Medical Marijuana in Vermont

Medical Marijuana in VermontMedical Marijuana in Vermont

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3/17/20 - The Vermont House of Representatives appointed members to a conference committee that will resolve the differences between marijuana legalization legislation passed by the body and the Senate.

2/27/20 - The Vermont House of Representatives amended and approved a Senate-passed bill to legalize marijuana sales in the state. Following another procedural vote on Thursday, the two chambers will work to reconcile the differences between their versions. 

2/25/20 -  The Vermont House Appropriations Committee amended and approved a bill to legalize marijuana sales, setting up a full House floor vote that's expected later this week. 


2/10/20 - Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) said lawmakers are "moving in the right direction" with marijuana sales legalization legislation but that he still has concerns about provisions to combat impaired driving.

2/6/20 - The Vermont House Ways and Means Committee approved a bill to legalize marijuana sales. One more panel is set to consider the legislation before a full House floor vote. 

1/31/20 - Vermont's attorney general spoke about the need to legalize marijuana sales.

1/30/20 - The Vermont House of Representatives referred a marijuana sales legalization bill to the body's Government Operations Committee, where it is expected to be amended to include input from other panels. Separately, the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets submitted public comments on proposed federal hemp rules.

1/28/20 -  Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) is “at the table” in ongoing negotiations about legislation to legalize marijuana sales, the state’s House majority leader said in a new interview.

“I think there’s a lot of interest from the governor on this bill and even use some of the funding for some of his programs and ideas, taking some of the money that would come from a taxed system for marijuana.”

1/16/20 - Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) seems more and more open to legalizing marijuana sales after years of reluctance, and now appears to be counting on cannabis revenue to support an after-school program he’s pushing. One key lawmaker said he wants to get a bill to the governor's desk by early March 2020.

1/10/20 - Vermont's attorney general and lawmakers held a press conference to push for legalizing marijuana sales.

1/9/20 - Vermont's Senate president said he expects the legislature to approve a bill to legalize marijuana sales, and the House speaker said she won't block its advancement even if she doesn't support it yet.

1/8/20 - The Vermont House Committee on Government Operations discussed legislation to legalize marijuana sales, while the House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife is set to consider the environmental impact of cannabis regulation.

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