Marijuana and Workouts!

80% of Cannabis Users Mix Weed and Workouts

            Research conducted by CU Boulder has found that eight out of ten marijuana users in states where cannabis is legal reported partaking in cannabis use shortly before or after exercise. Most report that it helps motivate them to work out and enjoy exercise more, while also helping their recovery.

            “There is a stereotype that cannabis use leads people to be lazy and couch-locked and not physically active, but these data suggest that this is not the case,” said senior author Angela Bryan, a professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Institute for Cognitive Science.

            The researchers surveyed 600 adult marijuana users in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. They asked if they ever used cannabis within one hour before or four hours after exercise. Eighty-two percent answered yes to the question. A follow-up question of 345 users found they were more likely to use cannabis after than before the exercise. 67% of users said they did both. 70% said it increased enjoyment of exercise, 78% said it boosted recovery, and 52% said it heightened motivation.

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