Inc. opened its first medical cannabis dispensary in New Jersey.

6/8/20 - As New Jersey voters prepare to decide on a marijuana legalization referendum in November, three senators—including the president pro tem—filed an incremental bill to decriminalize possession and distribution of up to a pound of cannabis in the meantime. 

5/28/20 - New Jersey regulators approved two additional medical cannabis dispensaries to operate.

5/27/20 - New Jersey's top medical cannabis regulator suggested the state might make an announcement on allowing delivery services soon.

4/24/20 - A poll shows that New Jersey voters are poised to strongly approve a marijuana legalization referendum that’s on the November ballot.  Also, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said there are no plans to fast-track marijuana legalization to generate funds to help with the coronavirus crisis.New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said there are no plans to fast-track marijuana legalization to generate funds to help with the coronavirus crisis.

4/22/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said he isn't surprised to hear about potential medical cannabis shortages amid the coronavirus pandemic.

4/8/20 - New Jersey's health commissioner spoke about steps the state is taking to keep medical cannabis businesses open and serving patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

4/6/20 - Medical Marijuana in New Jersey MILESTONE: New Jersey regulators are declining to clarify whether a recent move to generally allow telemedicine during the coronavirus outbreak means that doctors can make medical cannabis recommendations without meeting patients in person.

3/24/20 - New Jersey regulators are letting medical cannabis patients pick up medicine at dispensaries' curbsides and are reducing caregiver registration fees due to the coronavirus outbreak.

3/23/20 - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) exempted medical cannabis dispensaries from a stay-at-home order issued amid the coronavirus outbreak.

3/11/20 - The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that employers can't fire workers for positive drug tests resulting from legal medical cannabis use.

3/10/20 - NJ CAN 2020 is a new coalition working to convince New Jersey voters to approve a marijuana legalization referendum on the November ballot. 

2/11/20 - The New Jersey Senate approved a bill to let patients get medical cannabis recommendations through telemedicine.

1/1/20 - Medical Marijuana in New Jersey MILESTONE: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) cited the expansion of the state's medical cannabis program as an example of "tremendous progress" achieved in 2019.

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Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

New Jersey is a northeastern state with around 130 miles of Atlantic coast.  Across from the Hudson River from Manhattan’s lower region is Jersey City, which is home to the Liberty State Park, where ferries offer tours to Ellis Island and the iconic Statue of Liberty.  The New Jersey Shore is home to the historic Asbury Park and Cape May, where you can find buildings still preserved with their Victorian style.  New Jersey is also home to the legendary MetLife Stadium, which is home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets professional football teams.

How do I get a Medical Marijuana prescription in New Jersey?

To get a prescription for medical marijuana in New Jersey, patients must have one or more of the qualifying conditions that are approved by the state program.  The qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in New Jersey range from anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, and PTSD,  to cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and a number of other terminal illnesses.  If your current health professional is not registered with the medical marijuana program in New Jersey (NJMMP), a list of certified practitioners is available on the website.  Physicians must be certified to recommend medical marijuana as a viable treatment option to qualifying New Jersey patients.

How do I get my medical marijuana card in New Jersey?

After visiting a certified doctor and receiving your medical marijuana recommendation, New Jersey patients must then register with the state, via the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP) website.  Patients in New Jersey are required to pay $100 to register; the registration period is valid for 2 years.

Where can I purchase medical marijuana in New Jersey?

Patients are able to purchase medical cannabis in New Jersey at any licensed dispensary.  New Jersey has a total of 6 medical marijuana dispensaries for patients to visit.  Medical cannabis approved patients in New Jersey are permitted to purchase up to a maximum of 3 ounces in a 30 day period.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Doctors: Our Service Areas

Our roster of Medical Cannabis Doctors are ready to serve you in these areas and more. Once connecting with a Doctor through Calm Effect, you will have access to our roster of medical marijuana dispensary locations:

  • Aberdeen Township
  • Absecon
  • Alexandria Township
  • Allamuchy Township
  • Allendale
  • Allenhurst
  • Allentown
  • Alloway Township
  • Alpha
  • Alpine
  • Andover
  • Andover Township
  • Asbury Park
  • Atlantic City
  • Atlantic Highlands
  • Audubon
  • Audubon Park
  • Avalon
  • Avon-by-the-Sea
  • Barnegat Light
  • Barnegat Township
  • Barrington
  • Bass River Township
  • Bay Head
  • Bayonne
  • Beach Haven
  • Beachwood
  • Bedminster
  • Belleville
  • Bellmawr
  • Belmar
  • Belvidere
  • Bergenfield
  • Berkeley Heights
  • Berkeley Township
  • Berlin
  • Berlin Township
  • Bernards Township
  • Bernardsville
  • Bethlehem Township
  • Beverly
  • Blairstown
  • Bloomfield
  • Bloomingdale
  • Bloomsbury
  • Bogota
  • Boonton
  • Boonton Township
  • Bordentown
  • Bordentown Township
  • Bound Brook
  • Bradley Beach
  • Branchburg
  • Branchville
  • Brick Township
  • Bridgeton
  • Bridgewater Township
  • Brielle
  • Brigantine
  • Brooklawn
  • Buena
  • Buena Vista Township
  • Burlington
  • Burlington Township
  • Byram Township
  • Caldwell
  • Califon
  • Camden
  • Cape May
  • Cape May Point
  • Carlstadt
  • Carneys Point Township
  • Carteret
  • Cedar Grove
  • Chatham Borough
  • Chatham Township
  • Cherry Hill
  • Chesilhurst
  • Chester Borough
  • Chester Township
  • Chesterfield Township
  • Cinnaminson Township
  • City of Orange
  • Clark
  • Clayton
  • Clementon
  • Cliffside Park
  • Clifton
  • Clinton
  • Clinton Township
  • Closter
  • Collingswood
  • Colts Neck Township
  • Commercial Township
  • Corbin City
  • Cranbury
  • Cranford
  • Cresskill
  • Deal
  • Deerfield Township
  • Delanco Township
  • Delaware Township
  • Delran Township
  • Demarest
  • Dennis Township
  • Denville Township
  • Deptford Township
  • Dover
  • Downe Township
  • Dumont
  • Dunellen
  • Eagleswood Township
  • East Amwell Township
  • East Brunswick
  • East Greenwich Township
  • East Hanover Township
  • East Newark
  • East Orange
  • East Rutherford
  • East Windsor Township
  • Eastampton Township
  • Eatontown
  • Edgewater
  • Edgewater Park
  • Edison
  • Egg Harbor City
  • Egg Harbor Township
  • Elizabeth
  • Elk Township
  • Elmer
  • Elmwood Park
  • Elsinboro Township
  • Emerson
  • Englewood
  • Englewood Cliffs
  • Englishtown
  • Essex
  • Essex Fells
  • Estell Manor
  • Evesham Township
  • Ewing Township
  • Fair Haven
  • Fair Lawn
  • Fairfield Township
  • Fairview
  • Fanwood
  • Far Hills
  • Farmingdale
  • Fieldsboro
  • Flemington
  • Florence Township
  • Florham Park
  • Folsom
  • Fort Lee
  • Frankford Township
  • Franklin
  • Franklin Lakes
  • Franklin Township
  • Fredon Township
  • Freehold Borough
  • Freehold Township
  • Frelinghuysen Township
  • Frenchtown
  • Galloway Township
  • Garfield
  • Garwood
  • Gibbsboro
  • Glassboro
  • Glen Gardner
  • Glen Ridge
  • Glen Rock
  • Gloucester City
  • Gloucester Township
  • Green Brook Township
  • Green Township
  • Greenwich Township
  • Guttenberg
  • Hackensack
  • Hackettstown
  • Haddon Heights
  • Haddon Township
  • Haddonfield
  • Hainesport Township
  • Haledon
  • Hamburg
  • Hamilton Township
  • Hammonton
  • Hampton
  • Hampton Township
  • Hanover Township
  • Harding Township
  • Hardwick Township
  • Hardyston Township
  • Harmony Township
  • Harrington Park
  • Harrison
  • Harrison Township
  • Harvey Cedars
  • Hasbrouck Heights
  • Haworth
  • Hawthorne
  • Hazlet
  • Helmetta
  • High Bridge
  • Highland Park
  • Highlands
  • Hightstown
  • Hillsborough Township
  • Hillsdale
  • Hillside
  • Hi-Nella
  • Hoboken
  • Ho-Ho-Kus
  • Holland Township
  • Holmdel Township
  • Hopatcong
  • Hope Township
  • Hopewell
  • Hopewell Township
  • Howell Township
  • Independence Township
  • Interlaken
  • Irvington
  • Island Heights
  • Jackson Township
  • Jamesburg
  • Jefferson Township
  • Jersey City
  • Keansburg
  • Kearny
  • Kenilworth
  • Keyport
  • Kingwood Township
  • Kinnelon
  • Knowlton Township
  • Lacey Township
  • Lafayette Township
  • Lake Como
  • Lakehurst
  • Lakewood Township
  • Lambertville
  • Laurel Springs
  • Lavallette
  • Lawnside
  • Lawrence Township
  • Lebanon
  • Lebanon Township
  • Leonia
  • Liberty Township
  • Lincoln Park
  • Linden
  • Lindenwold
  • Linwood
  • Little Egg Harbor Township
  • Little Falls
  • Little Ferry
  • Little Silver
  • Livingston
  • Loch Arbour
  • Lodi
  • Logan Township
  • Long Beach Township
  • Long Branch
  • Long Hill Township
  • Longport
  • Lopatcong Township
  • Lower Alloways Creek Township
  • Lower Township
  • Lumberton Township
  • Lyndhurst
  • Madison
  • Magnolia
  • Mahwah
  • Manalapan Township
  • Manasquan
  • Manchester Township
  • Mannington Township
  • Mansfield Township
  • Mantoloking
  • Mantua Township
  • Manville
  • Maple Shade Township
  • Maplewood
  • Margate City
  • Marlboro Township
  • Matawan
  • Maurice River Township
  • Maywood
  • Medford
  • Medford Lakes
  • Mendham Borough
  • Mendham Township
  • Merchantville
  • Metuchen
  • Middle Township
  • Middlesex
  • Middletown Township
  • Midland Park
  • Milford
  • Millburn
  • Millstone
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  • Milltown
  • Millville
  • Mine Hill Township
  • Monmouth Beach
  • Monroe Township
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  • Mount Holly
  • Mount Laurel
  • Mount Olive Township
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Mountainside
  • Mullica Township
  • National Park
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  • Oxford Township
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  • Palmyra
  • Paramus
  • Park Ridge
  • Parsippany-Troy Hills
  • Passaic
  • Paterson
  • Paulsboro
  • Peapack and Gladstone
  • Pemberton
  • Pemberton Township
  • Pennington
  • Penns Grove
  • Pennsauken Township
  • Pennsville Township
  • Pequannock Township
  • Perth Amboy
  • Phillipsburg
  • Pilesgrove Township
  • Pine Beach
  • Pine Hill
  • Pine Valley
  • Piscataway
  • Pitman
  • Pittsgrove Township
  • Plainfield
  • Plainsboro Township
  • Pleasantville
  • Plumsted Township
  • Pohatcong Township
  • Point Pleasant
  • Point Pleasant Beach
  • Pompton Lakes
  • Port Republic
  • Princeton
  • Prospect Park
  • Quinton Township
  • Rahway
  • Ramsey
  • Randolph
  • Raritan
  • Raritan Township
  • Readington Township
  • Red Bank
  • Ridgefield
  • Ridgefield Park
  • Ridgewood
  • Ringwood
  • River Edge
  • River Vale
  • Riverdale
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  • Robbinsville Township
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  • Stratford
  • Summit
  • Surf City
  • Sussex
  • Swedesboro
  • Tabernacle Township
  • Tavistock
  • Teaneck
  • Tenafly
  • Teterboro
  • Tewksbury Township
  • Tinton Falls
  • Toms River
  • Totowa
  • Trenton
  • Tuckerton
  • Union Beach
  • Union City
  • Union Township
  • Upper Deerfield Township
  • Upper Freehold Township
  • Upper Pittsgrove Township
  • Upper Saddle River
  • Upper Township
  • Ventnor City
  • Vernon Township
  • Verona
  • Victory Gardens
  • Vineland
  • Voorhees Township
  • Waldwick
  • Wall Township
  • Wallington
  • Walpack Township
  • Wanaque
  • Wantage Township
  • Warren Township
  • Washington
  • Washington Township
  • Watchung
  • Waterford Township
  • Wayne
  • Weehawken
  • Wenonah
  • West Amwell Township
  • West Caldwell
  • West Cape May
  • West Deptford Township
  • West Long Branch
  • West Milford
  • West New York
  • West Orange
  • West Wildwood
  • West Windsor Township
  • Westampton Township
  • Westfield
  • Westville
  • Westwood
  • Weymouth Township
  • Wharton
  • White Township
  • Wildwood
  • Wildwood Crest
  • Willingboro Township
  • Winfield Township
  • Winslow Township
  • Woodbine
  • Woodbridge Township
  • Woodbury
  • Woodbury Heights
  • Woodcliff Lake
  • Woodland Park
  • Woodland Township
  • Woodlynne
  • Wood-Ridge
  • Woodstown
  • Woolwich Township
  • Wrightstown
  • Wyckoff

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