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Massachusetts Shuts Down Medical Marijuana Operator Over Pesticide Us

State health regulators have ordered Triple M, a medical marijuana operator with dispensaries in Mashpee and Plymouth, to shut down its Plymouth cultivation facility. The State Department of Public Health (DPH) made the order on Thursday (Dec. 13th) for Triple M to immediately stop selling medical marijuana products and quarantine its inventory.

Triple M said it had only used natural compounds such a pyrethrins, a class of insect-repelling chemicals derived from chrysanthemum flowers. “The natural pesticides that Triple M used have been approved in all 50 states for growing produce as well as for us on cannabis in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio,” the firm said. “Triple M only used the pesticides during the early stages of cultivation, never on the flower buds and ceased using the pesticides on plants in September 2018.” The company has said that they are fully cooperating with DPH and will implement any changes requested by the agency.

Triple M is the second medical marijuana operator to be shuttered by the state this year over pesticides.

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