Lifestyle and Wellness Blog with CalmEffect

Lifestyle and Wellness Blog with CalmEffectLifestyle and Wellness Blog with CalmEffect

Lifestyle and Wellness Blog with CalmEffect

Here at CalmEffect we are wholly dedicated to helping our clients live their best lives!  While our primary focus is on helping folks get aligned with medical marijuana and affordable doctors and products, we also are committed to helping folks with wellness and lifestyle changes to enhance life in general.  With that, we are launching the Lifestyle and Wellness Blog with CalmEffect.  Here you will find helpful and fun articles that you are sure to enjoy.  If you ever have a content suggestion, please feel free to contact us anytime.  You can also follow the CalmEffect YouTube channel for informative videos to help you on your journey.

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What Cannabis Can Do for Sleep - Can You Use Cannabis to Sleep Better?

Sleep is essential for maintaining our mental and physical health, yet it eludes many adults.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, 50 to 70 million U.S. adults experience symptoms of a sleep disorder. About 30 to 40 percent of the population will experience insomnia at some point in their lives, and about 10 to 15 percent of adults will deal with chronic insomnia.

With so many people experiencing sleeping disorders, there’s been a rise of interest in one controversial cure: cannabis. Many in the medical marijuana community refer to cannabis as an effective treatment, with little to no side effects, for a range of sleeping disorders.  Marijuana’s analgesic properties might provide some relief for those with chronic pain, while the anti-anxiety properties can soothe a stressed-out mind and body.

Chronic Pain, Stress, and Anxiety are Getting in the Way of Enjoying Life – 7 Options for More Relief

Did you know that there are many options available that you could consider? Some might be known, others may be a little crazy, and others may be something that you’ve always thought about.  

From oils to herbs to chanting, there is no end to things you can try to take your health to the next level. Exploring alternative options have led to longer lives and happier existences.

Here are our 7 options for more relief. Compliment your life with any one, or many of, the following.

Going to Concerts Can Help You Live Longer, a New Study Shows

One of the most important changes that our clients tell us about is how they are now able to actually enjoy things that their symptoms previously kept them from. In this thinking, we have begun our new Lifestyle and Wellness blog for you. We want our clients to have new and exciting tips on how to further enhance their lives once they are enjoying a better symptom-free lifestyle.  For our first installment, let's talk about MUSIC! A new study shows that going to concerts can actually help you live longer!

Did the CDC Ignore Vaping Evidence?

2019 was the year of the vaping health crisis and it seems 2020 will be a year of reckoning. The first question that must be asked is this: Why did American public health officials fail so spectacularly?  The VAPI/EVALI emergency represents one of the greatest derelictions of duty on the part of American public health leaders in many years.  Did the CDC Ignore Vaping Evidence? – Evidence Existed in Late Summer 2019

How to Find Good Quality CBD

Get the CBD You Paid For - a study conducted by Leafly and Confidence Analytics concluded that 23 of the 47 tested products did not provide the dosage of CBD (within 20% variance) that was stated on the label.  This ultimately raises a consumer concern: “How do I know if I’m actually getting the CBD that I paid for”.  A number of CBD experts and producers of top-quality products weighed in on this issue, providing tips and advice for consumers.

Jimmy Buffet Launching Medical Marijuana Brand

You don't have to be a Parrothead to experience Buffet's medical marijuana brands!  Jimmy Buffett announced that he would be launching a new brand of medical marijuana with partner Surterra Wellness. Coral Reefer, named after Buffett’s iconic band, will be launched next year in Florida with a wide range of lifestyle products to match the state’s growing demand for medical marijuana.

Three Top Benefits of Using Medicinal Marijuana

You’ve probably heard a little bit about medicinal marijuana and the various benefits that it can provide to people dealing with ongoing medical issues. You might not think that this is an option for you and your health, but looking into medical cannabis doctors in Miami can provide you with may give the results that you never thought you could achieve. Let’s look at just a few of the benefits that come from using medicinal marijuana.