What Happens at a Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment?

Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment

What Should I Expect at a Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment?

Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment

Medical Marijuana in Florida in 2019 is still very new.  Especially for those new to marijuana, this whole process may be a little scary.  Hopefully, we can take some of the unknown out of it.

There are 3 phases of your medical marijuana doctor’s appointment.

  1. Preparation
  2. Attend the Appointment
  3. Follow Up- To do's after the appointment

How Do You Prepare for the Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment?

First of all, you want to make sure you have the location, directions, date and time, know the price and know what you are getting for that price.

  • If you’re looking for inexpensive, does the price include your treatment for the full 7 months (appointments and prescriptions)?
  • If you feel that you might want more access to the doctor, does the price you are paying include that? (ie. do you think you might have a more complicated condition that may take more questions and interaction).

Second, what does the medical marijuana doctor require at his initial exam?

  • Does the doctor accept credit cards?
  • Does the doctor need to see identification? Usually, a Florida Drivers License is sufficient.
  • What kind of medical records are required?  Does the doctor need to see something official from another MD/DO that shows your diagnosis?
    • If you don’t have a record on hand, does the medical marijuana doctor have a medical release to help you get the records?  What is the process?
  • Make a list of your symptoms for the condition, know your prior history and current medications.  The medical marijuana doctor will probably ask you about them.
  • Create a list of questions. Here are some samples:
    • How will medical marijuana interact with my current medications?
    • Should I tell my regular doctor about medical marijuana?
    • What do you recommend I start off with?

When Visiting a Medical Marijuana Doctor, Here is What You Should Expect

Paperwork and consent forms. These can sometimes be via iPad/digital and other times on paper

The doctor needs to have complete info for his records and to have an accurate description of your situation/condition.

If you find something confusing, ask the doctor or his team.

There are some forms that the state requires that are mandatory. Typically this is included in the doctor’s “consent” package

Payment. Most often, the common practice is to pay prior to the doctor seeing you. This can sometimes be done online in advance or at the doctor’s office.

Meet with the doctor:

  • The doctor will review your paperwork and records and discuss your symptoms/conditions with you.  He/She will probably ask you about your experience with marijuana and discuss what you should expect.
  • The doctor will discuss how marijuana works with your body and what you should expect.
  • The doctor may discuss different methods of intake (ie sublingual, vaping, capsules, cream) and what some of the dispensaries offer.

Note: the time the doctor spends with you may be correlated to the fee. i.e. if you pay $199 for an appointment don’t expect the doctor to spend an hour with you.  If you paid $350, then the doctor should go more in-depth in all parts of your consultation. Always best to ask these questions ahead of time.

Behind the scenes, assuming the doctor approves you (he/she will let you know at the appointment), he/she will enter you into the Florida State Registry as required by law.

What Do You Have to Do After the Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment with the Doctor?

  1. The doctor and/or his/her team may help you with your State application. This is the part that you have to complete in order to get your ID.  Don’t worry, we have a video on this process and you’re welcome to reach out to CalmEffect if you have questions.
  2. Once you’ve applied, you should get approved if everything is correct. Early in 2019, we’ve seen patients get approved for medical marijuana in as little as two weeks.  You do not need to wait until you get the “hard card” in the mail. Once you receive an approval email or you see in the state registry you are approved, you can purchase medical marijuana.

How Long is the Average Florida Medical Marijuana Appointment with a Doctor?

  1. 10 minutes for paperwork.
  2. 20 minutes for the exam/consultation if you paid <$200 to about an hour if you pay $300 or more.
  3. 5 minutes for the State application (if the office helps you with it).

Questions? Reach out at info@calmeffect.com

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Did you think it was difficult? It’s much easier than people think. Hope this helps! Medical Marijuana. This isn’t brain surgery, we promise!  CONTACT US today with any questions you may have, we are pleased to help you.

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