Medical Marijuana Edibles in Florida: Types of Edibles & Legal Status

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Medical Marijuana Edibles in Florida: Different Types of Edibles.

Although medical marijuana is legal in Florida, smoking medical cannabis has not been approved yet. The medical marijuana edible market continues to grow. Nationwide, edibles are one of the more popular forms of treatment. They come in many different forms and strengths, and in most cases dispensaries are able to provide an array of choices to suit each patient's palate.

There are edible “classics” like brownies and cookies that have been on the market for quite some time, and are probably what one pictures when they think of what a pot edible would be. Nowadays there are many different options from savory to sweet, comfort food to gourmet, or sans animal products for vegan patients, with more taste inventions being presented all the time. For instance, gourmet dark chocolate infused with fruit bars have soared in popularity, along with a strawberry lemonade. Gummy candies, lollipops and chocolate peanut butter squares are perfect for masking the taste of stronger THC strains.

For those who aren’t fans of sweets there are salsas, cured meats, salad dressing, teas, sports drinks, and vegetable dips are some good options. In rarer cases there are infused products that can be used for cooking and baking, mainly in oil or butter form, with results that include pies or fried food options.


Medical Marijuana is for Adults Only.

To be clear though, these products are not marketed to kids in any way, which is a big concern for those who have been on the fence about the legalization of medical marijuana. The products are carefully measured and clearly marked with the ingredients, strain and dosage. Patients who do choose edibles over vapes or other systems are required to be vigilant when it comes to keeping these products out of reach for anyone under the age of 21, since in some cases the edibles could look very similar to a non THC product when out of the package.

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What kind of Medical Marijuana edibles are available in Florida today?

Unfortunately, it's a little limited. Some dispensaries are selling tinctures which are drops of liquid you can place under your tongue or sprays for your mouth, but traditional edibles are rare for now.  As the market matures, expect that more medical marijuana edibles will be sold at legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

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