How Long Does Cannabis Last

How Long Does Cannabis Last

How Long Does Cannabis Last?

Today we are going to talk all about a question we get all the time…..How Long Does Cannabis Last in the body and with its effects?  We will address CBD and THC in terms of how long it takes to take effect and also how long it stays in the body as we want you to be informed about your options.  To understand how long does cannabis last, we must first truly understand all the different options that users have with cannabis.

Methods of Intake to Help Understand How Long Does Cannabis Last

There are various forms of Cannabis products (with just CBD or including THC) so it is important to know how it is to be taken. There are basically five main methods of CBD intake available today.

Here are 5 main ways to take cannabis so we can better answer How Long Does Cannabis Last effectively.


With this method, Cannabis is taken directly through the mouth (edibles, capsules, or anything immediately swallowed) where it makes its way through the digestive tract and then enters the bloodstream. Since the component becomes a part of the digestive system, it takes at least an hour or two to produce effects and this makes it the slowest form of cannabis effect onset. However, oral ingestion stays active in the body the longest. This method is ideal for neurological disorders and for pain relief.


Sublingual is a method for faster relief where capillary rich areas are targeted. Areas under the tongue, along the gums and cheeks, are capillary rich.  Given this, placing cannabis oil and/or tincture drops in these capillary rich areas allows fast absorption by the blood vessels within 15 minutes or so, cannabis gets going into the bloodstream.  It can take about 30-45 minutes to get the full effects going.


Cannabis absorbed through vapes or by smoking is hands-down the quickest ways to get cannabis going in the bloodstream. However, it inhaled cannabis remains active in the bloodstream for the shortest period of time. For instant relief from pain, depression, anxiety, or sleep issues, this is often the preferred method of consumption.


Balms, lotions, creams, patches, and bath bombs with cannabis in them are used by applying them directly onto the skin (or soaking in a bath) gives cannabis access to muscles, pain-perceiving nerves, and inflammatory cells as it penetrates through the skin.


These cannabis products are inserted into the mucosal areas (such as the vagina or anus) where they are absorbed by the blood capillaries for local zones of pain relief.  The suppository method is a less preferred one but is mostly used in serious conditions. This method is especially helpful for menstrual cramps (vaginal suppository) or in cases where ingestion upsets a patient’s stomach (very uncommon).

How Long Does Cannabis Last – Feeling the Effects

The effect of Cannabis in the body will depend upon the method of intake.  These are averages in terms of how long it takes to start feeling the effects and how long the feelings will typically last.


Being the slowest method of CBD absorption, the effects start within an hour on average and last for around 6-8 hours.


Being one of the quicker methods of intake, the effect begins within 15 minutes (full effects around 0-45 minutes) and typically last 3-4 hours.


This the fastest intake method and the effect begins within 2-10 minutes and lasts about 1-3 hours.


This is a slower method of effectivity that begin quickly but often times takes multiple applications.  Its effects last for around 2-4 hours.


This method takes about 10-15 minutes to start feeling any effects, full effects can take up to an hour.  Effects can last as long as 8 hours (when using THC suppositories, many users report not feeling a “high” with this method, while still realizing the benefits).

How Long Does Cannabis Last – Detection in the Body

  • For someone taking cannabis for the first time, tests may detect it for about 3 days.
  • In someone who uses cannabis three or four times per week, the detection window is 5–7 days.
  • For people who use cannabis once a day or more, tests may detect it in their system for 30 days or longer.

Detection windows also depend on the kind of test a person undertakes. People who only use CBD are less likely to show detection of THC as qualified CBD products have only trace amounts of THC in them.  General estimates for various marijuana cannabis tests are as follows:

  • Urine tests can detect THC in the urine for approximately 3–30 days after use.
  • Saliva tests can detect THC for approximately 24 hours after use. Some saliva tests have detected marijuana for up to 72 hours.
  • Hair tests are the most sensitive tests, detecting THC for up to 90 days after use. However, these tests are testing the oil in skin that transfers to hair, and so they may occasionally show a false positive. A person who comes into contact with a THC user could, theoretically, test positive on a hair test.
  • Blood tests can only detect THC for 3–4 hours.

Ultimately the consumption decision is yours.  We have clients that enjoy all consumption methods for cannabis products with and without THC.  

How Long Does Cannabis Last for You?

Both CBD and THC have been reported to help with a long list of ailments for hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Whichever product or route of consumption is best for you, we always encourage our customers to try various routes and doses to find the perfect mix of medication and relief.

Here at CalmEffect, we can help you with either Cannabis route.  We carry a wide variety of high-quality, 3rd party-tested CBD products that we can ship right to your door.  If THC is your preference, we can help you get your legal use card in your state.

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