Medical Marijuana Cards

medical marijuana cards

How do you get Medical Marijuana Cards? (The 3 Step Process)

Are you confused about how to get medical marijuana cards in the United States in 2020? That makes sense, because the process isn’t clear, patients are trying to find doctors, don’t know where to find dispensaries, and the process is taking too long. We’ve got good news, we know the process well and even have some secrets to getting access as fast as possible.

Medical Marijuana Cards

The 3 Steps to Getting Medical Marijuana Cards in the United States

Essentially, there are three primary steps:

  1. Set up an appointment and see a doctor that is a Qualified Doctor that can prescribe medical marijuana
  2. Apply for the State medical marijuana ID card
  3. Visit a dispensary or a medical marijuana treatment center
Medical Marijuana Cards

How Much are Medical Marijuana Cards in the United States?

Although prices may vary, appointments starting at $99 are now available in many cities. Please contact us to see if your city is listed, and for additional pricing inquiries or select your state from "Find Your State" in the menu here on this page.

4 Tips for Seeing a Medical Marijuana Doctor

We say recommend, because technically, it’s not a prescription, it’s a recommendation. That doesn’t necessarily affect you, the patient, only meaning that you do have some choices once it comes to visiting the dispensary as opposed to a set prescription.

Let's help make the process smooth.  First, schedule an appointment with a Doctor that is qualified to recommend medical marijuana (or sometimes called medical cannabis).  Doctors can become qualified if they take a course led by the State.  If you don’t already know which Doctor you want to see, we can help you.

  1. Scheduling- When scheduling your appointment, ask what you should do to prepare and what you need to bring. Ask the Doctor if they can email you or text you a reminder for your appointment.
  2. Background Info- Bring your relevant medical records and a State ID to your appointment.
  3. Options- At the appointment, ask the Doctor about your options. Medical marijuana is new for most of us, it can be scary and complicated. Your doctor should be able to describe the different types.
  4. Medical marijuana registry- Make sure that your Doctor enters the correct information into your state Registry (State website for tracking approvals). The State will not let a dispensary provide you with the marijuana if your name and address from your ID don’t match what’s in the registry exactly.
Medical Marijuana Cards

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medical marijuana cards

3 Secret Hints for Getting Medical Marijuana Cards as Quickly as Possible!

Assuming the doctor approves you for medical marijuana and adds you to the registry, you’ll need to fill in an application for the State medical marijuana ID card.

  1. Accuracy/Completion- It is vital that all of the information is correct so there aren’t any delays. Check your information. Make sure it’s complete and ensure that you mail in your check quickly.
  2. --> --> File Online!- Here’s our top tip that shocks most people- Some states are reporting that it only takes 10 days on average to get your card if you apply online! Compare that to 30-day average that is reported for mail-in applications.  CalmEffect Events have seen participants get approved in 6-9 business days in 2020!!  NOTE:  Covid 19 staffing issues can delay the process to 10-14 business days.
  3. Email Receipt- Check your email inbox and even your junk/spam folder because once you receive the email (before you receive the card) you can purchase medical marijuana (using the Patient ID that’s in the email/on the card).

How do I know which dispensary to go to for medical marijuana in Florida?

If you’re visiting a retail location check out what dispensaries are in your area. Sometimes you may be better off traveling a little farther to go to a dispensary that has a selection, has a comfortable atmosphere, and has employees that go above and beyond in customer service.  Currently, there are over 90 medical marijuana dispensary locations across the state of Florida.

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If you choose delivery, ask the dispensary questions so that you know exactly what you're getting

  • What kind of product will they deliver?
  • How much will it cost?
  • When will it arrive?
  • What happens if I don't like the product?

What choices do I have?

  1. Types of marijuana
  2. Delivery mechanisms
  3. Dosing size
medical marijuana cards

A note about edibles and smoking medical marijuana.  The dispensaries aren’t yet selling edibles that are more popular across the country (like gummies and other candies). The State of Florida is working on guidance for the dispensaries so that they can produce edibles that follow the State laws.  Smoking marijuana, on the other hand, is now legal in Florida..

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the process. The good news is that there are opportunities for those that can benefit from medical marijuana, as more doctors and dispensaries open, there will be more access, and as more patients go through the process, others will feel more comfortable. For additional information, please free to contact us.

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