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$99 CalmEffect Appointments


Are $99 CalmEffect Appointments Legit?


Medical Marijuana appointment costs are up to the doctor in Florida.  CalmEffect is working with doctors in Florida that are willing to charge less to help more patients!

  1. What should I expect?
  2. What does a $99 appointment include?
  3. What about follow up appointments?

Melbourne (Malabar)

$99 Limited Amount of Appointments available!

Sold Out


$99 Limited Amount of Appointments available!

Sold Out

The Villages

$99 Limited Amount of Appointments available! Please note that for this location, the Doctor will call you to schedule an appointment after you have paid. They typically see patients 3x per week.

Sold Out

What do I get at a $99 CalmEffect Medical Marijuana Appointment?

Patients at $99 CalmEffect medical marijuana appointments should expect that they will:

  • Receive great customer service
  • Doctors will evaluate them for medical marijuana
  • If the patient qualifies, the doctor will enter them into the state registry!

What does a $99 CalmEffect Medical Marijuana Appointment Include?

The doctors that we work with include everything that you’d expect from a medical marijuana appointment

  • Orders (Recommendations/Prescriptions) that last the full 7 months
  • Routes of administration that the doctor and patient agree upon (including flower)
  • No additional appointments with the doctor required for 7 months.

What About Follow-Up Appointments?

Since the Calm Effect appointments give the patient orders for the state maximum, 7 months, the patient doesn’t need another medical marijuana doctor for 7 months.

At the 7 month time, the choice of doctors is up to the patient

  • They can book again with CalmEffect
  • They can contact the doctor
  • They can find another doctor

CalmEffect has $99 appointments for the 7-month visits too!

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