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Florida Medical Marijuana Starter GuideFlorida Medical Marijuana Starter Guide

Florida Medical Marijuana Information

Doctors, Dispensaries, and More

Florida Medical Marijuana Starter Guide

Florida Medical Marijuana Starter Guide - UPDATE JANUARY 2020Smoking Medical Marijuana


Smoking Medical Marijuana is NOW LEGAL in Florida!

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This change signifies enormous progress.  As more and more lawmakers are opening up to the real-life reported benefits of medical marijuana, we can expect a continual change in the right direction for patients who depend on their medication for a better quality of life.  If you are interested in medical marijuana for yourself, SIGN UP FOR A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT NOW.  We make it super easy and super affordable!

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Florida Medical Marijuana Law

It's Legal!

2016's Amendment 2 legalized medical marijuana for a broader list of conditions. In addition to some specific conditions there is language in the law about symptoms that are consistent with the listed conditions and many doctors are approving chronic pain and anxiety related issues with medical records that can back up a patients history.

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Florida Medical Marijuana: Doctors

Doctor counts are increasing.

Many cities have multiple locations to see a Qualified Physician throughout Florida. Although Primary Care Physicians may or may not be Qualified (via getting their State certification) to recommend medical marijuana, easily request an appointment.

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Florida Medical Marijuana: Dispensaries

Store counts continue to grow

State law allows for a limited amount of dispensaries that are seed to sale. In other words, grow, cultivate, process and sell at their own stores.  Originally, each Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (what Florida calls a dispensary) was allowed to have 25 locations (and delivery).  Of the MMTCs that have been approved, they are rapidly trying to expand across the state while navigating City and County ban obstacles.

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Tips for Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Getting the card has become easier.

More Doctors are available, the State has refined their process, and Patients are getting their cards quicker. Follow these medical marijuana card tips to ensure you can get your card as fast as possible.


What to know about Medical Marijuana in Florida

It's Legal!

Amendment 2 allows for more qualifying conditions and the count of issued cards is growing quickly. More Doctors are becoming Qualified and Dispensaries are opening in more locations although there are some city and county bans.

Smoking continues to be fought in court, going back and forth, but most expect it to be legalized at some point.

Although edibles are legal, Dispensaries are waiting on the State to provide specific guidance before production and mass sales begin

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