The Flowery- Florida Dispensary- Marijuana

The Flowery - A NEW Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Florida!

Based in South Florida, out of Homestead, The Flowery recently began harvesting and selling a variety of medical marijuana flower products.

Under the radar compared to some of the national marijuana companies that have been making moves in Florida, we expect The Flowery build its business throughout Florida.

More choices!

Currently, The Flowery, has been focusing on whole flower and pre-rolls. They expect to have other products in the near future. In November of 2020 we see the following strains of marijuana on their website: Banana Cush, Garlix, Lemon Amnesia, Golden Nugget, and Gorilla Glue #4. The flowers include indica dominant, sativa dominant and hybrids.

How Do I Get Medical Marijuana from The Flowery?

As of November 2020 , The Flowery is doing next day delivery to The Keys/Monroe County and Dade County.  They also have scheduled some events with local doctors offices so they can deliver to the event and patients can meet them there.

Where's the Closest Flowery Dispensary To Me?

We'll update you as soon as we know more about medical marijuana dispensary locations.  Like the other open dispensaries in Florida, it will be a process.

How Do I Get More Info About The Flowery?

Check out their website for more info. You can buy online and a rewards program is coming soon.


As five generations of growers, The Flowey are real and down to earth with humanity and humility in everything they do. Plants are their life’s craft; they find joy and take pride in growing the healthiest plants and sharing them with others.

They are farmacists, not pharmacists, and when you're a patient at the Flowery, you'll experience their promise - they are here to lift you up.

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