How long does it take to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Does it take a long time to get a medical marijuana card in Florida?


I had heard all of the stories about how long it was taking Florida patients to get their medical cannabis card and I was concerned that it may take months. However, that wasn’t the case!  It only took 9 business days.

What are the steps to getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

1) See a Doctor that is Qualified (by the State) to recommend
2) Apply to the State (and pay the $75 licensing fee
3) Check your email inbox for the approval email from the State. (You can use this email as proof at the dispensaries!)
4) Get the medical marijuana ID in the mail.

Here’s the medical marijuana card timeline that I experienced.

Wednesday July 11– I saw a Qualified Doctor who recommended medical marijuana for me. Based on our conversation she thought that medical marijuana could help with my conditions- and reviewed the different methods of taking it- drops, creams, vapes/oils, etc.

Tuesday July 24– I received an email from the State of Florida with this subject line: Medical Marijuana Use ID Card Application has been approved

Friday August 3– I received the hard Florida Medical Marijuana ID Card in the mail.

So, I received the email only 9 business days after I was entered into the Medical Marijuana Registry.  The hard card came later, but all you need is the email (that has the Patient ID) in order to go to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary (or have it delivered to you)!

What made the application process quick?

  1. I brought my applicable medical records to my Doctor appointment
  2. I was able to walk my Doctor through my medical history
  3. I was able to demonstrate that I was knowledgable about the opportunities that medical marijuana might provide
  4. The staff entered my information correctly.  I know that the data entered at the Doctor’s office has to match the data you enter on your application and has to match the data from your ID/proof of residency.  That is a major reason why some people’s medical marijuana card’s get held up.
  5. I applied on the State Registry the same day of my Doctor’s appointment and then paid online.  The website accepts credit cards!  There are warnings on the site that it can take days for the payment to actually process.
  6. I uploaded proof of residency as requested on the site.

If you enter the information correctly and follow the instructions, the process should be easy and straightforward!

Wondering if you qualify?  Check out this 15 second Florida Medical Marijuana Qualification Quiz that will let you know if you might be eligible.

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