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iThinkFinancial Concert Venue

iThinkFinancial Concert Venue

Here at CalmEffect, we are ALL ABOUT living your best life. We hear from thousands of people and the message is always consistent. CalmEffect made the medical marijuana process simple, easy, and affordable……and it changes lives.

One of the most important changes that our clients tell us about is how they are now able to actually enjoy things that their symptoms previously kept them from. In this thinking, we have begun our new Lifestyle and Wellness blog for you. We want our clients to have new and exciting tips on how to further enhance their lives once they are enjoying a better symptom-free lifestyle.

For our first installment, lets talk about MUSIC! A new study shows that going to concerts can actually help you live longer!

Going to Concerts Can Help You Live Longer, a New Study Shows

A new study has found that going to concerts frequently can increase your lifespan. Yes, you read that right. Listening to live music can help you live longer.

The report by O2 and Goldsmith’s University Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan, who specializes in behavioural science, concluded that going to a gig for even just 20 minutes can increase your feeling of well-being about 21%. Additionally, a direct link between “high levels of well-being [and] a lifespan increase of nine years” suggests that going to concerts can make you live at least nine years longer.

5 Benefits of Attending a Concert

There are more reasons than just having a good time why attending a concert can be good for you; if you’re debating whether or not to purchase a ticket to that concert that you are dying to see, consider the following reasons why attending a concert can actually be good for you.

You’ll Burn Calories

Most concerts involve a lot of standing, jumping, and dancing which can help you to burn calories that you would otherwise hold onto. Attending a concert may not be the most direct form of exercise, but it’s definitely better than sitting on the couch watching TV. Even the walk from the parking lot to the venue can burn more calories than you would normally burn in an evening, so if you enjoy dancing and singing along to music, this is a great way to burn some calories and get your heart rate going while you’re enjoying your favorite music.

Raise Your Spirits

Everyone can use a little extra boost to his or her spirits during the day. Now that you are living a more symptom-free life with CalmEffect, attending a concert is typically a fun activity, and it can help to boost your emotions throughout the entire day, if not longer—it’s common for people to feel a lightness of spirit for several days after attending a concert.

Get Involved

You don’t have to go to a large venue to experience the fun of a live concert: many communities offer live music as a way for people to socialize and visit in a safe setting. In fact, the iThinkFinancial Concert Venue in West Palm Beach just might be the perfect answer! There are a ton of new shows planned at the iThinkFinancial Concert Venue (formerly the Coral Sky Amphitheater) and attending these shows gives you a chance to get out, meet new people, and get more involved in your community.

Discover New Sounds

Most bands will offer an opening act or two to get the crowd excited and on their feet. These acts may be bands or individuals you have never heard of. Attending a concert gives you a chance to experience their music live and discover new sounds that you didn’t know you liked. For most people, music has a huge impact on mood and finding music you love helps to improve your mood.

CLICK HERE to see a schedule at the iThinkFinancial Concert Venue in West Plam Beach, FL

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