Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Medical Marijuana in MichiganMedical Marijuana in Michigan

Are you looking to get your medical marijuana in Michigan? The talented team of doctors here at CalmEffect are here to help guide you through every single step of the process.

Keep reading to learn the calm effect and how to get your card for Medical Marijuana in Michigan.

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Medical cannabis can be used for many different symptoms and patients can often get a bit confused by the process. Let our talented staff help you.

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Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Michigan - Qualifying Conditions:

“Debilitating medical conditions" [Section 3 (a) (1)] means any of the following conditions and/or their treatments:
* Cancer
* Glaucoma
* Positive status for human immunodeficiency virus
* Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
* Hepatitis C
* Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease)
* Crohn's disease
* Agitation of Alzheimer's disease
* Nail patella

General diseases, medical marijuana conditions for Michigan, and treatment not listed but authorized in Statute:
A patient can also qualify under the statute [Section 3 (a) (2)] if he/she experiences any chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition, or it's treatment, which produces one or more of the following symptoms or side effects:

* cachexia or wasting syndrome;
* severe and chronic pain;
* nausea;
* seizures, including but not limited to those characteristics of epilepsy;
* Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristics of MS

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With a growing roster of Doctors who can prescribe cannabis all over Michigan, CalmEffect is ready to help. Learn how you can get your medical card in Michigan by filling out the form on this page.

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By following these steps, if your doctor recommends medical marijuana as a solution for your condition and unique symptoms, you'll be eligible for a medical marijuana card with access to our growing roster of dispensaries across the entire state. Mail-order and walk ins are available.

If you are ready to start your journey with Medical Marijuana in Michigan, we are here to help you.

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Our roster of Medical Cannabis Doctors are ready to serve you in these areas and more. Once connecting with a Doctor through Calm Effect, you will have access to our roster of medical marijuana dispensary locations:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Flint
  • Ann Arbor
  • Dearborn
  • Livonia
  • Westland

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Medical Marijuana in Michigan
Marijuana Regulatory Agency to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Marijuana Rule Sets

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency will hold a public hearing on February 12, 2020 to receive public comments on the proposed combined topic-based rule sets. The hearing will occur at the Williams Building, 525 West Ottawa Street, Lansing, Michigan in the 1st Floor Auditorium at 9:30 A.M.

The proposed topic-based rule sets are intended to provide clarity/consistency to those working in both the medical and adult-use markets. The rule sets provide for the implementation of a program to license medical and adult-use marijuana businesses. The rule sets implement, administer, and enforce appropriate standards for marijuana businesses and associated equipment and establish regulations ensuring the safety, security, and integrity of the operation of marijuana businesses.  READ MORE

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1/5/21 - Michigan regulators sent a bulletin about obtaining approval to produce marijuana-infused beverages.

11/3/20 - Michigan's Department of Agriculture & Rural Development tweeted, "Did you know Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Co., created a plastic car in 1941 which ran on hemp and other plant-based fuels? Ford had a plan to 'grow automobiles from the soil.'"

10/14/20 - Michigan regulators published guidance for credit unions on offering financial services to marijuana businesses.

10/13/20 - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed a bill allowing people to apply to have their prior marijuana convictions expunged. It’s part of a package of broader legislation to help people clear their records.

10/8/20 - The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services's Marijuana Prevention Workgroup published a strategic plan.

9/29/20 - Michigan's attorney general opened an investigation into a group that allegedly misled voters into signing ballot petitions for a measure to reduce the governor's powers by telling them it was for medical cannabis or other issues.

9/25/20 - Michigan lawmakers sent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) legislation to streamline the process for  expunging marijuana and other convictions. Separately, regulators issued a health and safety advisory bulletin about the presence of Vitamin E acetate in cannabis vape cartridges.

9/23/20 - Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin and her Republican challenger Paul Junge both support federal marijuana reform.

9/18/20 - Michigan regulators announced a recall of medical cannabis products that failed testing for yeast and mold.

9/11/20 - The Michigan House of Representatives approved a bill allowing veterinarians to consult with pet owners about CBD and medical cannabis treatments.

9/10/20 - Michigan regulators published an advisory bulletin on marijuana social equity plans.

9/9/20 - The Michigan Court of Appeals ordered the Port Huron city clerk to certify a local ballot measure to allow marijuana businesses/

9/7/20 - Michigan regulators published updated bulletins on coronavirus-related policies for marijuana businesses and on designated consumption establishments.

8/31/20 - Michigan's attorney general's office is reviewing more than 15 cases of people serving long prison sentences for marijuana in order to potentially recommend commutations.

8/25/20 - Michigan's attorney general will speak at an event hosted by the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party on Friday.

8/20/20 - Michigan regulators put a stop to a plan for a marijuana dispensary to deliver products to customers at a sports bar.

8/14/20 - Michigan regulators published an updated bulletin on coronavirus-related policies for marijuana businesses.

8/10/20 - Michigan's attorney general and secretary of state warned voters that people are circulating ballot petitions described as "supporting medical marijuana initiatives" but that actually concern completely different policy areas.

8/7/20 - Michigan regulators issued a health and safety bulletin about marijuana pre-rolls contaminated with human saliva.

8/6/20 - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) is pushing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) to commute the decades-long marijuana sales sentence of Michael Thompson, who has been hospitalized for a coronavirus infection. 

8/3/20 - Michigan regulators issued a bulletin about updated coronavirus-related policies for marijuana businesses.

7/23/20 - Michigan retailers sold $90.4 million worth of marijuana products in June.

7/22/20 - Michigan regulators published updated guidance on homogeneity requirements for marijuana products.

7/21/20 - Michigan lawmakers updated a bulletin on coronavirus-related guidance for marijuana businesses.

7/15/20 - Michigan regulators published an updated coronavirus-related advisory bulletin for marijuana businesses.

6/23/20 - Michigan regulators adopted several sets of marijuana rules.

6/17/20 - Michigan recreational marijuana sales surpassed those for medical cannabis for the first time last week. 

6/15/20 - Michigan regulators updated coronavirus bulletins for marijuana businesses.

6/12/20 - Michigan regulators rescinded a proposed rule that would have required marijuana businesses to enter into labor peace agreements with unions.

6/11/20 - Michigan regulators published a report on the state's hemp pilot program. Separately, the legislature's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules held a hearing on pending marijuana regulations. 

6/5/20 - Michigan regulators published an updated bulletin on coronavirus-related measures for marijuana businesses.

6/2/20 - The Michigan House of Representatives is set to vote Tuesday on a bill to let elected officials’ spouses get medical cannabis business licenses. Meanwhile, many people with past drug convictions remain ineligible. 

5/29/20 - Michigan regulators published an updated bulletin on marijuana business operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

5/28/20 - Michigan regulators issued an updated bulletin on marijuana business operations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

5/21/20 - Michigan regulators sent a bulletin on mandatory coronavirus infection-control practices for marijuana businesses.

5/20/20 - The Kalamazoo, Michigan City Commission voted to allow recreational marijuana businesses to operate.

5/18/20 - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed an executive order allowing medical cannabis recommendations to be issued via telemedicine during the coronavirus pandemic.

5/15/20 - Michigan regulators issued a recall of medical cannabis vape cartridges due to the presence of vitamin E acetate.

3/26/20 - Michigan regulators are allowing people to purchase marijuana using expired drivers licenses or government-issued identification cards because they cannot process renewals during the coronavirus outbreak.

3/24/20 - Michigan marijuana businesses will be able to continue curbside sales and home deliveries but cannot perform in-person transactions in stores under a stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

3/23/20 - Michigan regulators recalled marijuana vaping products due to the presence of vitamin E acetate or lack of testing for the compound. 

3/20/20 - The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association is asking Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) to classify marijuana as an “essential item" and let doctors issue medical cannabis recommendations via phone amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

3/19/20 - Michigan regulators published bulletins to provide guidance in the event the state's marijuana tracking system experiences any outage issues.

3/17/20 - Michigan regulators sent a bulletin about steps in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including the allowance of marijuana curbside pickup and delivery services.

2/11/20 - Michigan regulators published a technical bulletin on requirements for marijuana products intended for inhalation. 

2/10/20 - Michigan regulators recalled medical cannabis products due to high levels of vitamin E acetate.

2/7/20 - The Michigan House of Representatives approved a bill to ban adding vitamin E acetate in marijuana or e-cigarette vape cartridges.

1/15/20 - Michigan regulators will hold a public hearing about proposed marijuana rules on February 12, 2020.

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