How to Find Good Quality CBD

Leafly recently published an in depth analysis of CBD that is very valuable!

How to Make Sure You Get the CBD You Paid For
The study conducted by Leafly and Confidence Analytics concluded that 23 of the 47 tested products did not provide the dosage of CBD (within 20% variance) that was stated on the label.
Additionally, 5 of the 47 products that were tested contained no amounts of CBD.
This ultimately raises a consumer concern: “How do I know if I’m actually
getting the CBD that I paid for”.
A number of CBD experts and producers of top-quality products weighed in on this issue, providing tips and advice for consumers.
7 tips on making sure you get the CBD that you pay for!


Buy Products Online or in Reputable Distributors

Purchasing CBD from head shops, gas stations, or drug stores is essentially gambling with your money, and also your health. Most of the low performing products that were tested were purchased from stores that place their focus in other areas, and not just health and wellness. Conversely, CBD products that were purchased online, directly from a reputable manufacturer’s website or establishment, provided consisted results regarding label dosage accuracy.

Demand 3rd Party Test Results
In this case, a third-party is an independent lab that administers product content tests. Virtually any CBD brand can make the assertion that all of their products are lab tested. However, only brands whose products are backed by third-party test results can offer actual proof. The highest quality CBD brands have a QR code that is printed on their product packaging; scanning this code will provide the third-party test results determined for the batch from which the individual product came from.
Search for Companies with Experience
Results of the Leafly and Confidence Analytics report indicated that the highest-performing and most accurately dosed CBD products are most commonly manufactured by companies that are experienced in legal cannabis. States with early legalization, such as Colorado, California, and Washington, are where a number of veteran cannabis organizations can be found.
Packaging Matters – Trust Your Eyes
Observe the design and quality of the product packaging. Ask yourself, does this seem like a product that would be found in a wellness center, or does the packaging look more like a children’s sugary cereal box? Experts advise consumers to avoid packaging that contains bright or rainbow-like colors, marijuana leaves, and unprofessional fonts. Products with packaging that resembles medicine, vitamins, or health supplements are more likely to provide the amount of CBD stated on the label.
Look for Organically Sourced Products
Sally Nichols, the president of Bloom Farms, a cannabis organization in California, advises consumers: “If someone is going to the effort of sourcing certified organic ingredients, chances are good that all other ingredients, and potency, are carefully thought through as well”.
Certain Delivery Methods of CBD are Superior to Others
CBD infused water was found to be the least reliable delivery vehicle for CBD. In terms of providing the most accurate and reliable label dosage of CBD, gummies and other edibles are consumer’s best bet. CBD tinctures and oils scored just below gummies and edibles on the reliability scale, followed by CBD vape cartridges.
You Get What You Pay For
Common sense goes a long way when it comes to purchasing CBD products. Manufacturing a high quality and accurate CBD product is not only difficult, but also expensive. If you purchase the cheapest CBD that you can find, odds are you are purchasing a product that either provides an inaccurate label dosage, or provides no actual CBD at all.

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