Florida Dispensaries Want Marijuana to be Legal

Florida Dispensaries Want Marijuana to be Legal

Florida Dispensaries Want Marijuana to be Legal! Two Florida dispensaries have shown support for adult-use marijuana legalization in Florida by pledging over a half a million dollars each to the “Make it Legal” political committee. MedMen and Surterra, two strong brands, are jumping on board as the first two Florida dispensaries who want Marijuana to be Legal. The money is expected to be put toward getting the 750,000 signatures required to get adult-use on the 2020 ballot. Check out more info here.

This is great news for the hundreds of thousands of folks who have found real medical relief for a multitude of ailments with the use of marijuana. When the dollars get behind the movement, more and more valid information gets into the hands of lawmakers. Many have acknowledged the real possibility that marijuana use may be a logical alternative to dangerous opioid use that has plagued our country at alarming rates as of late.

As more and more data comes out, more and more people are starting to understand how this natural medicine can help so many people. Some lawmakers are even now getting behind paid research studies to back up the millions of testimonials from actual users of CBD and marijuana. As the stigma of this miracle plant begins to lift, so do the hopes of so many whose lives could be changed with the legalization of marijuana. While it is likely that medical use will be the largest push, some are even hopeful that recreational use will also be open for users who already realize the benefits of casual use in their daily lives.

Where do you stand on the issue? Florida Dispensaries Want Marijuana to be Legal but what are your thoughts? Should marijuana use be legal across the board? Should it be legal only or medically diagnosed conditions or should lawmakers consider making all marijuana use legal?

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