MedMen Dispensary Deals and Info

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About MedMen Dispensaries

MedMen is a national dispensary with locations in 6 states.

MedMen Florida is transitioning to Sunburn Cannabis

Where can you find MedMen Dispensaries?


MedMen Scottsdale AZ


MedMen Emeryville CA | MedMen Long Beach CA | MedMen Los Angeles CA Beverly Hills  | MedMen Los Angeles CA | MedMen Los Angeles CA Downton DTLA| MedMen Los Angeles CA LAX | MedMen Los Angeles CA Venice Abbot Kinney | MedMen Los Angeles CA Venice Lincoln | MedMen Los Angeles CA West Hollywood | MedMen San Diego  CA Kearney Mesa | MedMen San Diego CA Sorrento Valley | MedMen San Francisco CA Union Cow Hollow | MedMen San Jose CA | MedMen Santa Ana CA Orange County


MedMen Ft Lauderdale FL | MedMen Miami FL | MedMen Orlando FL | MedMen Pensacola FL | MedMen St Petersburg FL | MedMen Tallahassee FL | MedMen West Palm Beach FL


MedMen Chicago IL Oak Park


MedMen Boston MA Fenway


MedMen Las Vegas NV Downtown | MedMen Las Vegas NV Paradise | MedMen Las Vegas NV Spring Valley

New York: 

MedMen Buffalo NY | MedMen New York City NY | MedMen Long Island NY Lake Success | MedMen Syracuse NY

What are MedMen Dispensary’s hours of operation?

MedMen dispensaries are typically open 7 days a week with a wide range of hours.

Do MedMen Dispensaries Deliver?

MedMen does deliver to some areas around their stores and they are working to add even more delivery regions. Please check specific locations for their delivery policies

MedMen Dispensary Menu

MedMen locations typically have one of the best selections of products in their states. But each state and store is different. Here’s what we find:






Brands at MedMen Dispensaries:

Flora Farms

MedMen Dispensary Discounts, Promo Codes, and Dispensary Deals

Many dispensaries provide a first time patient discount, a patient renewal discount, and other daily/weekly patient discounts. There may be other ways to save money, but typically the other promotions cannot be combined and there may be additional restrictions.

Check out state dispensary deals to see if the discount is available and for more information:

  • MedMen Dispensary First Time Discount / MedMen Dispensary First Time Patient Discount
  • Patient Renewal
  • Veterans Discount:
  • Senior Citizens Discount:
  • Pediatric Patient Discount
  • Industry Employee Discount
  • MedMen Dispensary Birthday Discount: Sign up to their VIP program to receive info 10% off
  • Low-Income individuals: 
  • Low-Income Veterans: 

For other promotions, discounts, and deals check out the individual MedMen Dispensary state pages.

Always check with the store to confirm validity. They reserve the right to change/remove any offers. Offers may have other stipulations and limitations. Dispensaries and CalmEffect are not responsible for any typos or mistakes. Specials typically cannot be combined with other promotions or points unless stated. Product availability can differ by location. There may be a location limit. Additional restrictions may apply.

Do you need an MedMen Dispensary Dispensary Promo Code?

No, MedMen Dispensary doesn’t use dispensary promo codes. You can order directly from the MedMen Dispensary website or MedMen Dispensary stores without a code.

Is there an MedMen Dispensary rewards program?

Yes, we recommend you sign up!

Buds is currently available at all California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida retail locations

How do you pay for marijuana at MedMen dispensaries?

Dispensaries don’t yet accept payment via credit card. MedMen Dispensary accepts cash and debit cards.

What’s a MedMen Cannasseur?

They’re a personal cannabis concierge with expert knowledge.  You can schedule appointments with MedMen Cannasseurs through your local MedMen Dispensary.

Other Dispensaries Across the Country

High Profile


Zen Leaf


Is there benefits to getting a medical card in adult use states?

Yes, in some states, you pay less taxes, can purchase more, and get special privileges like delivery options, early entry into the stores and more.

How do you find a medical marijuana doctor?

Many states have telemedicine available.  Your first step to see if telemedicine is available in your state.

Medical Marijuana Registration

Each person must have a valid medical card (if applicable) and recommendation in order to purchase and have medical marijuana in their state. If your state is adult use/recreation legal, you can purchase marijuana at any MedMen dispensary (as long as you qualify under other rules like age) However providing medical marijuana to another person is illegal if they don’t have a card or are not a registered caregiver.


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