Medical Marijuana Smoking Rules to Change

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Will Announce Medical Marijuana Changes

Governor Ron DeSantis said last Monday (Jan. 14, 2019), he will very soon announce changes in how the state is carrying out a constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana. The Governor went on to say that many voters believe the state has been “foot dragging” in implementing the amendment.

In 2017, the state of Florida, led by Governor Rick Scott, implemented a smoking ban that was aimed at carrying out the constitutional amendment. Additionally, the law restricted the number of medical marijuana licenses and number of dispensaries in the state. The new governor and his staff have indicated DeSantis intends to abandon an appeal of a court decision that stated a ban on smoking medical marijuana violates the constitutional amendment.

DeSantis has said he wants to make sure the amendment is carried out “in a way for the folks that voted for it that they can feel that that’s what they voted for.” The Governor went on to say, “”And I think a lot of ‘em don’t feel that way right now. So we’ll see some changes.”

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