So You Got Your Medical Marijuana Card…What Now?

Your Medical Marijuana CardYour Medical Marijuana Card

Buying Medical Marijuana in Florida with Your Medical Marijuana Card

If you’re living in Florida in 2017 there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the recent law that was passed allowing distribution of legal medical marijuana in the state. For the thousands of people who are suffering from chronic pain and other qualifying illnesses, this news couldn’t have come at a better time. But even after you get your medical marijuana card, where do you go to actually purchase medical marijuana? That can be seem a bit confusing seeing as not every city has been open to allowing dispensaries to provide patients with the products locally yet. However it appears that South Florida has taken the lead on the medical marijuana front, with other areas quickly following suit.

Now that I have my medical marijuana card, where can I find a dispensary?

Places like Boca Raton, Miami, Gainesville and Deerfield Beach are four out of the 38 cities that have opened dispensaries, who offer limited amounts be sold to card carrying patients per visit. Purchasing medical marijuana is an easy process once patients register with a dispensary by showing legal Florida state ID and presenting their doctor’s recommendation/ medical marijuana card. In some areas there are also delivery options available, which is especially convenient for patients who have troubles being ambulatory, while others still require an in-person visit to the dispensary. Once a patient is registered with a dispensary they are good to go until they need to re-up on their recommendation, which happens every year.


Types of Medical Marijuana

At present smoking the actual marijuana plant is not allowed, so patients can pick up their medication in the form of edibles, cannabis oils or vapes. Some cities have multiple dispensary locations as the growing patient population calls for expansion, while others may have much smaller operations. The list of doctors that are qualified to recommend medical marijuana continues to grow.

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Your Medical Marijuana Card

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