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OMMU Approval

The MMURegistry- Florida’s MJ Online System

What is the MMURegistry?

The Office of Medical Marijuana is the department that manages the Florida medical marijuana program. Sometimes called the medical marijuana use registry, MMURegistry or OMMUR the Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry is where Florida residents go for Florida state cannabis information:

  • to register for the Florida medical marijuana card (sometimes called a weed card)
  • Verify approval by the state for medical marijuana
  • re-registering for your medical marijuana card annually

The Florida MMURegistry is the Florida Department of Health system that holds the Florida medical marijuana information.

What is MMURegistry flhealth gov that people mention?

That’s just the long way that describes the MMUR FL website:

Where do you register for the Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

The MMURegistry is the same place where you go to register with the Florida Department of Health once you have seen a medical marijuana doctor and the physician approves you.

Lost your password or want to check your status? Go to the MMU Registry Login

OMMU Approval

MMURegistry Approval – How do I know when I’m approved for a Medical Marijuana Card?

It typically takes about 5 to 7 days for your credit card payment to process. From their its about another 5 business days for approval.

You’ll receive an email with the approval and the card arrives a couple weeks later in the mail

How Do I Find Out if I’m Approved in Florida by the MMUR?

The state emails you to notify you after your application has been reviewed, they’ve accepted your payment, and patients been approved. You can also use your MMUR login to check to see if you have been approved by the mmuregistry flhealth.

What do I do after I’ve found out I’m approved by the Florida MMURegistry- FLHealth?

You are now approved to purchase cannabis at a Florida dispensary!

How do you renew Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

It’s the same process as when you first got your card. Log on to the MMURegistry website and follow the instructions. Also, don’t forget that patients have to visit medical marijuana physicians at least every 7 months. Physicians can provide more information on their specific office rules.

What is the MMURegistry phone number?

If you have questions for the MMURegistry, you can call 800-808-9580.

What is the url of the Florida marijuana registry MMUR login?

The MMURegistry log in is easy to find: Florida marijuana registry login.

A Lost MMURegistry Login Password is easy to reset

Lost your password or want to check your status?

  1. Go to the MMURegistry Login
  2. Click on LogIn
  3. Click forgot password and follow the instructions.

How do I find a dispensary near me?

There are dispensaries all over Florida and many deliver!

Do Florida dispensaries have daily deals?

Check out our dispensary deal tracker!

OMMU Approval

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