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About Sira Naturals Dispensaries

Sira Naturals, a part of the AYR Wellness family, operates marijuana 2 dispensaries in Massachusetts.

Sira means a number of things in different languages, including to desire and to be desired, and one’s lifetime journey. Sira plans on making that synonymous with the best cannabis on Earth.

Where can you find Sira Naturals dispensaries?


Sira Naturals Needham MA | Sira Naturals Somerville MA

What are Sira’s hours of operation?

Sira Naturals dispensaries are typically open 7 days a week with a wide range of hours.

Do Sira Naturals dispensaries deliver?

You’ll have to check each state/location to determine if medical marijuana patients can receive deliveries from Sira.

Sira Natural’s Dispensary Menu

Sira Naturals locations typically have one of the best selections of products in their states.  Here’s what we find:






Dispensary deals and discounts differ by state. Many dispensaries provide a first time patient discount, a patient renewal discount, and other daily/weekly patient discounts. There may be other ways to save money, but typically the other promotions cannot be combined and there may be additional restrictions.

Check out state dispensary deals to see if the discount is available and for more information:

  • Sira Naturals First Time Discount / Sira Naturals Wellness First Time Patient Discount.
  • Patient Renewal
  • Veterans Discount
  • Senior Citizens Discount
  • Pediatric Patient Discount
  • Industry Employee Discount
  • Sira Naturals Birthday Discount

Note: Sira Naturals discounts, promos, and specials are only available at the Somerville location (except for financial hardship). This is due to in Needham town guidelines.

Always check with the store to confirm validity. They reserve the right to change/remove any offers. Offers may have other stipulations and limitations. Dispensaries and CalmEffect are not responsible for any typos or mistakes. Specials typically cannot be combined with other promotions or points unless stated. Product availability can differ by location. There may be a location limit. Additional restrictions may apply.

Do you need a Sira Naturals Promo Code?

No, Sira doesn’t use dispensary promo codes .You can order directly from the Sira Naturals website or Sira Naturals stores without a code.

Is there a Sira Naturals rewards program?

Yes, we recommend you sign up! Receive 1 Point for every $1 Spent in Somerville! Plus, receive an additional 30 loyalty points for every 10 visits. Cash those points in for loyalty rewards in Somerville across the 5 Tiers below! Loyalty point accumulation and redemption valid in Somerville only.

How do you pay for marijuana at Sira Naturals dispensaries?

Dispensaries don’t yet accept payment via credit card. Sira Naturals accepts cash and debit cards. Sira also accepts CanPay.

Other Massachusetts Dispensaries


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Is there benefits to getting a medical card in adult use states?

Yes, in some states, you pay less taxes, can purchase more, and get special privileges like delivery options, early entry into the stores and more.

How do you find a medical marijuana doctor?

Many states have telemedicine available.  Telemedicine is available in Massachusetts.

Medical Marijuana Registration

Each person must have a valid medical card (if applicable) and recommendation in order to purchase and have medical marijuana in their state. If your state is adult use/recreation legal, you can purchase marijuana at any Sira Naturals location (as long as you qualify under other rules like age) However providing medical marijuana to another person is illegal if they don’t have a card or are not a registered caregiver.

sira naturals dispensary

Note: Sira Naturals discounts, promos, and specials are only available at the Somerville location (except for financial hardship). This is due to Needham town guidelines.

Sira- Massachusetts Dispensary Discounts
New Patient Discount: New patients will receive 25% off their first order at Sira Naturals Somerville. Veterans: 20% discount on all products. Seniors: 10% discount. Financial Hardship Discount in Needham to 20%.
While Supplies Last
Sira Naturals- Seniors Discount
10% off for Seniors
While Supplies Last
Sira Naturals- Demonstrated Hardship Patients Discount
1) A valid Masshealth Eligibility Letter or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Card 2) Proof of verifiable income below 300% of Federal Poverty Level guidelines More Less
10% off for Demonstrated Hardship
While Supplies Last
Sira Naturals- Veterans Dispensary Discount
To qualify, show your active Military ID or DD-214 form to your Patient Advocate at checkout. More Less
20% off for Veterans
While Supplies Last