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Thanksgiving Cannabis Deals- Green Wednesday and Beyond

Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida

Green Wednesday continues to grow in cannabis importance

October has left us and now we’re rolling into the Holiday season.   Having just navigated Halloween, mid November introduces us to the Thanksgiving cannabis bonanza.

Not only do you get the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales days (and everything in between) but dispensaries also start celebrating before Thanksgiving, leading up to what the industry affectionately calls “Green Wednesday.”


Of course, a major holiday that includes a lot of eating and spending time hanging out with family is perfect for cannabis enjoyment.


Whether you consume for medical reasons or purely like to enjoy recreationally, cannabis is becoming a staple of the Thanksgiving week celebration.


We’re already beginning to see discount announcements leading into the weekend prior.  We expect the deals to become even more aggressive as we get closer to Wednesday.


In this challenging economic period, now is the time to stock up if you are trying to stretch your dollar.

What kind of weed deals are there during Thanksgiving week?

We expect deals on flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates across the country.  It wouldn’t surprise us to see December bouncebacks in addition to dollars off, percentage specials, and double points days.


Think about how you like to consume cannabis, where you like to shop, and what your budget looks like.  For instance,  if you prefer flower, and your second favorite dispensary has a special tomorrow, should you give them a try?


Keep checking our site, as usual we’ll continue to update our pages as we find the specials.


What happens if you miss out?  Well, CalmEffect expects sales to continue through early December, though not as compelling as Thanksgiving week, and then start to climb as we get closer to the Christmas/New Years holidays.


That should leave is with only one question remaining “Is Green Wednesday bigger than Black Friday in cannabis?”

Find your state for current cannabis deals:

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New Green Wednesday Offers

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Best Dispensaries in Boston

7 Sweet Dispensaries to check out in Boston

We recently toured Boston area cannabis dispensaries to check out the what Bay State had to offer in terms of medical cannabis stores and recreational locations. Massachusetts is just one of the New England states that now allows adult use cannabis sales. The Greater Boston area has a wide variety of locations, that feature clean environments, strong product selection, and knowledgeable budtenders ready to help.

All of the dispensaries we visited felt like legitimate businesses that could be selling any product, even though, in this case, it’s weed. They all felt safe and created a welcoming environment where one doesn’t have to feel nervous about approaching.

We visited recreational locations that also serve those with medicinal cards too.

Ethos Watertown

We really enjoyed our visit to Ethos Watertown. The friendly greeters by the door make everyone feel special, and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure a great experience.

The Watertown location offers medical and recreational cannabis. Customers can purchase pre-rolls, flower, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles and more.

Ethos Dispensaries carries brands like Trulieve, Incredibles, Ace Weidman’s, Cresco, Natural Selections and more.

Ethos not only says they are involved with the community, they back it up. When you visit please ask about the local art! They display local artists works and also rally around a cause each month so they bring awareness.

Ethos’s other Massachusetts locations can be found in Fitchburg and Dorchester.

Ethos also has dispensaries in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ethos Cannabis

390 Arsenal St

Watertown, MA 02472

Monday-Saturday 10a-8p, Sunday 10a-5p

Ascend Boston

Ascend has an awesome location, just blocks away from the Boston Garden in the City of Boston. We’re guessing there are lines out the door around Celtics and Bruins games. A quick walk from Faneuil Hall doesn’t hurt too! The first thing we noticed was that the doormen were super friendly. They even offered up some of their water when I was waiting for an Uber! The lower level is used for pre-order pickup and the upstairs level was where you can browse, ask questions and purchase.

They had a nice supply of brands and methods of intake.

Ascend sells flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, oils, edibles, topicals, concentrates and accessories. In addition to in-house brands like Simply Herb and Ozone, they also carry Miss Grass, Edie Parker, Rythm (and other GTI Brands), Kiva, and Levia.

This Acend store offers walkup, preorder and delivery. This store was an adult use location.

Other Ascend Wellness Massachusetts locations can be found in Newton (and New Bedford is coming).

AWH is not just a Massachusetts brand. They have operations in five other states including Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Ascend Cannabis Dispensary Boston

272 Friend St

Boston, MA 02114

Sun-Sat 9a-9p

AYR Wellness

We were fortunate enough to be in town just as the Back Bay and Watertown dispensaries were opening.

The Back Bay location is nestled on Boylston Street, right across the street from the Prudential Center and about a block from the Boston Public Library.

The Watertown location sits on Beacon Street near Galen.

At both locations staff were helpful and excited about the store launches.

While the Boston location is recreational, Watertown service medicinal patients and adult use customers. Medical patients will need their Massachusetts medical marijuana card.

Both stores feature the standard assortment of prerolls, flower, concentrates, edibles, vaporizer and more. You can find Roadtripper, Kind, Styx, Wicked, Origyn, Puffco, Pax, Route 90 and more at the AYR Wellness locations.

If you’re short on money, AYR locations typically have an ATM and can accept debit cards.

Other AYR Massachusetts cannabis shops run under the Sira Naturals brand and are located in Somerville and Needham (both Medical only).

AYR also has cannabis dispensary locations in Pennsylvania, Florida (Liberty Health Sciences, New Jersey (Garden State Dispensary), Arizona (Oasis) and Nevada (The Dispensary in Las Vegas and Mynt in th Reno area).

AYR Wellness Watertown

48 N Beacon St

Watertown, MA 02472

Sun-Sat 10a-8p

Bud’s Goods

Bud’s Goods is a dispensary located along route just on the outskirts of Watertown.

Bud’s has a unique footprint with a wide selection of products. This cannabis company has set up the store in pod like sections where the customer is able to learn more about the brands.

Like the other Boston area shops, Bud’s sells vapes, carts, flower, edibles, topicals, and more.

Bud’s Everyday Flower has a nice selection of strains- sativas, indicas, and hybrids. That said, it’s really the brand displays that stand out in this shopping experience.

We found 1906, Garcia’s Handpicked, Insa, and Happy Valley.

They also have the Papi brand of cannabis. Papi is no stranger to the many Red Sox fans in the area.

Bud’s Goods

330 Pleasant St

Watertown, MA

Sunday- Saturday: 10am-8pm

Zen Leaf Sharon

Zen Leaf in Sharon is just off Route 1 between Walpole and Foxboro, just a stone’s throw from Gillette Stadium. You may have trouble seeing it if you’re not looking hard. It”s located in a more commercial looking area (more so than retail), but once you enter you feel the premium retail experience. Staff were kind and answered questions thoroughly.

This Sharon location services both medical patients and rec customers. Form factors include edibles, flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and more.

Brands in Sharon include Cresco, Garden Remedies, Betty’s Edibles, Grassroots and more.

There is another Bay State Zen Leaf store in Plymouth. Verano, one of the cannabis industry leaders, also has Zen Leaf locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, and Ohio. Verano also has the MUV brands in Florida.

Zen Leaf Sharon

2 Merchant St Ste 1

Sharon, MA 02067

Open Sun-Sat 10a-8p

Sunnyside Framingham

Perched on Route 9 in Framingham is Sunnyside’s dispensary. Not as big as the other dispensaries we saw, but making up for it with personality. The team was very friendly, greeting us immediately as we walked in and quickly answering our questions.

An easy to navigate queue makes it easy to get in and out with your cannabis products. This location serves medical and adult use customers.

Sunnyside features its own Cresco brand as well as products from Highsman (Ricky Williams brand), Insa, High Supply and others.

There’s a wide variety of products at the Sunnyside store in vapes, flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, beverages and others!

If you’re not in Massachusetts, you can find Sunnyside locations in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Sunnyside Framingham

250 Worcester Rd

Framingham, MA 01702

Sun-Sat 9a-9p

Trulieve Framingham

Framingham is also the Massachusetts home of Florida based Trulieve.

The store had a wide selection of products and an area set up for education/displays.

Trulieve is known for their experienced professionals and flower product lines. A recent glance at their menu showed 30+ cannabis strains ready for purchase.

Trulieve has it’s own products in addition to Fernway, Bhang, Binkse and more

Trulieve Framingham

85 Worcester Rd

Framingham, MA 01702

Mon-Sat 10a-8p, Sun 10a-6p

What’s you favorite dispensary in Boston?

On our next visit we’ll hopefully visit stores like Berkshire Roots, Pure Oasis, Neta Brookline, In Good Health, Alternative Therapies Group, Triple M, Northeast Alternatives

What other Boston areas have a lot of dispensaries?

Jamaica Plain, Fall River

Do you need a medical card to buy weed in Massachusetts

No, you don’t need to have a medical marijuana card to buy cannabis in Massachusetts.

However, some Massachusetts cannabis companies only sell to medical patients. Others offer discounts, higher limits, and additional services (like delivery) to their medical customers.

What’s the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana in Massachusetts?

There’s no difference in the product itself. Medical marijuana patients have been approved by a qualified physician and have a medical card. With the card, those patients may qualify for benefits that “recreational/adult use”, ie non-card holders can’t access.

Can you smoke weed in public in Massachusetts?

No. Although cannabis is legal, you still cannot smoke in public. And be careful, there are some locations where you can’t consume any cannabis (like near schools).

3 Facts- Why Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida is Successful

Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida

Does Curaleaf have deals in Florida?

Yes, they do!  First time patient discounts, birthday discounts, veteran discounts and specials for seniors are just some of the many Florida dispensary discounts!

Curaleaf- Florida Dispensary Deals
First Time Customer Discount: 50% Off For First-Time Patients More Less
First Time Customer Discount
While Supplies Last
Curaleaf- Florida Dispensary Deals
Other Discounts: 20% Off Veterans & Spouses & Compassionate Care. 10% Off Senior Citizens Patients 60+. Get $15.00 OFF one purchase during your birthday month! (minimum $50 purchase). Patient Renewal: Get $75 OFF when you spend $150 plus get $25 OFF your next purchase of $75 or more, or Get $25 OFF when you spend $75. More Less
Dispensary Discounts
While Supplies Last

More Incredible Curaleaf Deals Below!

Other Curaleaf Dispensary Discounts in Florida?


  • Curaleaf First-Time Patient – get 50% off your first purchase
  • Patient Renewal – get $75 off when you spend $150 plus get $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more
  • Veterans and Compassionate Care – 20% off everyday
  • Senior Citizens – 10% off everyday
  • Pediatric Patients – 40% off for patients under 18 years of age everyday
  • Industry – 15% off for medical cannabis professionals everyday
  • Birthday Rewards – get $15 off a purchase on your birthday month, minimum $50 purchase required
  • Double Rewards Wednesday – get double rewards points with purchases on Wednesdays
deal form header

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Where are the Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida?

The Curaleaf dispensary is a state-approved medical marijuana dispensary. Curaleaf has over 20 locations in Florida, but has many more stores across the country.  In Florida, they sell medical marijuana and accessories to approved patients.  There is so much to get to know about Curaleaf along with the locations of Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida.

What makes Curaleaf special?

Curaleaf, a Florida medical marijuana dispensary, features a great variety of quality marijuana products and fantastic customer service.  They consistently have multiple options for those patients new to cannabis, and others that are more experienced.  Their national brand and scale means that they have standards and processes that provide for consistent experiences and products at each of their stores.  They also have the ability to launch new products and improve the customer experience.

What makes Curaleaf different?

Consistency.  For those that worry about what to expect at a dispensary or fear a wasted trip because of product outages, Curaleaf is the marijuana dispensary for you. If you’re new and have a lot of questions, Curaleaf welcomes the opportunity to help you.  They have consultation rooms, can speak with you on the floor, and can walk you through products/how to use over the phone.  Education is a core part of their DNA.

CalmEffect Product Favorite by Curaleaf at Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida

As we begin to re-open and get back to some level of normal amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we especially love the Curaleaf DISPOSABLE slim vape pens.  The Curaleaf disposable slim vape is filled with highly refined cannabis in a discreet and easily portable device. Inhalation is the fastest-acting method of administration, with typical onset of effect within 90 seconds. Vaporization delivers cannabinoids in a manner that can be easily titrated to the desired effect. This device comes with a state-of-the-art 340 mAh Li-ion battery to maximize vapor production throughout the entire life of the battery.

How do you become a Florida medical marijuana patient?

If you have a qualifying condition, a doctor can recommend medical marijuana as a treatment plan.  After the patient registers with the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), the State typically provides approval in a couple of weeks.  Once the patient receives the email approval from the OMMU, they are permitted to shop for medical cannabis at a Curaleaf dispensary.

Getting to Know Curaleaf Dispensaries in Florida


Curaleaf has dispensary locations all across the State.

  • Dade County
  • Broward County
  • Central Florida
  • Southwest Florida
  • North Florida
  • Panhandle


Curaleaf if always having some awesome deal!  Some examples include:

  • First-Time Patient Discounts
  • Monthly Deals
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Senior Citizen Discounts
  • Pediatric Patient Discounts
  • Compassionate Care Discounts
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Renewal Discounts


Curaleaf is known for its educational outreach. In order to better serve patients, they strive to help physicians, pharmacists, and our dispensary staff understand products and their delivery systems.

Is there a Curaleaf Dispensary Near Me?

There are Curaleaf locations around the state!

Curaleaf- Bonita Springs

11721 Bonita Beach Rd SE

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Curaleaf- Dadeland

9002 S Dadeland Blvd

Miami, FL 33156

Curaleaf- Jacksonville

6361 103rd St

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Curaleaf- Lakeland

3145 US Highway 98 N

Lakeland, FL 33805

Curaleaf- North Miami

16685 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33169

Curaleaf- Palm Harbor

35388 US Highway 19 N

Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Curaleaf- Port Charlotte

1994 Kings Hwy

Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Curaleaf- Tallahassee

1345 Thomasville Rd

Tallahassee, FL 32303

Curaleaf- South Miami Dade

19000 SW 192nd St

Miami, FL 33187

Curaleaf- Orlando East

775 N Semoran Blvd

Orlando, FL 32807

Curaleaf- Fort Myers

4480 Fowler St

Fort Myers, FL 33901

Curaleaf- Brandon

846 E Brandon

Brandon, FL 33511

Curaleaf- Daytona Beach

910 W International Speedway Blvd

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Curaleaf- Jensen Beach

3631 NW Federal Hwy

Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Curaleaf- Lutz

1408 Dale Mabry Hwy

Lutz, FL 33548

Curaleaf- Ocala

1839 SW College Rd

Ocala, FL 34471

Curaleaf- Orlando South

12402 S Orange Blossom Trl

Orlando, FL 32837

Curaleaf- Panama City

749 W 23rd St.

Panama City, FL 32405

Curaleaf- Sanford

610 Lake Minnie Dr

Sanford, FL 32773

Curaleaf- Tampa

6421 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33604

Curaleaf- Tampa South

3630 W Gandy Blvd

Tampa, FL 33611

Curaleaf- Fort Pierce

3218 S US Highway 1

Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Curaleaf- Clearwater

2082 Gulf to Bay Boulevard

Clearwater, FL 33765

Curaleaf- Deerfield Beach

148 N Federal Hwy

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Curaleaf- Lake Worth

1125 N Dixie Hwy

Lake Worth, FL 33460

Curaleaf- Miami Airport Area

5400 NW 72nd Ave

Miami, FL 33166

Curaleaf- Orange Park

495 Blanding Blvd

Orange Park, FL 32073

Curaleaf- Palm Bay

1420 Palm Bay Rd

Palm Bay, FL 32905

Curaleaf- Pensacola

5090 N 9th Ave.

Pensacola, FL 32504

Learn about Curaleaf Pensacola


Curaleaf- Sarasota

1435 S Tamiami Trl

Sarasota, FL 34239

Curaleaf- Titusville

200 S Washington Ave

Titusville, FL 32796

Curaleaf- St Petersburg

3811 Tyrone Blvd N

St Petersburg, FL 33709

Curaleaf- Gainesville

2300 SW 34th St

Gainesville, FL 32608


Check Out Our CalmEffect Review of a Curaleaf Dispensary

Want more info on where to find Florida dispensaries?

How to get a Florida medical marijuana card?

Looking for Florida medical marijuana discounts?

Want to get a medical marijuana card in Florida?

Is medical marijuana in Florida legal?

Have More Questions?  Ready to Get Your Card?  Contact Us

The Flowery- Florida Dispensary- Marijuana

The Flowery

Based in South Florida, out of Homestead, The Flowery recently began harvesting and selling a variety of medical marijuana flower products. Under the radar compared to some of the national marijuana companies that have been making moves in Florida, we expect The Flowery build its business throughout Florida. What Does it Mean to Have a … Read more

2020 Election Results about Marijuana in US

2020 Election Results about Marijuana

2020 Election Results about Marijuana

2020 Election Results about Marijuana

Election results for Marijuana initiatives are in! 2020 Election Results about Marijuana!


Marijuana initiatives saw positive news in many states on November 3, 2020 (and hopefully nothing changes for these results with all the challenges that this election is presenting). Although it will take time for policy and procedure development and program launches, the first step was taken by residents when they said yes.  Here are some of the highlights on the 2020 election results about marijuana:


Arizona voted to legalize adult use/recreational.For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s Arizona page.


New Jersey voted to legalize adult use/recreational. For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s New Jersey page.


Montana voted to legalize adult use/recreational. For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s Montana page.


South Dakota voted to legalize adult use/recreational and medical. For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s South Dakota page.


Mississippi voted to legalize medical mj. For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s Mississippi page.


Oregon voted to decriminalize small amounts of drugs. For updates and resources check out CalmEffect’s Oregon page.

Still Don’t Have Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Now that so many more states are embracing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, isn’t it time to get your medical marijuana card?  We are thrilled to help you, affordably.  Medical Marijuana continues to gain popularity because it works to change the lives of so many.  We always suggest you consider medical marijuana over recreational marijuana, simply due to medical marijuana having stricter regulations in production and quality consistency.


Not sure if you are interested in CBD or medical marijuana? Watch this short video all about CBC vs THC.


Thank you again to our thousands of supporters, clients, and business partners.  Together we will make certain that more people are made aware of this life-changing natural option for symptom relief.

If you want to shop the CalmEffect CBD Store, we are happy to help!  You’ve come to trust CalmEffect for your education on cannabis and you can be assured that we only carry HIGH-QUALITY certified products and at the lowest comparable prices available today!


Missouri’s First Medical Cannabis Harvest Soon

Missouri's First Medical Cannabis Harvest

Missouri’s First Medical Cannabis Harvest

Missouri's First Medical Cannabis Harvest

Missouri’s First Medical Cannabis Harvest SOON

Missouri’s First Medical Cannabis Harvest followed by testing and sales to patients, is expected soon!  When they awarded licenses last winter, administrators of Missouri’s medical marijuana program anticipated products being dispensed during the summer, but the global Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the roll-out – that is until now.

Currently, only two dispensaries have opened (both in St. Louis), and they don’t yet have products available for patients.

Having medical marijuana on the shelves for patients is imminent, according to Lyndall Fraker, director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services section for medical marijuana regulation.

It is about time for harvest at a couple of Missouri medical marijuana cultivation facilities that have met all the state’s requirements to grow the products!  Of note, all medical marijuana produced in the state of Missouri must go through a testing process at a testing facility before being made available to patients, but Missouri’s first medical cannabis harvest now going to production is a critical first step even though no testing facilities have actually opened yet.  Testing facilities check the levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) of all marijuana cultivated in the state of Missouri. They test manufactured products, such as edibles. And they check for dangerous compounds like toxins and bacteria.

So, since Missouri’s first medical cannabis harvest is in the imminent works, we should also note that a testing facility in eastern Missouri is close to opening.

“That’s the one big piece of the puzzle. We have one testing facility that’s requested their commencement inspection, but they’re actually still waiting on some equipment,” Fraker said. “We’re ready. We know it’s important, but the ball’s in their court on that.”

Missouri’s medical marijuana amendment passed in 2018 with nearly 66 percent of voters’ approval. It made marijuana legal for treatment of cancer; epilepsy; glaucoma; intractable (persistent and non-responsive to other treatment) migraines; chronic medical conditions that cause severe, persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms, including, but not limited to psychiatric disorders (when diagnosed by a state-licensed psychiatrist), including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder; human immunodeficiency virus or acquired dependence (if a physician determines cannabis would be effective and safer); any terminal illness; or (in the professional judgment of a physician) any other chronic debilitating medical condition.

Already, thousands of potential medical marijuana patients applied for licenses to purchase medical marijuana. The division approved more than 23,000 patients and caregivers in 2019, despite there being no production completed or distribution of products expected until late this summer (now delayed due to Covid-19).

Since the beginning of 2020, applications for medical marijuana patient or caregiver cards in Missouri have jumped. Caregivers, by definition, are at least 21 years old and responsible for managing the well-being of a qualified patient.

As of August 31, 2020, the Missouri medical marijuana division had approved 61,541 patient and caregiver applications.

The division also received more than 1,000 applications monthly for patient cultivator status (so people may grow their own medical marijuana) and more than 100 caregiver cultivator cards monthly.

The licenses to purchase medical marijuana expire after one year.  In addition to this being a renewal period for the early applicants, new applicants anticipate the dispensaries opening soon, which is further evidenced by the announcement of Missouri’s first medical cannabis harvest being ready to begin.

The division anticipates being really busy in September, October and November, as more and more facilities are expected to come online.

Even before most facilities have opened, annual fees have increased, according to DHSS will adjust licensure fees annually (either up or down) based on the previous calendar year’s Consumer Price Index. The adjustment takes effect every July 1.

Patient or caregiver fees each rose from $25 to $25.58. Patient cultivator fees rose from $100 to $102.30.

The annual cultivation fee rose from $25,000 to $25,575; dispensary from $10,000 to $10,230; testing facility from $5,000 to $5,115; manufacturing from $10,000 to $10,230; and transportation from $5,000 to $5,115.

All fees are non-refundable, as were application fees.

Missouri's First Medical Cannabis Harvest

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

To obtain a medical marijuana card, a patient needs to get a physician certification signed by a Missouri-licensed medical doctor that documents his or her medical condition. A patient should bring any relevant medical documents to an appointment to prove the medical condition. The physician certification proves that a doctor has recommended medical marijuana.  Here at CalmEffect we now offer medical marijuana appointments via Telemed and at discounted rates.

After receiving the signed physician’s certification, a patient must apply to the state health department for a card within thirty days of receiving the certification. A patient may begin the application process on the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services website, Health.MO.Gov/safety/medical-marijuana. Personal information, including name, social security number, and photo identification are required.

The patient or caregiver card fee is now $25.58 annually. Physician certifications vary in price and have to be renewed annually. The fee for a home grower card is now $102.30 annually.

Missouri's First Medical Cannabis Harvest

Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales – Where to Buy?

As dispensaries quickly prepare for opening this Fall or Winter (2020), many have their permanent locations already set up and nearly ready to roll.

Visit our Marijuana Dispensary Locations Page for Missouri to find out where you can access your meds once everything is fully operational.  Amazingly, Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales Dispensaries are PLENTIFUL (there are hundreds) and we have organized them A-Z so you can find the most convenient locations accordingly.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Missouri

Click Here Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales

Connect with our MMJ Doctors in Missouri

With a growing roster of Doctors who can prescribe cannabis all over Missouri, CalmEffect is ready to help. Learn how you can get your medical card in Missouri by filling out the form on this page.

Schedule An Exam

How Does Cannabis Make You Feel

How Does Cannabis Make You Feel

Today we are going to talk all about a question we get all the time…..How Does Cannabis make you feel?  We will address CBD and THC in terms of how it makes you feel as we want you to be informed about your options.  To understand how Cannabis makes you feel, we must first truly understand all the different options that users have with cannabis.

Cannabis is said by many to have a relaxing and soothing effect, but you’re not going to feel CBD the same way you would THC. To explain how cannabis truly feels, we need to look at how both THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

How Does Cannabis Make You Feel? – The Answer is in the ECS System

What is an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

This delicate network of cannabinoid receptors keeps the homeostasis or internal stability of all physiological functions. The system regulates metabolism, mood, digestion, sleep, immunity, heart function, and temperature.  Cannabinoid receptors are spread on cells around the body. Two main cannabinoid receptors are called CB1 and CB2. They occupy different areas.

CB1 receptors are made of G proteins and found mainly in the brain and the central nervous system. These are responsible for motor functions, stress response, pain perception, and memory. CB1 receptors are activated by endogenous neurotransmitters as well as naturally occurring ones, such as the phytocannabinoids.

CB2 receptors are concentrated mainly in the body organs, mainly on white blood cells, in the tonsils and the spleen, which are responsible for the cardiovascular, immune, and muscular systems.

The ECS is made up of endocannabinoids, receptors that cannabinoids bind to, and enzymes that break them down.

What is the difference between CBD and THC in the ECS?

CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the most common chemicals found in cannabis plants. Each plant has more than 100 of these compounds called cannabinoids. THC and CBD are both derived from marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has much more THC than hemp, while hemp contains a lot of CBD.

CBD and THC are chemical twins; they have the same formula ― 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. The only difference is the atoms’ arrangement. The molecular structure gives each of them unique pharmacological properties. Once released into a body, they behave differently and travel in different directions.

While THC activates the CB1 receptors, CBD induces the opposite outcome and inhibits the CB1 receptors.

THC – How Does Cannabis Make You Feel

THC binds with both CB1 and CB2 receptors but has a tendency to seek out the CB1 receptors. Once THC gets into your body, it attaches to CB1 receptors and sorta takes over the endocannabinoid system as a whole.

Once THC begins working to control the ECS, it interferes with the chemical signals between neurons and your natural cannabinoids. THC activates CB1 receptors and increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

You can read the full material here: Neuroimaging in cannabis use. It may activate cognitive changes such as decision-making, attention, and motor skills.

THC binds to CB1 receptors and activates the brain’s reward circuitry, which affects emotional and memory functions.

For further information, check the link: Marijuana and cannabinoid regulation of brain reward circuits. Remember what made you eat a pack of chips instead of salad? Now you know how it works.

THC is a psychoactive compound: it attaches to the receptors found within the brain along with CB1 receptors and activates them. The intoxication causes:

  • euphoria sensation,
  • relaxation
  • potentially increased hunger
  • possible sensitivity to light, color, touch, taste, and smell
  • some experience creativity boosts
  • Many feel amusement (laughter)

Some people do experience negative feelings while taking THC.  To avoid this it is ALWAYS BEST TO START LOW (mg dosage) and SLOW to find the perfect amount to achieve symptom-relief for the ailment you are using medical marijuana to help with.  Here are a few of the negative effects some have reported:

  • short-term memory loss,
  • high blood pressure.
  • nausea/vomiting
  • racing heartbeat
  • anxiety/panic/paranoia
  • confusion/delusions/hallucinations

It’s important to note that most people do not feel these negative effects of THC unless they have consumed too much for their bodies.  Take it slow and low and its reasonable to assume you can mostly avoid the negative feelings that the minority of users have reported.

CBD – How Does Cannabis Make You Feel

Depending on the treatment or therapeutic relief you seek, the effects of CBD can vary. Different CBD products may prove more beneficial than others. For instance, CBD-infused topicals have been reported to provide relief in pain-specific areas, while CBD oil may be better suited to help with an overall feeling of calm in the body.

Individual-specific characteristics such as your weight, diet, metabolism, other medications, genetics, and medical conditions, as well as the formulation and quality of the CBD product (3rd-Party Tested, Terpenes, etc.) could all influence the amount of therapeutic value that CBD will offer.  Not only does it depend on the individual, but also their ailment or condition. Depending on the therapeutic needs, different CBD products may prove more beneficial than others.  Source.

Hemp-derived CBD oil will not make you feel high or produce an intoxicating effect. In fact, it’s one of over 100 non-psychoactive (or non-intoxicating) chemical compounds found in cannabis. Instead of getting you high, CBD feels relaxing and calming without producing any mind-altering effects.

The difference with CBD is that it doesn’t activate CB1 receptors and therefore has no intoxicating effect. High concentrations of CBD in a consumed product such as CBD oil or taking more than recommended might cause an uplifting sensation. However, that’s not the same thing as being stoned. High doses of CBD could be a reason for some side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, or diarrhea, but this is not a feeling of a high.

As for how it actually makes you feel, it’s more of a subtle effect.

“If you have pain or anxiety, once the effects of CBD start setting in, it’s almost like it’s whisked away and it’s not there anymore.” —Drew Todd

CBD oil is more about what you don’t feel.  If you have pain or anxiety, once the effects of CBD start setting in, it’s almost like it’s whisked away and it’s not there anymore.  CBD is not about changing your current mental state or about getting high, its more about alleviating whatever it is that ails you so that you can live a more symptom-free life.  Source.

Here are some common feelings that CBD-users report:

  • Better sleep
  • Less pain/Pain Relief
  • Less Stress
  • Improved mental focus
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • relieving nausea and vomiting
  • fighting acne
  • reducing spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis
  • treating epilepsy
  • lowering blood pressure
  • reducing inflammation


Ultimately the consumption decision is yours.  We have clients that enjoy all consumption methods for cannabis products with and without THC.  

Both CBD and THC have been reported to help with a long list of ailments for hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Whichever product or route of consumption is best for you, we always encourage our customers to try various routes and doses to find the perfect mix of medication and relief.  We often recommend a few things:

  • Try CBD first to see if CBD can help alleviate your symptoms alone
  • If CBD isn’t quite enough, try THC products
  • If using THC products, we always recommend ALSO using CBD products so clients can realize the benefits of both along with the entourage effect.

Here at CalmEffect, we can help you with either Cannabis route.  We carry a wide variety of high-quality, 3rd party-tested CBD products that we can ship right to your door.  If THC is your preference, we can help you get your legal use card in your state.


Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri After the Doctor

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri – What To Do AFTER You Are Approved

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri – After the Doctor

So you have seen the doctor and you have been approved for medical marijuana in Missouri.  Now what do you do?  Here is the medical marijuana process in Missouri after you have seen a CalmEffect doctor who has approved you.

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri – STEP 1

To begin, patients will need the Physician Certification Form completed by an MD or DO in good standing in the state of Missouri.

For patients looking for the standard recommended dose of four (4) ounces per month, use the Standard Physician Certification Form.

Patients requiring more than the standard four (4) ounces should use the Alternative Physician Certification Form, and are required to submit two of these forms, completed by two different physicians, with the same qualifying medical condition selected on both forms.  If the physicians’ recommended amounts listed on the forms are inconsistent, the patient will be allowed the lesser of those two amounts.

Patients that are under the age of 18 will also need to complete and submit a Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form with their application.

Applying caregivers will need a Patient Authorization Form and the patient’s license number, which the patient will receive once their application is approved. This number will begin with PAT.

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri – STEP 2

To complete an application, patients will need to register with the application portal.

Click on the Patient/Caregiver Application Registration blue box located under the photograph to apply for your identification card.

If a “Warning-Exiting Site” pop-up box appears, click “Yes” to proceed to the registry. Only applications submitted through the on-line registry will be accepted.

Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri – STEP 3

Once patients have registered, an application can be completed by logging into the Complia portal, clicking “+Create Application” and “New Patient Registration”.

Once caregivers have registered, an application can be completed by logging into the Complia portal, clicking “+Create Application” and “New Caregiver Registration”.

Note: The department has 30 days to process all submitted applications, and processes them in the order they were received.

Toll-Free Access Line: 866-219-0165 (8:30 am – 3:30 pm CST Monday-Thursday) Email for general inquiries:
Email for medical marijuana facility:

Still Need a Doctor – Medical Marijuana Process in Missouri

If you have not yet seen a doctor in Missouri to get approved for medical marijuana, CalmEffect can help.

We have a network of doctors available via telemedicine right now.  Appointments are simple and affordable with CalmEffect.

Ready to Schedule an Exam?

CalmEffect can help you today!  We have the most affordable and convenient options available.  Choose CalmEffect for your healing journey.


Where to Buy Medical Marijuana

Visit our convenient dispensary locations page for Missouri to find a location that works well for you.


House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

The House will be voting on a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill in September 2020, congressional leadership confirmed on Friday August 28, 2020.  While the floor vote has not yet been scheduled, Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said in an email blast to members that the chamber is “expected” to take up the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act during the “September work period.”

9/2/20 – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) confirmed the timing of an upcoming historic vote on Federal legalization. The MORE Act, which would de-schedule and fund programs to repair the harms of the war on drugs, will hit the House floor the week of September 21-about three weeks from now.  WOW!

Imminent Plans to Hold a House Vote on Cannabis De-Scheduling Bill

The news that the house will vote on a historic marijuana legalization bill next month is exciting for so many that have been waiting for so long!  The legislation, introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) last year, cleared the committee panel and was referred to several other committees. It’s not clear whether those committees will waive jurisdiction or mark up the bill in order for it to get a full chamber vote.

A circulated email asks lawmakers to report back by Monday (8/31/20) to say whether they plan to support the bill on the floor.

“Less than two years ago, we put out our blueprint outlining a path to cannabis legalization in the 116th Congress,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), a chief advocate for reform in Congress, said.  “Now, after many months of hard work and collaboration, we finally have a chance to end the failed policy of prohibition that has resulted in a long and shameful period of selective enforcement against people of color, especially Black men.”

“As people across the country protest racial injustices, there’s even greater urgency for Congress to seize this historic opportunity and finally align our cannabis laws with what the majority of Americans support, while ensuring restorative justice,” he said.

The House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month is a welcomed bit of news and is long overdue.  As more and more states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, its time for the Federal Government to get out of the way and let states (through a public vote) decide what should be considered legal in each state and the rules they wish to adopt to get there.  The Federal Government has no business policing state regulations on marijuana, and this scheduled vote is an amazing first step.  There are still many hurdles to leap, but it seems the United States may finally be on its way to equitable new laws and that we may be taking a path to reverse the harm that the war on drugs has caused across our great nation.


House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month – September 2020

The MORE Act Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

The MORE Act would federally de-schedule cannabis, expunge the records of those with prior marijuana convictions and impose a federal five percent tax on sales, revenue from which would be reinvested in communities most impacted by the drug war.

It would also create a pathway for resentencing for those incarcerated for marijuana offenses, as well as protect immigrants from being denied citizenship over cannabis and prevent federal agencies from denying public benefits or security clearances due to its use.

If the House approves the bill, there will still be an open question about whether the Republican-controlled Senate would follow suit. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is a strong advocate for hemp, but he’s maintained steadfast opposition to broader marijuana reform. That said, he did hold closed-door meetings with industry representatives last year, which indicates there may be some room for progress.

It’s possible the House action could push the Senate to take up a more dialed back piece of cannabis reform legislation such as the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act, however. That bill, which is sponsored by Sens. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), would simply allow states to set their own marijuana policies without fear of federal intervention.

President Trump has expressed support for the proposal.

That said, legalization is decidedly not a Biden priority, as the former vice president has maintained opposition to the reform despite supermajority support among Democrats. He’s drawn the line at cannabis possession decriminalization, medical marijuana legalization, expungement, and modest rescheduling.  The Democratic National Committee’s platform committee recently rejected an amendment that would’ve added legalization as a 2020 party plank. Some advocates suspect that’s because the party didn’t want to adopt a policy at odds with the agenda of their presidential nominee.

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month – September 2020

Read the Full Congressional Email Below:

The House will be voting soon on H.R. 3884, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act); and H.R. 7856, the Fiscal Year 2021 Intelligence Authorization Act

H.R. 3884, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act)

During the September work period, the House is expected to consider H.R. 3884, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act). The MORE Act decriminalizes marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. This would allow state law to determine the status of marijuana legality for each state.

The bill also requires federal courts to expunge prior marijuana-related convictions and arrests and authorizes the assessment of a 5% sales tax on marijuana and marijuana products to create an Opportunity Trust Fund. This fund would include grant programs administered by the Department of Justice and the Small Business Administration to support individuals who have been adversely affected by the War on Drugs, provide assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners, and minimize barriers to marijuana licensing and employment.

Check out the bill reported from the Judiciary Committee.

Check out the one-pager from the Judiciary Committee.

Here’s the section-by-section from the Judiciary Committee.

House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month – September 2020


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House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month

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House To Vote On Historic Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Month – September 2020