Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Massachusetts – Qualifying Conditions:

The current qualifying conditions list for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act (Updated February 6, 2020):

Crohn’s disease
Hepatitis C
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Other debilitating conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s certifying physician

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With a growing roster of Doctors who can prescribe cannabis all over Massachusetts, CalmEffect is ready to help. Learn how you can get your medical card in Massachusetts by filling out the form on this page.

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By following these steps, if your doctor recommends medical marijuana as a solution for your condition and unique symptoms, you’ll be eligible for a medical marijuana card with access to our growing roster of dispensaries across the entire state. Mail-order and walk ins are available.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Massachusetts

Visit our Marijuana Dispensary Locations Page for Massachusetts to find out where you can access your meds.

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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Doctors: Our Service Areas

Our roster of Medical Cannabis Doctors are ready to serve you in these areas and more. Once connecting with a Doctor through Calm Effect, you will have access to our roster of medical marijuana dispensary locations:

  • Boston
  • Worcester
  • Lowell
  • Springfield
  • New Bedford
  • Cambridge
  • Brockton
  • Lynn
  • Quincy
  • Sharon
  • Needham
  • Boston
  • Cambridge
  • Amherst
  • Peabody
  • Hyannis
  • Provincetown
  • Foxboro
  • Newton
  • Waltham
  • Salem
  • Haverhill
  • Somerville
  • Fall River
  • Medford
  • Taunton
  • & More

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