Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal?

Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal?Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal?

Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal?

Can I Smoke Medical Marijuana in Florida and across the United States?

UPDATE!  Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal?  YES, in many states it is!  It is NOW LEGAL to Smoke Medical Marijuana in Florida and other states as well!

CHECK OUT YOUR STATE to see what the legal medical marijuana options. 

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What's the status?

Is Smoking Medical Marijuana Legal in My State?

With the recent votes to legalize medical marijuana in Florida and other U.S. states, patients suffering from mental health disorders and chronic illnesses are rejoicing in the relief they have found as of late. The one caveat is that the THC levels legally permitted for sale are limited, and that smoking medical pot has been banned in some states. However, many lawsuits have been filed to legalize smoking within ones home with the eventual hope to move towards legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  CHECK YOUR STATE

Why Can’t I Just Smoke Pot?

Many question if states have come this far and medical marijuana has actually been legalized, why would allowing patients to smoke pot in their own homes be an issue? After all, edibles, marijuana pills, vapes and oils are fine for consumption, and clearly scientists are able to limit the THC amount in those forms, so what's the difference? Apparently, when the bills were passed, the original bills stated that smoking medical marijuana in public was banned, but nothing was mentioned about private consumption. Before too long though, Legislatures amended some of the laws banning smoking entirely, stating that smoking is an unhealthy form of consumption, and potentially too difficult to regulate dosage and that if private consumption was assumed, it should have been included in the original bills.

What The Future May Hold for Smoking Medical Marijuana.

Many states are well on the way towards allowing for smoking medical marijuana.  As more studies are concluding its relative safety, more and more lawmakers are considering making smoking medical marijuana legal.

John Morgan, Orlando attorney and key advocate for the use of medical marijuana, filed a lawsuit to allowing the smoking of medical strains within the home, citing a study conducted in 2012 in the Journal of the American Medical Association that states smoking marijuana actually increases lung capacity and doesn’t impair lung function due to the amount normally consumed by pot smokers when compared to non-smokers and those who regularly use tobacco.

The long and the short of what the future holds for medical marijuana patients looking to smoke pot within their own homes is uncertain at the moment. For now, patients do have the other options, and the knowledge that there are people fighting for the cause in hopes of untangling the law to allow those who really need relief the freedom to get it.

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  1. As a chronic nerve pain sufferer, I am all for trying pot to help with my pain. The public needs to realize that different “ forms” of ingesting pot do affect people in individual ways. Some intake forms are better than others to control pain. Whether you smoke it, swallow it, or however you ingest it, it may help for some, and may not for others. It is just another “tool” , for those of us who suffer, to try. Chronic pain is debilitating, desperation gets stronger, thus all tools on board are a welcome option. Like all medications, I do get nervous when taking anything inside my body because of side effects. Bottom line, it’s all about quality of life. Find a way, ANY, way to have a good quality of life. It’s all an individual choice.

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