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Start your journey to pain relief. Accessible and Affordable.

$179 $99 Spring Special
Doctor’s Appointments at CalmEffect Events!

Don’t miss out!
$179 $99 for prepaying patients.
Limited spots available.

Just $99 for a doctor’s appointment at CalmEffect Events!

That’s right! You shouldn’t have to pay $300 to $400 for an appointment.  We want it to be more affordable!

Calm Effect Logo

Are you tired of living in pain?

There are options! Now that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, isn’t it time to check it out?

We heard our patients say that doctor appointments weren’t affordable!

So, we did something about it! We created Calm Effect CalmTime Events for you, so getting a Card was more accessible!
– Price includes:
– Doctor appointment.
– State registry assistance.
– Recommendation/script that lasts the maximum allowed by the state (Florida state law requires an appointment every 7 months).

We’re making it more affordable!

  • You’ll see a doctor (who is certified to recommend medical marijuana) and can certify you (if you qualify).
  • We’ll have concierges on hand that can help you complete the state application.
  • We’ll provide dispensary info and provide you with available discounts.
  • You’ll be able to ask your questions in a comfortable environment!

Just $179 $99 for an appointment.
Reserve your spot now!
Limited time only.

Over 31,000 Floridians have looked to Calm Effect for info!

There is limited space, so reserve your spot now if you are interested!

Scheduled Events

Jacksonville 4/22
Kissimmee 5/2
Melbourne 5/4
Lake Mary 5/8
Aventura 5/9
Daytona 5/13
Port St Lucie 5/14
Coral Springs 5/16
Tampa 5/20
Kendall 5/23



Here’s what our patients say:

“Very easy to do. Very helpful”

– HB (10/29/18 Lakeland Event)

“I feel that It is important to share how positive my experience with Calm Effect has been. At first, I was anxious about the process but Calm Effect responded to my questions, helped me set up my doctor’s appointment, and provided consistent follow through in such a timely way. I will continue to recommend Calm Effect to my relatives and friends!” 
– IK  (11/11/18)

“Had a great experience. The process was smooth and effortless.” 
-DC (11/12/18 Orlando Event)

“I am so thankful for what the great things the doctors at CalmEffect are doing. Everyone deserves to live pain free. My appointment was very informational and helped me to understand all the beneficial components of medical marijuana. I highly recommend looking into CalmEffect. They can really help you!”
-LB (11/12/18 Orlando Event)

We don’t charge any paperwork or other additional fees and don’t require you to return multiple times within the 7 months!

Do any of these sound familiar?

I feel constant pain.
I have trouble sleeping.
I’m never hungry.
I’m frequently anxious.
Well, you may qualify for medical marijuana.


Isn’t it time to start enjoying more of life?

Whether it’s getting out of bed without pain, not worrying about what mental or physical pain your are dealing with, playing with the kids or grandkids, leaving the house and being active, or just feeling like a better you-We want you to have options.
The state fought for these rights, see if it’s can help you!

Access is now more affordable for YOU! Don’t miss out!

Our $139 special ends soon, so grab a spot!
Not sure- just pay $25 to reserve a slot, and pay the remainder before your appointment!

We want you to feel better!

Just $179 $99 for an appointment.
Reserve your spot now!
Limited time only.