Mike Tyson 2020 Boxing Match and CBD Cannabis Cups

Mike Tyson 2020 Boxing Match and CBD Cannabis Cups

Mike Tyson 2020 Boxing Match and CBD Cannabis Cups

Mike Tyson 2020 Boxing Match and CBD Cannabis Cups

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Mike Tyson continues to appear in the news in the strangest of ways.

First, word has been spreading that the Ranch Companies (which Tyson founded) has acquired a license to print cannabis cups. That’s right, print cups.  So, Tysons company plans to print cups that have the CBD and cannabis IN the CUP. Water-soluble cannabinoids are attached to the cups, so when they come in contact with water, the user consumes the cannabinoids.  Could this potentially help one of the challenges of the industry - consistent and accurate dosing?  We shall see!  Look for CBD forms first given there are fewer restrictions.

“For The Ranch Companies, it is very exciting to be working with Smart Cups’ technology, because it gives us the opportunity to make anything that is possible with this innovative tech,” Tyson said in an exclusive conversation.

“Having the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis is incredibly important to us.”

What Smart Cups does is print active and flavor ingredients from many natural products on the surfaces, thus eliminating all of the liquid from a beverage – consequently reducing transportation costs and carbon footprints.  Just add water and you have your fully flavored drink and your CBD.  Get more details from this Forbes article.

And then, we hear reports that Iron Mike is re-entering the boxing ring!  Yup, an exhibition has been scheduled for September 12, 2020 in Carson, California.  Mike Tyson is boxing in 2020!  A young, fit, 54, Tyson will be squaring off against Roy Jones, Jr, another boxing legend.  ESPN has the story.


So, where do the two stories intersect? We’re still trying to find out.  Will Tyson be using CBD? Will he have to stop smoking weed? I’m sure more news will come out over the next few weeks. We’ll be watching closely.

There are many CBD products available out there today.  Make sure you buy your CBD from:

  1. Someone you trust.
  2. Someone who’s going to help you along the journey.
  3. Someone with third-party testing for quality.

CalmEffect customers can shop here with confidence as we offer an entire marketplace of high-quality 3rd-Party Tested CBD products.  We make it easy for you to try CBD before you try THC and we are here for you along your journey.  If you do decide the THC is ultimately the path you choose, we are here to help you with that process too!

Mike Tyson 2020 Boxing Match and CBD/Cannabis Cups
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