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About Surterra

Surterra Wellness is Parallel’s Florida brand. One of the original Florida MMTC’s, Surterra is one of the top brands in the Sunshine State.

Currently, Parallel operate approximately 50 locations nationwide, including 42 retail stores, cultivation and manufacturing sites in five states.

Parallel’s mission is to pioneer well-being and improve quality of life through cannabinoids.

Where is the nearest Surterra dispensary location?


Surterra Deerfield Beach FL | Surterra Sebring FL | Surterra Winter Haven FL | Surterra Palm Bay FL | Surterra Lakeland FL |Surterra Orlando FL | Surterra Orlando FL Colonial Blvd (Coming Soon) | Surterra Brandon FL | Surterra Clermont FL | Surterra Merritt Island FL | Surterra Oviedo FL | Surterra North Port FL | Surterra Port St Lucie FL | Surterra Bradenton FL | Surterra Tampa FL | Surterra South Tampa FL | Surterra Fort Myers FL |Surterra Deltona FL | Surterra St Petersburg FL | Surterra Brooksville FL | Surterra Bonita Springs FL | Surterra Largo FL | Surterra Summerfield FL | Surterra New Port Richey FL | Surterra Port Orange FL | Surterra West Palm Beach FL | Surterra North Palm Beach FL | Surterra Ocala FL | Surterra Delray Beach FL |Surterra Boynton Beach FL | Surterra Palm Coast FL | Surterra Ft Lauderdale FL | Surterra Miami FL 72nd Street | Surterra Miami FL Dadeland | Surterra South Beach FL | Surterra Orange Park FL | Surterra Jacksonville FL Atlantic Blvd | Surterra Jacksonville FL Park St | Surterra Key West FL | Surterra Tallahassee FL | Surterra Panama City FL | Surterra Fort Walton Beach FL | Surterra Crestview FL | Surterra Pensacola FL

Other Parallel Locations:


NETA (New England Treatment Center) Brookline MA | NETA (New England Treatment Center) Franklin MA | NETA (New England Treatment Center) Northhampton MA


Cookies NV


Goodblend Erie PA | Goodblend Pittsburgh PA


Goodblend TX

What are Surterra’s hours of operation?

Surterra Wellness dispensaries are typically open 7 days a week with a wide range of hours.

Do Surterra Cannabis Dispensaries Deliver?

Each state has different delivery policies

Surterra’s Dispensary Menu

Surterra dispensaries typically have one of the best selections of products in their state:






Surterra Brands:


Coral Reefer: Surterra’s partnership with Jimmy Buffet has produced a handful of great cannabis products


Surterra Wellness:  Surterra’s medical products

Surterra Dispensary Discounts, Promo Codes, and Dispensary Deals

Dispensary deals and discounts differ by state. Many dispensaries provide a first time patient discount, a patient renewal discount, and other daily/weekly patient discounts. There may be other ways to save money, but typically the other promotions cannot be combined and there may be additional restrictions.

Check out state dispensary deals to see if the discount is available and for more information:

  • Surterra’s First Time Discount / Surterra First Time Patient Discount
  • Patient Renewal
  • Veterans Discount
  • Senior Citizens Discount
  • Pediatric Patient Discount
  • Industry Employee Discount
  • Surterra Birthday Discount:
  • Early Bird Specials at most stores:

Always check with the store to confirm validity. They reserve the right to change/remove any offers. Offers may have other stipulations and limitations. Dispensaries and CalmEffect are not responsible for any typos or mistakes. Specials typically cannot be combined with other promotions or points unless stated. Product availability can differ by location. There may be a location limit. Additional restrictions may apply.

Do you need a Surterra Promo Code?

For daily deals, Surterra does use discount codes. Check or Surterra’s website for the latest codes

Is there a Surterra rewards program?


How do you pay for marijuana at Surterra dispensaries?

Surterra locations accept cash.

Other Dispensaries Across the Country



Zen Leaf

Is there benefits to getting a medical card in adult use states?

Yes, in some states, you pay less taxes, can purchase more, and get special privileges like delivery options, early entry into the stores and more.

How do you find a medical marijuana doctor?

Many states have telemedicine available.  Your first step to see if telemedicine is available in your state.

Medical Marijuana Registration

Each person must have a valid medical card (if applicable) and recommendation in order to purchase and have medical marijuana in their state. If your state is adult use/recreation legal, you can purchase marijuana at any gLeaf (as long as you qualify under other rules like age) However providing medical marijuana to another person is illegal if they don’t have a card or are not a registered caregiver.

Surterra Wellness Dispensary

What is Surterra’s website?


Surterra Wellness- Florida Dispensary Deals
‍75% OFF Dart Pods, PAX© Pods....60% OFF Kief, Distillate Twistspensers, Botanical Vapes....50% OFF Chocolate, Disposable Vapes, Full Spectrum Carts, All Float Concentrates...40% OFF Florida Dep Flower, Heights Chews, Heights Gels, Heights Mints, Relief Drops, Surterra Wellness Lozenges...30% OFF Galileo Live Concentrates, Pure Reserve Oil, Full Spectrum Oil, Float Premium Flower, Ground Flower, Pre-rolls -Excludes 1-ct Pre-rolls, Tinctures, Theragels, Little Buds.....20% OFF Topicals ....Excludes Wana Chews, 2ct Theragels, and Accessories. More Less
Expires 4/30
No longer valid on: 05/01/2024
Surterra- Florida Dispensary Deals
First Time Customer Discount: Receive 60% off your first purchase and 40% off your second purchase. More Less
First Time Customer Discount
While Supplies Last
Surterra- Florida Dispensary Deals
Other Discounts: 15% discount for Veterans. 15% off for Seniors. Register your birthday to take advantage of 25% off your entire purchase on your birthday. Industry: Enjoy 15% off your purchase, all day, every day when you shop in store with us. Student Discount: 15% off your purchase More Less
Dispensary Discounts
While Supplies Last
Surterra Wellness- Florida Dispensary Deals
Free delivery on orders of $150 or more in many areas
While Supplies Last