Medical Marijuana Reviews and Testimonials

Calm Effects has helped me acquire education on the good things about using medical marijuana. It REALLY has helped me. I’m sleeping better, I’m a lot calmer and even my family has noticed a huge change. I’m thankful for companies like them!! - Terry N.

Medical Marijuana Reviews

The information provided is very helpful. - A.M.

So far, the products I have tried work on me. Ordering products: excellent! - M.I.

My initial experience was positive and the price was great for a Dr. visit I was in and out and got my card in 10 days that was a year ago will always recommend you guys good job 😁 - Rand D.

It's very important for me to know the uses of medical cannabis, and all the information of all of the final products. And Calm Effect gave it to me all of that. - A.P.

Medical Marijuana Reviews

Pursuing your MMJ card through CalmEffect saves you money versus scheduling with a Dr directly.  - P.R.

Thank you, thanks for helping me get my card! - N.C.

Helpful getting card. Pretty easy process. - Martin V.

The process was simple and effective. I even went with my son so we could both be seen at the same time. - Natasha S.

If you believe you would benefit from being part of Florida's legal medical marijuana program the best way to get your card is through CalmEffect. They make it so easy. I have told many people about this company. - M.K.

Medical Marijuana Reviews

Everyone from, CalmEffect that I was in contact with was only kind helpful and patient. -  Cathy M.

When I applied for my card they were there for me to walk me through the process...with love and kindness. - D.C.

CalmEffect continues to help serve the medical cannabis community with education. - J.S.

I hesitated for quite some time to apply for my MM card. CalmEffect alleviated my reticence and made the application process comfortable and easy all at a reasonable cost. If you are thinking about applying for a MM card, I highly recommend CalmEffect. Call them to find out for yourself how helpful they can be. -  G.H.

I'm blind with chronic closure glaucoma. CalmEffect made it so easy for me and even helped me step by step. I'm very happy. And if anyone ever needs to get healthy and pain-free. This is the place. - J.D.

CalmEffect rocks. So helpful. - Linda O.

Medical Marijuana Reviews

CalmEffect is great. I didn't know where to get started on my pain relief journey with MMJ. The CalmEffect website helped set up doctors appointment and applying for a medical card. Also, the doctors pricing is the best and they are great doctors. - Steve T.

Very personable, refreshing, and modern thinking. - L.B.

I found my first appointment for my license with CalmEffect. The process was very easy and the doctor put me at ease. I’m a vintage user but new to how things work now with new ways to use products and how many types there actually are now! The science has come a long way since the 70’s! It’s nice to know the professional team is always here to help. - Bonnie P.

Offers wide variety of products. - M.C.

Always has the sales and pertinent information. - M.A.

A good place to go if you need a MJ DOCTOR - K.K.

CalmEffect was very helpful with all the information education that I needed to find out about getting the card you’re the best!!! - P.K.

CalmEffect has been a great resource. - Jeff B.

Very helpful and caring people!. - T.T.

CalmEffect helped me find a doctor for my card renewal at a much cheaper price than other sources. It was almost half what I had previously paid, which is especially important during these difficult economic times. - Frederick P.

Medical Marijuana Reviews

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Medical Marijuana Reviews
My husband and I came to an event in Panama City today. The ease of getting things taken care of is great. The staff are very friendly & accommodating and extremely helpful. The atmosphere is great. We were a little nervous at first, but feel like we were with friends at the conclusion. Thank you for all your help. - PS Panama City

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I feel that It is important to share how positive my experience with CalmEffect has been. At first, I was anxious about the process but CalmEffect responded to my questions, helped me set up my doctor’s appointment, and provided consistent follow-through in such a timely way. I will continue to recommend CalmEffect to my relatives and friends!" - LK Lantana

Medical Marijuana Reviews
Very easy to do. Very helpful"- HB Lakeland 
Had a great experience. The process was smooth and effortless." - DC Orlando 
I want to thank you for all that you and CalmEffect has done! I looked all over the internet trying to find a place that’s so resourceful as CalmEffect. I am so glad I chose CalmEffect. The Doctor is very knowledgeable and friendly, and very affordable may I say and not to mention he traveled to our town along with CalmEffect making it much more easier on me and saving me and others more money by not having to come out of pocket for travel expenses! Thank you for making this as easy as possible. I will definitely be recommending you to any friends or family or acquaintances. - JG Panama City 
"I am so thankful for what the great things the doctors at CalmEffect are doing. Everyone deserves to live pain-free. My appointment was very informative and helped me to understand all the beneficial components of medical marijuana. I highly recommend looking into CalmEffect. They can really help you!" - LB Orlando 
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