Important Info You Must Know About Florida’s Medical Cannabis World

Three years ago, Florida voted to legalize and regulate medical cannabis, but even people who have been part of the medical-use marijuana program since it first started functioning don’t know about all the rules that the state has outlined for the program. As such, here are a few things about Florida’s medical cannabis industry, including laws that regulate patient and dispensary behavior all the same.

Going to a Doctor Kicks Off Your Quest for Patient Licensure

In Florida, physicians are able to recommend cannabis to patients if they have one of a few serious, debilitating health issues, the list of which includes HIV, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, among many others. However, first, prospective patients need to see if they are eligible at their first physician visit. Next, the physician has to recommend it.  If eligible, they get a program membership card from the Florida Department of Health.

Until Recently, You Couldn’t Legally Smoke Cannabis to Consume It

Members of the state of Florida’s medical marijuana program were not able to consume the drug by combustion, another word for smoking the green substance. There are many other ways that people can consume cannabis as well, such as by eating food infused with its psychoactive compounds. However, Governor Ron DeSantis repealed the state’s restriction on consuming medical cannabis via combustion in March 2019. 

Participants Need to Be Aware of Maximum Possession Limits

In March of this year, at the same time that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the aforementioned bill into reality, he also made it so that members of the state’s medical marijuana program could source a maximum of 2.5 ounces of dried cannabis flower every five weeks.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami have to track customers’ purchases so they don’t go over the 35-day limit. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami and caregivers both have to adhere to the 2.5-ounce-per-35-days limit.

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