Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin

Medical Marijuana in Wisconsin

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Medical Marijuana is Not Yet Legal in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Increasingly Isolated as Neighbors Progress on Marijuana Policy

Wisconsin is lagging behind the times on marijuana policy reform. While neighboring Michigan and Illinois have legalized marijuana for adults’ use, and Minnesota has a medical cannabis program, Wisconsin remains stubbornly behind the times. It is one of only 24 states that still impose jail on simple possession of cannabis, and one of only 17 that lacks a compassionate medical cannabis law.

Gov. Tony Evers would like to lead the state to more sensible policy. In 2018, his first-ever proposed budget as governor included removing all penalties from cannabis possession, expungement, and a comprehensive medical cannabis program. Unfortunately, the Joint Finance Committee removed the medical cannabis provisions from the proposed budget – with every Republican member voting to scrap the compassionate program.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) is outright opposed to medical cannabis, and while Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) said he is “open to medical marijuana when it is prescribed by a doctor,” he favors a very restrictive version.

Meanwhile, in November 2018, around a million Wisconsin voters approved advisory questions on their ballots calling for more humane marijuana laws.

More than half of Wisconsin’s population saw cannabis-related measures on their ballots, and every single one of the measures passed. Medical cannabis questions received between 67% and 89% in the 11 counties and two cities where they appeared. Adult-use questions garnered between 60% and 76% of the vote.

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12/30/20 – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) says he’s considering putting marijuana legalization into his budget request. In 2019, he included decriminalizing marijuana possession and legalizing medical cannabis in his proposal but lawmakers rejected the reforms.

11/19/20 – The Madison, Wisconsin Common Council unanimously voted to allow marijuana use in public without any local penalty.  “It’s preposterous and outrageous that the Wisconsin state legislature has not moved long ago toward legal and regulated adult use of cannabis, like so many other states have across the country, including many of our neighboring states.”

10/12/20 – A majority of the Madison, Wisconsin City Council is sponsoring a measure to allow people to use marijuana in public without fear of prosecution, with certain restrictions.

9/30/20 – The Appleton, Wisconsin police chief supports lowering the fine for marijuana possession.

9/29/20 – Wisconsin regulators posted an update on implementation of the state’s hemp program.

9/9/20 – Wisconsin regulators tweeted about the reopening of a public comment period on federal hemp rules.

8/6/20 – Here’s a look at where Wisconsin congressional candidates stand on marijuana.

8/5/20 – Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) and 31 cosponsors filed a bill to lift the federal ban on people with felony drug convictions from being able to use Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits through December 2022.

7/20/20 – Wisconsin regulators will hold a public hearing on proposed hemp rules on Thursday.

7/16/20 – Wisconsin Democratic congressional candidate Matthew Boor said that decriminalizing marijuana is one of his priorities. 

7/13/20 – The La Crosse, Wisconsin Common Council approved an ordinance to lower the fine for marijuana possession to $1.

7/2/20 – The La Crosse, Wisconsin City Council’s Judiciary & Administration Committee advanced a marijuana decriminalization proposal.

5/14/20 – Here’s a look at where Wisconsin congressional candidates stand on marijuana. 

5/4/20 – Wisconsin congressional candidates debated marijuana legalization.

4/2/20 – Wisconsin regulators said that CBD stores are not essential under a coronavirus shutdown but that some operations like delivery services are still allowed.

1/24/20 –  Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) used part of his State of the State speech to blast lawmakers for failing to legalize medical marijuana despite overwhelming public support.

“When more than 80 percent of our state supports medical marijuana…and elected officials can ignore those numbers without consequence, folks, something’s wrong.”

December 24, 2019 – Wisconsin’s Senate minority leader said she hopes both major parties can work together on medical cannabis.

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