Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida

What is the process for getting approved to smoke medical marijuana in Florida?

Update 3/22/19

We continue to receive new information daily about smoking medical marijuana in Florida!

Although smoking medical marijuana is now legal in Florida, there are some steps you need to take.

We are told that:

  • You need to have been approved and using medical marijuana and found that it was ineffective
  • You need to complete a consent form and document your prior use. This doesn’t sound like it is complicated, just a step in the process.
  • You have to see a medical marijuana doctor in person, and he/she needs to provide some documentation.

How much will it cost to get approved for smoking medical marijuana in Florida?

You’ll have to check with your doctor that previously certified you for medical marijuana. We are hearing that many doctors are charging for this return visit.

However, patients that have attended CalmEffect Events will be seen by that doctor for medical marijuana smoking approval for no charge. That’s right, for free! We are working on scheduling those patients.

CalmEffect is also working on a program for existing medical marijuana patients who haven’t seen CalmEffect in the past to get certified for smoking medical marijuana at a discounted rate. Check out our new program for medical marijuana smoking certifications!

When Will Smokable Medical Marijuana Come to Florida? 

Hopefully, soon!

Smokable medical marijuana is coming to Florida dispensaries, It’s finally official. SB 182 has successfully passed the state House and Senate and Governor Ron DeSantis has officially signed it into law. Gov. DeSantis had been very clear about his intentions to sign this bill into law and delivered promptly. The Governor specifically requested earlier this year that state lawmakers lift the state’s ban on smokable marijuana.

When will the law take effect? Technically, the law is now in effect, but the State hasn’t provided guidance yet to the dispensaries on “how” to roll the program out (pun not intended).  We would expect that the State Department of Health will want to provide specifics on processes, labeling, compliance, etc to ensure that the law is not abused and dispensaries and consumers.  We would also expect that there will be certain regulations around paraphernalia such as rolling papers, etc.

The new law will allow doctors to prescribe up to 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana every 35 days. Patients are allowed to possess up to 4 ounces at a time.

Can I smoke medical marijuana right now?  

It’s probably safest to make sure you have a Florida medical marijuana card and to do it in your own home since we haven’t received official word yet.

Hopefully, we see the rollout of smokable medical marijuana at the dispensaries faster than we have experienced medical marijuana edibles product release, which hasn’t happened yet although it is also legal!  The dispensaries are still waiting on state guidance for those products too.

Now that we’ve seen the process to get a Florida medical marijuana card become quicker, look for a lot more residents to start getting their cards, possibly causing delays for those approved to get their medical marijuana cards.

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