Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

Medical Marijuana in MassachusettsMedical Marijuana in Massachusetts

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Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Massachusetts - Qualifying Conditions:

The current qualifying conditions list for the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act (Updated February 6, 2020):

Crohn’s disease
Hepatitis C
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Other debilitating conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s certifying physician

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1/11/21 - Massachusetts regulators published new marijuana rules.

1/1/21 - The Massachusetts Medical Society dropped its longstanding opposition to medical cannabis.

12/22/20 - Massachusetts lawmakers sent proposals to raise the legal age for buying marijuana to 25 and ban open containers of cannabis in vehicles to a study committee where they will likely die.

12/1/20 - Massachusetts regulators approved marijuana delivery rules.

11/4/20 - The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission announced that legal recreational marijuana sales have crossed the $1 billion mark since the program launched less than two years ago.

11/3/20 - Under a new coronavirus order from Massachusetts Gov Charlie Baker (R), recreational marijuana retailers, but not medical cannabis dispensaries, must close by 9:30 PM each day.

10/21/20 - Massachusetts regulators approved changes to proposed marijuana delivery rules.

10/20/20 - Some Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing back against proposed marijuana delivery regulations.

10/16/20 - The Massachusetts Municipal Association expressed concerns about proposed rules to allow marijuana delivery services.

10/6/20 - Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts - Massachusetts regulators authored a letter to the editor defending the state's marijuana edibles rules.

9/30/20 - Massachusetts regulators are accepting public comment on marijuana delivery rules.

9/28/20 - Massachusetts regulators adopted draft marijuana delivery rules.

9/14/20 - Massachusetts regulators discussed whether to allow marijuana delivery services to "white label" and rebrand products.

8/31/20 - Massachusetts regulators approved a proposal to let marijuana delivery businesses buy products from wholesalers and store them for future sales instead of just serving as couriers that purchase products on-demand from retailers for delivery. They also voted to make residents of other states seeking hospice and cancer treatment in the state eligible for medical cannabis, and approved other changes.

8/28/20 - Primary rivals Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) spoke about marijuana issues in a forum, with the senator predicting that federal legalization would happen next year under a Democratic administration and both addressing cannabis industry equity issues for communities targeted under the war on drugs.  Also, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) touted his reelection endorsement from Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and said he is "helping lead the charge" on "decriminalization of marijuana." 

8/20/20 - Marijuana has become an issue in another Massachusetts Democratic congressional primary

8/13/20 - Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) tweeted, "We owe more than an apology to a generation of Black men criminalized by the war on drugs. That’s why I co-sponsored @CoryBooker’s Next Step Act for transformative criminal justice reform and why we must adjust our budgets to invest in our communities, not in punishment."

8/7/20 - Massachusetts regulators fined Revolutionary Clinics $120,000 to settle charges it sold marijuana vaporizers with excessive levels of ethanol to other dispensaries.

8/6/20 - Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) discussed his reasons for coming around to supporting marijuana legalization.

8/4/20 - Massachusetts regulators issued an order allowing marijuana companies to retest and potentially sell quarantined marijuana vaping products.

7/29/20 - Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) criticized Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA)'s recent evolution on marijuana legalization during a debate.

7/28/20 - Massachusetts regulators will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to marijuana rules next week.

7/27/20 - Massachusetts Democratic congressional candidate Jesse Mermell tweeted, "I support nationwide cannabis legalization, expunging records for marijuana-related convictions, the SAFE Banking Act, @RepBarbaraLee's RESPECT Resolution to promote equity in the industry and the Veterans Equal Access Act."  Also, The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a policing reform bill that includes the use of marijuana tax revenue to fund law enforcement training. Meanwhile, police are raking in millions of dollars working traffic details outside marijuana dispensaries.

7/23/20 - Massachusetts lawmakers filed an amendment to a controversial police reform bill to make sure that any cannabis revenue funds devoted to law enforcement training "be equal to or less than” those for social equity programs to help people harmed by the drug war. 

7/21/20 - Equity advocates are criticizing a Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee proposal to use marijuana tax revenue to fund police training—instead of to help people harmed by the war on drugs.  “Where are the funds for communities of color promised in this law?”.  Also, Massachusetts regulators approved draft changes to marijuana rules, and a public comment period will soon begin. Separately, two regulators authored an op-ed urging state lawmakers to pass legislation to fund cannabis social equity programs.

7/20/20 - Massachusetts regulators released draft revised marijuana rules.

7/17/20 - Massachusetts regulators participated in an online rally calling on lawmakers to approve marijuana social equity legislation.

7/15/20 - Massachusetts regulators sent a reminder that Wednesday is the deadline to submit public comments about quarantined marijuana vaping products. 

7/3/20 - Massachusetts regulators are accepting public comment on the continued quarantining of marijuana vaporization products.

6/22/20 - Massachusetts regulators discussed several potential marijuana rules changes. They also launched an online application for pediatric medical cannabis patients.

6/15/20 - Massachusetts regulators are being blocked by Google from running public service announcements about marijuana.

6/10/20 - Massachusetts regulators are developing a catalog of marijuana products available at dispensaries.

6/5/20 - Massachusetts regulators said that no one under 21 is allowed to be present in cars doing curbside pickup of marijuana products.

5/28/20 - Massachusetts regulators will begin accepting applications for marijuana delivery licenses on Thursday.

5/26/20 - Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores reopened following a coronavirus shutdown.

5/21/20 - Massachusetts regulators formally moved to allow recreational marijuana businesses to resume sales via curbside pickup on Monday.

5/19/20 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is allowing recreational marijuana stores to reopen starting May 25, though only for curbside pickup and delivery.

5/15/20 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is being asked by the mayors of nine cities to let recreational marijuana stores reopen.

5/11/20 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker's (R) coronavirus Reopening Advisory Board met with marijuana industry representatives who urged the reopening of recreational shops. Separately, regulators announced they will begin accepting applications for delivery-only marijuana establishments and microbusinesses seeking delivery endorsements on May 28.

5/8/20 - Massachusetts regulators said they believe recreational marijuana stores can safely reopen if Gov. Charlie Baker (R) will allow it. Separately, the state's medical cannabis patient count grew by roughly 14% in April as recreational marijuana shops have remained shuttered during the coronavirus pandemic.

4/29/20 - The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of a student who contested the procedure used to determine the length of her suspension from school after being caught with marijuana.

4/24/20 - Monthly Massachusetts medical cannabis patient registrations jumped 245% since Gov. Charlie Baker (R) shuttered recreational marijuana stores as part of his coronavirus stay-at-home order.

4/20/20 - A Massachusetts regulator said she wants veterans to be able to submit Department of Veterans Affairs medical records in lieu of a formal doctor's recommendation to qualify for the state's medical cannabis program.

4/15/20 - The Massachusetts attorney general's office defended Gov. Charlie Baker's (R) temporary coronavirus shutdown of recreational marijuana businesses from a lawsuit filed by industry operators. Meanwhile, officials are being urged to ask the attorney general to issue an opinion on whether the governor can amend the order to allow only state residents to patronize the businesses.

4/9/20 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is being sued over his decision to shutter recreational marijuana stores amid the coronavirus outbreak. Pressed on the issue again, Baker reiterated concerns about drawing in customers from out of state. Meanwhile, lawmakers are urging the governor to reverse the move on his own.

4/8/20 - Massachusetts regulators issued an amended order allowing shuttered recreational marijuana businesses to transfer inventory to serve the growing "essential" medical cannabis market during the coronavirus pandemic.

4/6/20 - Massachusetts regulators reported a large spike in medical cannabis patient registrations as recreational marijuana stores have been shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic.

3/31/20 - A Massachusetts regulator joined advocates urging Gov. Charlie Baker (R) to include recreational marijuana businesses as essential and excluded from his coronavirus stay-at-home order.

3/30/20 - Massachusetts regulators are allowing curbside pickup of medical cannabis during the coronavirus outbreak. Separately, lawmakers sent a letter asking Gov. Charlie Baker (R) to allow recreational marijuana sales as essential during the coronavirus outbreak.

3/25/20 - Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries are teaming up to produce hand sanitizer that will be donated to local hospitals

3/24/20 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) issued a stay-at-home order deeming medical cannabis businesses—but not recreational marijuana ones—to be essential and exempt from coronavirus-induced closures.

3/23/20 - Massachusetts regulators will accept more marijuana social equity program applicants under expanded criteria. They are also moving to allow medical cannabis recommendations through the use of telehealth waivers.

3/19/20 - Massachusetts regulators issued an updated coronavirus-related bulletin to marijuana businesses.

3/16/20 - Massachusetts regulators issued a bulletin urging marijuana businesses to take steps to protect health and allowing the expansion of medical cannabis delivery services amid the coronavirus outbreak.

3/10/20 - Boston, Massachusetts's first recreational marijuana store opened. 

1/13/20 - Massachusetts regulators announced a new online medical cannabis system that will allow for automatic verification of identification data for registrations and renewals.

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