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5 Types of Edibles Patients are Hoping Come to Their State

 …. and when they do, you’ll be amazed at great they taste and effectively they work.

Here’s our list of different types of edibles we hope to see soon here in the State.  This isn’t a ranked list, it’s just information on the five most popular type of edibles based on surveys from around the United States.  We think you’ll find it helpful.


Chews are tasty, convenient, potent, and discreet. Very useful for people who need to medicate, wherever they are.  They’re usually packaged in 10mg squares, so dosing is easy. Because chews taste so good, and are convenient to eat, it’s easy to get carried away and bite off more than you can tolerate.  Many chews are strong, depending on what you buy.  Ask your doctor or dispensary specialist.


Baked Goods/Cookie Bars –

Gourmet edibles in the form of baked goods… brownies, blondies, cookies in varieties from confetti to lemon sugar to red velvet. All infused with both high-quality THC and CBD. This is certainly one of the scenarios where the products would be amazing… even if they didn’t get you high. But just to be clear, THC batches will get you high, while CBD batches won’t. Please don’t forget that and go for another blondie. It’s all about self-control


Mints –

These peppermint-like treats have become a go-to for people interested in low dosage products. The mints are made with 2.5 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient—allowing users to refresh their taste buds without a major high. Like chews, they’re discreet and also easy to take for low dosage requirements.


Chocolates –

Confectioners in Colorado have been making infused chocolate since marijuana was legalized there in 2014. Most chocolate bars are small, delicious and potent. As a result, you won’t have to eat a whole bag of gummies to get your desired effects.  They do take a while to kick in however. There are also sugar-free chocolate edibles. An average 225 mg bar contains 25 mg of THC, making it easy to keep track of dosing.



Gummies seem like children’s candy (and they are) and they’re one of the best edibles of 2017.  Gummies are a customer favorite because they are potent and consistent and easy to keep track of how much you’re intaking.They taste delicious and come in a variety of flavors, such as mixed, watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, mango just to name a few.

Quality gummies recipes are refined so you don’t taste a dose of the marijuana as much as the gummy itself.  You can also get them in a variety of CBD and THC ratios, which allows for patients to control the level of psycho-activity and relief they prefer.

The rectangular shape of many gummies is in accordance with Colorado laws banning gummies from taking on the shapes of fruits, people, animals or anything similar to snacks made for children.

As use for gummies becomes more widespread here, it will be interesting to see if State Legislatures follow Colorado’s example of regulating the shape of gummies.

We definitely have something to look forward to with the arrival of these 5 different types of marijuana medical edibles!