Try CBD Before You Try THC, Here is Why

Try CBD Before You Try THC with the CalmEffect CalmWay Process

We believe that those looking for help from the hemp/cannabis plant should start off with CBD, optimize CBD intake, and if looking for something additional, look towards THC options

Although medical marijuana may sound sexy and rebellious, we believe you should first test CBD.

Why Should You Try CBD BEFORE You Try THC?

  • Most researchers believe that CBD is the hemp/cannabis compound that drives the “healing” capabilities.
  • CBD can be sold over the counter and online.
  • You don’t need a medical marijuana card (save $$$) or see a doctor ($$$) in order to purchase.
  • Most employers are open the CBD use.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing a gun permit or other restrictions that concern some marijuana users.
  • CBD can be mailed and shipped using traditional shipping services (USPS, FEDEX, UPS, etc).
  • You don’t have to worry about what others will think.
  • You don’t have to worry about the “high” feeling.

That said, we are for medical marijuana (and THC) if its right for you.

Try CBD Before You Try THC

Why CBD?

Are you dealing with types of physical pain, anxiety, or sleeplessness?

Many people are reporting success at treating symptoms with CBD.  (Note: Because the FDA has not yet evaluated CBD, companies cannot make claims about CBD’s efficacy). That said, we are seeing so many people across the world who are happy with their results.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the many compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plants.  Those two plants are closely related, but the presence of THC in cannabis is why there’s so much discussion about why it’s legal/illegal/laws/crime/high etc.  Hemp on the other hand has little to no THC in it naturally.  So, CBD can be extracted from both kinds of plants, but to be sold legally (and not as marijuana), it can’t have more than a trace amount of THC. Make sense?

Steps to Try CBD Before You Try THC

Step 1: Try CBD Before You Try THC

  • Choose a format that’s right for you. Start low, increase MGs slowly to see how it affects you.  You should not feel a drastic change immediately.   If you’re dealing with acute pain, try vaping or smoking a pre-roll.  These will “hit” you the fastest.  If the pain or anxiety is more constant, try liquid/drops/oil because it will take a little longer to hit you, but it lasts longer.

Step 2: Optimize CBD Intake/Results

  • The effect typically increases as you increase your doses of MGs.  The industry calls this titrating.  Consuming 5 to 100 MGs per dose, 3 times a day is not unusual.
  • Figure out the right balance of fast relief, and more longer-lasting relief.
  • Try different brands that may have different blends/terpenes, etc.

Step 3: Try THC (in marijuana/cannabis) if Necessary

  • In medical marijuana states, you can get your license if you have a qualifying condition. If it’s adult-use legal, head over to the dispensary.
  • Experts say that the combination of CBD and THC can provide additional benefits, but don’t forget to consider that types of cannabis strains will affect you differently and may give you that high feeling.

Bonus: Enjoy the CalmLife

CHOICES to Try CBD Before You Try THC 

There are many CBD products available.  Make sure you buy your CBD from:

  1. Someone you trust.
  2. Someone who’s going to help you along the journey.
  3. Someone with third-party testing for quality.

CalmEffect customers can shop here with confidence as we offer an entire marketplace of high-quality 3rd-Party Tested CBD products.  We make it easy for you to try CBD before you try THC and we are here for you along your journey.  If you do decide the THC is ultimately the path you choose, we are here to help you with that process too!

Try CBD Before You Try THC
Shay Dee
Author: Shay Dee

Shay is a modern cannabis connoisseur! She enjoys low THC vapes, some infused beverages, and uses CBD for its various medical effects.

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