How Long Does it Take To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida? [2022]

Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

How long does it take to get a marijuana card in Florida?

You can get your card the same day as your doctor's appointment!  Technically, you'll get the email approval that day and the hard card gets mailed to you. But with the email, you can shop at a Florida marijuana dispensary.

What are the steps to getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

  1. See a Medical Marijuana Doctor that is Qualified (by the State) to recommend
  2. Register with  the State (and pay the annual $75 licensing fee)
  3. Check your email inbox for the approval email from the State. (You can use this email as proof at the dispensaries!) Often, if done correctly the email arrives the same day!
  4. Get the medical marijuana ID in the mail.

Here's the medical marijuana card timeline that should now be experienced.

  • Day 1- I saw a Qualified Doctor who recommended medical marijuana for me. Based on our conversation she thought that medical marijuana could help with my conditions- and reviewed the different methods of taking it- drops, creams, vapes/oils, etc.
  • Day 1- I received an email from the State of Florida with this subject line: Medical Marijuana Use ID Card Application has been approved
  • Day 22- So, you can shop that first day, but the physical card came later, but all you need is the email (that has the Patient ID) in order to go to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary (or have it delivered to you)!

What made the application process quick?

  1. I brought my applicable medical records to my Doctor appointment
  2. I was able to walk my Doctor through my medical history
  3. I was able to demonstrate that I was knowledgable about the opportunities that medical marijuana might provide
  4. The staff entered my information correctly.  I know that the data entered at the Doctor's office has to match the data you enter on your application and has to match the data from your ID/proof of residency.  That is a major reason why some people's medical marijuana card's get held up.
  5. I applied on the State Registry the same day of my Doctor's appointment and then paid online.  The website accepts credit cards!  There are warnings on the site that it can take days for the payment to actually process.
  6. I uploaded proof of residency as requested on the site.

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida fast!

  1. Make an appointment online with a doctor that can see you quickly.
  2. Get all of your documentation ready for the appointment. Any pertinent records, a credit card and your drivers license.
  3. Apply with the state immediately after the appointment.
  4. Make sure the OMMU (the Florida state) account shows that there is nothing missing.
  5. Check your email so you don't miss getting approved.

Is there a way to expedite getting a marijuana card in Florida?

Unfortunately, the best way to get a marijuana card quickly is to follow our tips. Typically in can take a couple of weeks to get approved.  You can certainly try calling the OMMU in Tallahassee, but don't expect that they can get your card faster than normal.

How do you renew your Florida medical marijuana card?

The process is similar to when you originally registered with the state.  You log on to the OMMU website

  1. Confirm your contact info is correct
  2. Confirm your picture is correct
  3. Prove that you are a resident.

The Florida OMMU website has been updated so now you can pull in your driver license info into your application (in addition to your picture!)

How long does it take to renew your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

You can get approved the same day. It's the same process as when you originally applied.  Address and photo verification, make the $77.50 payment, and submit.

How can I find a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor?

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  1. Can u recommen a doctor in Melbourne fl that can do this for me?

  2. I’m looking forward to being a full time medical marijuana card recipient. I have had eally bad arthritis fr twenty years but i could handle the pain until four months ago. Now i can barely walk. Please help me through this time until I have everything . Thanks
    Panama City

    1. Hi Lauren- We are not a Doctor’s office. However, Doctors in Florida are not able to take insurance

  3. Can you recommend a Doctor in or around Lake Wales, Florida to talk to about the medical marijuana

  4. I live in Golden Glades area Miami Florida am wanting a close Doctor

  5. Is it true that if you get approved for a card you loose your rights to carry or buy a firearm?

  6. It took 8 business days for online payment to process and it’s been 13 days total since I submitted payment and application for card online. I am still awaiting email approval so I can go to dispensary.

    1. Hi Natashia- Hopefully you get the approval email soon. If not, you may want to call the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use next week.

  7. I did everything that you did exactly. I applied online rather my doctor did online at the clinic in Fort Myers Florida and I paid them cash $250 to apply everything online for me then I gave $75 to the user registry office. The health office told me online if they received my payment and it was being processed and wait but that’s been almost more than 3 weeks ago now! Meanwhile I lie in bed at night suffering with pain in my shoulder and arm and hand and still don’t have access to medication. Plus I’m out $325 of hard-earned money. I think it’s I pitiful shame that a person who goes through all that process correctly and is in pain has to wait three or four weeks to get access to medication. It’s a pitiful shame and I feel sorry for others who have to suffer while waiting.

    1. Hi Arthur- We’ll send you an email to schedule some time to see if we can help you solve this. -CalmEffect.

      1. Arthur, who is your doctor in FT. Myers? My sister has also been waiting in Ft. Myers… since September 19th. She has lung cancer and started Chemo today.

      2. For others that have seen a delay in receiving approvals, the OMM has been experiencing some delays with the increase in Card applications. They can answer specific questions if you call them. CalmEffect is also happy to assist you if you request help via one of our web forms.

  8. So I used this site to locate a Dr in Ormond Beach FL , made my appointment saw Dr he thought I would benefit from Medical Marijuana that was 10/1 – Went online to apply for card on 10/2 Paid my fee everything matches from DL to Residence. Paid my Fee and now it is 10/20 So 18 days and counting ?

    1. Hi Randy- The State is telling us there are some delays because of demand. If you contact them, they can tell you the exact status of your application.

    2. Did you ever get your approval?? I’m curious how delayed they are. My hubs went a few days after you

        1. Yes they said that it should be any day now but wouldn’t give eta

  9. Once your application is in review does it take to receive your card?

    1. Process wise, we’ve seen patients receive the email approval within 2 weeks (and the hard card a couple of weeks later). Once you have the email, you can provide a dispensary with your Patient ID so you can shop. However, recently the state told us that they are experiencing some delays because of the high demand.

  10. Yes they said that it should be any day now but wouldn’t give eta

    1. Great. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check your spam email folder, sometimes the emails go there. Hopefully it comes soon. The hard card should arrive a couple of weeks after the email, but the email has the patient id which your husband can bring to the dispensaries.

      1. Just an update. My husband has his appointment 10/9/18 did the application online and paid online. Payment was processed 10/17/18 on the ommu site and he got his email Saturday 10/27/18

  11. Just an update. My husband has his appointment 10/9/18 did the application online and paid online. Payment was processed 10/17/18 on the ommu site and he got his email Saturday 10/27/18

  12. Hello, I asked last Saturday to have a doctor in or around Indian Harbour Beach to call me for an appointment. I Havnt gotten one yet. Was wondering about how long it takes to hear from one. Thank you

  13. Received my approval yesterday. Awaiting the email stating I am approved. The site says I am approved and everything is processed. Seems like they could cross reference your state issued ID ie drivers license with your patient ID in their system so you don’t have to wait for a card or email approval. Based on the comments I am worried I will have to wait another couple of weeks before I receive this approval email.

    1. Hi Howard- if the state site says you are approved, you should be receiving the email shortly. Please also check your junk email folder. You can also give the Office of Medical Marijuana a call for a status update.

  14. If I have a email approval for the online registry that my application was approved, do I still need a prescription?

  15. Is there any reason I would not be approved from the state after my Doctor sent in my recommendation?
    My ID card has been approved.Payment still being processed.

    1. Hi Eric- Typically, not getting approved is due to a data issue- address you entered vs the address in the system, picture not clear, residency issue. You wouldn’t get an approval until after the payment is processed. Our patients are still seeing 2 week turnaround times and all do it electronically with a credit card. If yours has been greater than 2 weeks, I would check with the OMM. They can give you a specific reason.

  16. Has anyone seen an update in approval times since December? Faster, slower? I was told and have seen 5 business days everywhere but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Brandon- patients at CalmEffect Events have been getting approved in 5-9 business days over the past month.

      1. Oh ok. Yeah my credit card was finally processed yesterday at the 5 business day mark, so hopefully by Wednesday.


  17. My card was denied because my drivers lic. was too blurry. I spoke to them and uploaded a new one an hour later. I called back and they verified they could see it clearly now. They said it would be another 5 days. Is that your experience? Today is the day it should be approved, but nothing yet…

    1. Hi Stacey- Yes, that sounds normal. Sometimes it can be quicker or longer. We find that they are helpful. You may want to follow up tomorrow.

  18. I was just approved on 6th. Is it 9 Business days and not 9 days for the email right?

    1. Correct. Assuming you mean “approved” by the doctor, and all of the information was entered correctly online on the MMU site.

  19. No, Pennsylvania has no reciprocity with other states. You have to go through the full application process as a new resident. You need to have a PA state license or photo ID to apply as well, because they pull information from that ID (and your photo) for your patient ID.

  20. Hi,

    I see a lot of the relevant comments on here are from last year or earlier in 2019. Is there any change in the processing times for the email to be sent? I submitted application with fee on 5/23, my payment was processed successfully on 5/29 and now I’m just waiting to get the email from the mmur. Should I be expecting something soon or in several weeks?


  21. Hi James- Yes, we are seeing a longer period too for our patients. Demand is increasing. Hopefully the timing comes back down.

  22. James, did your card come through? Just curious about the current waiting times. I submitted on 5/29, still waiting.

  23. Applied. 7/1/19. Card prossessed . 7/9. Email. On7 /12. Purchased. 7/12. So how long for card in mail???

  24. Application and payment sent 7/17 payment processed on 7/24 still waiting for approval and email really hope it comes soon.

      1. Yes I received email this Monday 7/29 could not be happier.

  25. I went to the doctor on July 3rd… Got my email confirmation on the 8th… Hard ID card came on the 26th of July

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