Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in YOUR State?

Medical Marijuana Legal

Medical Marijuana Legal Details

What Types of Medical Marijuana Are Legal?

Many states across the U.S. have made Medical Marijuana Legal.  Each state has different laws as they apply to the types of medical marijuana legal options.

Some options include topicals, tinctures, edibles, vaping, and smoking.  To read more about each option, CLICK HERE

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What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana Legal Status?

Every state has different laws in terms of what a number of qualifying illnesses that allow patient to get a medical marijuana card. This list includes: ALS, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, MS, glaucoma and a variety of mental health illnesses, like PTSD or Schizophrenia.

To see what conditions qualify you for Medical Marijuana Legal Status, CLICK HERE

Florida law prohibits home cultivation or selling of any product from legal dispensaries to anyone that doesn’t possess a medical marijuana card. Making medical marijuana legal means that patients have access to options to help with their conditions.

How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida and Across the United States?

Obtaining a card is a fairly straightforward process. Folks across Florida and the United States who are 18 and older may qualify providing they are able to provide proof of one of the illnesses that allow marijuana treatment, then see a doctor who can write a recommendation.

The 3 step process includes:

  • Visiting a physician who determines if your condition qualifies for medical marijuana
  • Registering on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry and paying the $75 fee
  • Visiting an approved legal dispensary who offer low THC/high CBD products.

CLICK HERE to learn more about obtaining your medical marijuana card.

Where Do I Go to Find a Doctor That Can Recommend Medical Marijuana?

At the moment there are approximately 800 doctors in the state of Florida and thousands more across other legal states in the U.S. who are allowed to recommend marijuana, and there is generally no waiting period to receive the ID card as long as the patient qualifies for its use.  CLICK HERE and we will help you find a doctor today.

Is smoking medical marijuana legal?

Many states have now approved to make smoking medical marijuana legal.  CLICK smoking medical marijuana  to learn more.

In Summary

Obtaining a medical marijuana card doesn’t have to be a stressful process. As long as the patient qualifies they are able to make an appointment for the recommendation. There are a number of doctors that are able to assist with the certification and from there, patients can find a dispensary and legally purchase medical marijuana without fear of legal ramifications.

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