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Dispensary First Purchase Discounts, Best Dispensary Deals and More!

Medical and Rec Marijuana Dispensaries often have consistent marijuana deals and also have additional discounts on marijuana from time to time, sometimes daily.

CalmEffect tracks dispensary deals across the country. Some deals are available in store only, delivery orders, or for pick up. Some states tend to have more weed deals than others so check back often. Don’t forget to check the disclaimer, you can expect that the deals may sometimes be while supplies last or have other limitations. Daily deals usually have expiration dates and other deals may not be able to be combined with other offers.

What kind of marijuana dispensary daily deals and promotions are available?

Flower- Flower eighths and ounces are common products to be a part of a daily deal. The strains usually vary.

Pre rolls- looking for a joint, shops often have bulk offers on pre-rolled cannabis

Concentrates- wax, shatter, and more are often included in store promotions

Vapes- Look for carts on the in store and delivery specials.

Edibles- gummies, brownies, cookies and more are sometimes discounted by dispensaries

Topicals- If you’re looking for creams, salves, and lotions, from time to time you might find goo deals

CBD products- CBD products are available at medical marijuana dispensaries, but check the prices. Sometimes it may be better to purchase from a store that focuses on hemp/CBD

Double Rewards- Sometimes the weed shops offer extra points on sales days

Some dispensaries offer marijuana flash sales and afternoon promotions too!

If you’re in the market to purchase cannabis, check CalmEffect.com and other channels for flash sales that are surprise announcements. Dispensaries offer these flash deals if they want to increase business or are trying to sell a specific product in store.

First time customer discounts at dispensaries

When you go to get your first purchase, often times you’ll get a discount. Some dispensaries may offer a straight discount if you spend over a certain amount, others may provide a gift when you make your first purchase and then some others use other tools like punch cards to split the dispensary discount across multiple purchases. In some medical marijuana states, dispensaries offer discounts over a few visits up to the total the medical marijuana patient spent on the doctors appointment.

Can I get a birthday discount at a cannabis dispensary?

Many times yes! Some dispensaries provide a cannabis discount only on the day of your birthday and others offer a discount (typically just one) during your birthday month. Expect to show a valid ID.  Even if there’s no posted promo, try asking your local budtender.

Dispensaries typically offer discounts for certain groups- Veterans, Seniors, etc.

Most marijuana dispensaries offer their veteran/military customers a discount. Sometimes the stores offer the military spouse the discounts as well. Often the cannabis store offers discounts for active services too.  Additionally, many dispensaries offer discounts for local first responders as well.  Most dispensaries have senior citizen discounts. Some have a specific day, like “Senior Sundays” and others might randomly offer a higher discount during a promo. Check with the dispensary on whether the offer is for 55+ or 65+.

What other discounts are available?

Some dispensaries do offer discount for customers on medicare, SSID, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).an/or qualify as indigent. Some dispensaries also offer student discounts.  Expect to show a drivers license, state ID, or other proof if you believe you quality in a certain group.

In the biz dispensary discounts are often available

Many dispensaries have an in the business (in the biz) discount for their peers. Sometimes, the discount covers more of a narrow audience (like only other dispensaries) and other times others are included (marketing, growers, etc)

Cannabis Holidays

Know when the cannabis holidays are! In many states you’ll find an influx of aggressive deals.

420- April 20.  There are a few stories about why April 20 is so special, but what you need to know is that this day is the biggest cannabis day of the year.  Deals will start up to a week prior.

710- July 10.  710 upside down says “oil” and its become a big day for oil and cartridges/vapes.

Green Wednesday- The day before Thanksgiving, to no ones surprise, is another huge cannabis day. Additionally, dispensaries partake in the Black Friday weekend festivities too through the holidays while they fight for your gift giving dollars!

US Holidays like New Years, Memorial Day, July 4 Labor Day, and Halloween also see a lot of dispensary promos in the market.  Check your inbox for special deals as the dispensaries get very competitive.

Can you save money by shopping during certain times of the day?

Yes.  Some dispensaries have programs to save first thing in the day or late at night (when their business is softer) For example, sometimes you can find Early Risers programs- if you shop early in the morning you can find special deals. Other dispensaries offer flash deals in the afternoon. If you’re flexible and can swing by a dispensary at a moments notice, you might be able to get some extra savings.

What are some other tips to save money at marijuana dispensaries and get other discounts, deals, and promotions?

  1. Since many dispensaries offer deals for a first purchase, check out new dispensaries from time to time!
  2. Some dispensaries offer the same promotions each week, so plan your visit according to the deals schedule to purchase your product.
  3. Order online to make sure that the store supplies last until you arrive. Don’t miss out on specials!
  4. If you’re on a budget, time your purchase for when the promotions include the products you enjoy.

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