Apply for medical card online

Online medical marijuana appointments are more common that you think!

Are virtual appointments allowed for medical marijuana?

In some states, yes!

How do you do a medical marijuana telemedicine appointment?

Different cannabis doctors have different methods to see their patients. CalmEffect works with medical marijuana doctors that can do the whole appointment online and you can access them through their HIPAA secure website.

How much does a medical marijuana appointment cost.

We've worked with our providers to give CalmEffect customers affordable options to see a medical marijuana doctor virtually and get a medical marijuana card.

First visit price is to see the doctor to get approved. States have rules about how often you have to see a marijuana doctor (typically annually)

California: First Visit: $49   Follow Up Visits: $35

Colorado: First Visit: $149   Follow Up Visits: $99

Connecticut: First Visit: $179   Follow Up Visits: $149

Illinois: First Visit: $189   Follow Up Visits: $139

Iowa: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $199

Louisiana: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $149

Maine: First Visit: $79   Follow Up Visits: $79

Maryland: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $149

Massachusetts: First Visit: $159   Follow Up Visits: $149

Michigan: First Visit: $139   Follow Up Visits: $99

Minnesota: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $125

Missouri: First Visit: $129   Follow Up Visits: $100

Montana: First Visit: $129   Follow Up Visits: $100

Nevada: First Visit: $49   Follow Up Visits: $35

New Hampshire: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $149

New Jersey: First Visit: $159   Follow Up Visits: $119

New York: First Visit: $149   Follow Up Visits: $99

Ohio: First Visit: $199   Follow Up Visits: $149

Oklahoma: First Visit: $129   Follow Up Visits: $99

Pennsylvania: First Visit: $179   Follow Up Visits: $149

Rhode Island: First Visit: $179   Follow Up Visits: $149

Texas: First Visit: $159   Follow Up Visits: $100

Virginia: First Visit: $179   Follow Up Visits: $159

Washington DC First Visit: $99   Follow Up Visits: $99

Frequently asked Questions:

If my state has legalized recreational marijuana should I still get a medical marijuana card?

Yes. Our customers report a variety of reasons to continue getting a medical marijuana card:

  • You won't have to pay taxes (or all of the taxes) that rec users have to pay.
  • You many be able to purchase more than recreational buyers
  • You may have extra benefits like extra dispensary hours and delivery if you are a medical patient
  • The doctor can assist you with a treatment plan based on your condition

How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

We've made it easy for a patient to apply online to see a medical marijuana doctor via telemedicine. You'll see a friendly medical marijuana physician from the comfort of your own home. Speak to the physician via your kitchen table or couch! Whatever's most comfortable for you!! You'll fill in the form and there will be info about the process and service. The doctor will speak with you answer any questions, review your conditions, and approve you if you qualify. Assuming you qualify, the doctor will give you a medical marijuana recommendation. That's what they typically call a prescription in the medical marijuana world. You'll probably need a driver's license or state ID satisfy the residency requirements. It is recommended to have documentation of your conditions that identify the medical conditions. If the physician needs more information, they'll tell you and explain how to get it to them.

How do I apply with my state?

Most states compassionate care programs are run by the Department of Health. The next part of the process is where you register online with the state. Sometimes you apply online first, but most times a new user will see the doctor first and then either the physician or you can complete the registration with the state. You'll need your driver's license or state ID again to prove residency. Often there is an annual fee for the patient to pay online. Once you complete this part of the process, you'll be notified if you are approved via email and mail. We find that some states have automatic online approval, but in states where there is a longer approval process, the card is mailed in about 4 weeks, but the emails arrives in just a couple of weeks. You can check with your state department of health via phone if you need more information or to see if you have to wait for the card to arrive via mail. They're usually great about giving you an immediate answer. You may be able to go to a dispensary if you are approved but haven't received the medical card yet.

Where can I find marijuana dispensaries?

If you live in a legal adult use state, you may not even know that there's a medical marijuana dispensary right around the corner! We're constantly compiling lists of open dispensaries for your convenience. Qualified patients can access dispensaries during open hours. Some even deliver medical marijuana to approved patients. Note that you cannot have marijuana sent through the mail. Sending through the mail is a crime.

Do dispensaries offer deals?

Often times yes! However, it does depend on the dispensary. Some dispensaries have birthday and first time customer discounts and others announce dispensaries each day! You should even consider signing up for our free dispensary deal email.