How Do You Consume Medical Marijuana in Florida?

Consuming Medical Marijuana in Florida and Across the United States

Consuming Medical Marijuana

When one thinks about marijuana the first image that usually comes to mind is someone smoking either a joint or a pipe, or if you’re in college, a bong. However even with the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Florida and across the United States, smoking marijuana anywhere had been banned until further notice. So what are some ways that people are consuming medical marijuana?  The Florida medical marijuana law allows different forms for consumption, like edibles, sprays, tinctures and vaping, which according to the Legislature is easier to regulate in terms of dosage. In these forms patients can be allowed to purchase three 70 day supplies before needing to re-visit a physician to get a new prescription.

UPDATE - January 2020


Smoking Medical Marijuana


Smoking Medical Marijuana is NOW LEGAL in Florida and Some Other U.S. States!

CHECK YOUR STATE to see if Smoking is Legal.

CHECK OUT THIS HELPFUL VIDEO about smoking medical marijuana.

This change signifies enormous progress.  As more and more lawmakers are opening up to the real-life reported benefits of medical marijuana, we can expect a continual change in the right direction for patients who depend on their medication for a better quality of life.  If you are interested in medical marijuana for yourself, SIGN UP FOR A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NOW.  We make it super easy and super affordable!

Vaporizers (Vaping)

Vaping has become an overwhelmingly popular method of consuming medical marijuana and tobacco over the past couple of years with research showing it’s less harmful to the lungs as there is no actual inhalation of smoke, but rather heated vegetable glycerin that warms the concentrated oils that contain THC or nicotine, which then converts to a vapor.

Florida dispensaries generally carry a variety of different vape oil strains that are either Indica, Sativa, CBD, THC or a combination. Vapes commonly come in “pen” form, with the main component of the vape being the part that heats up the oil and is rechargeable, and the oil cartridges being separate and replaceable as the product runs out.


Tinctures can be used with just a couple of drops under the tongue, or when mixed in with food. Oils are commonly integrated into cooking, and in some cases can be used topically. Spray THC is also generally consumed orally by spraying short bursts to the inside of a patient's cheek. These methods are used for fast results, as it usually results in the medicine entering the bloodstream a bit faster.


Edibles are probably the most popular choice for patients, and dispensaries are starting to increase their selections. Currently, liquid droppers and sprays are popular. Nationally, edibles can take different forms, like chocolate bars, granola, sports drinks, and even infused beef jerky. There are also classics like brownies and cookies. You should expect that Florida will see more of those products.

Summarizing Consuming Medical Marijuana

Patients can always receive recommendations from their doctors to discover what intake system is best for them. With new products being developed frequently in this growing market, there will be several choices and the best bet is for experimentation until discovering a favorite.

Want to learn all about ways to consume medical marijuana?  Check out our helpful video!

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