Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Methods of Cannabis Consumption

What tools do you need in order to consume more efficiently and make sure your product is just right for your satisfaction.  One of the great aspects of cannabis is that there are many ways to use the medicine effectively that allow you to adjust the way you use cannabis.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Ingest via Eating

This is one of the safest ways to consume your medication, but understand that the effects from eaten cannabis may be more pronounced and onset of the effects will be delayed by an hour or more and typically last longer than inhalation. Using edible cannabis effectively will usually take some experimentation with particular product types and dosages. Digesting cannabis also metabolizes the cannabinoids somewhat differently and can produce varying effects, depending on the individual.

Use small amounts of edibles and wait two hours before gradually increasing the dose, if needed. Take care to find and use the right dose as excessive dosages can be uncomfortable and happen most often with edibles.  You may also try cannabis pills made with hash or cannabis oil or ingest via Tinctures/Sprays.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Apply via Topicals

This is one of the safest ways to consume your medication and may be the best option for certain pains or ailments. Rubbing cannabis products on the skin will not result in a psychoactive effect.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Inhale via Smoking

Because the effects are noticed or felt quickly, this is a good way to get immediate relief and find the best dose for you. Research has shown that smoking cannabis does not increase your risk of lung or other cancers, but because it entails inhaling tars and other potential irritants, it may produce unpleasant bronchial effects such as harsh coughing.

Smoke as little as possible. Try 1 to 3 inhalations and wait 10 to 15 minutes to find the right dosage. Increase dosage as necessary.

Take smaller, shallower inhalations rather than deep inhales. Holding smoke in does not increase the effects; studies show that 95% of the THC is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhaling.

Smoking Medical Marijuana


Smoking Medical Marijuana is NOW LEGAL in Florida!

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This change signifies enormous progress.  As more and more lawmakers are opening up to the real-life reported benefits of medical marijuana, we can expect a continual change in the right direction for patients who depend on their medication for a better quality of life.  If you are interested in medical marijuana for yourself, SIGN UP FOR A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NOW.  We make it super easy and super affordable!

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Inhale via Vaporizer

This is the safest way to INHALE your medicine because it heats the cannabinoid-laden oils to the point where they become airborne vapors, without bringing the other plant material to combustion, drastically reducing the number of tars and other chemical irritants that you otherwise would inhale. Vaporizers also emit much less odor than any type of smoking.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Inhale via a Pipe/One-Hitter/Steam Roller

Use a glass, stainless steel, or brass pipe; avoid wood or plastic pipes. Glass one-hitters, tubular pipes that contain a single dose, are the most economical devices.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption - Inhale via a Bong/Water Pipe

Don't use a bong or water pipe regularly. The water absorbs some of the THC and other cannabinoids, and you can inhale water vapor or water drops into your lungs.  Don't use a bong made from plastic, rubber or aluminum that can produce harmful fumes when heated or melted. If you do use one, change the water frequently to limit exposure to germs and viruses.

CHECK OUT THIS HELPFUL VIDEO about different ways to consume medical marijuana.

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