Consuming Cannabis in Public

Consuming Cannabis in Public

Consuming Cannabis in Public

Consuming Cannabis in Public – Cannabis Cafes Are On The Way

Throughout the US, bars have been a social norm for years. Those who wish to consume alcohol have always had countless locations to drink socially, while cannabis users have no equivalent. Soon, this may not be the case.

In a vast majority of legal states throughout the control, it is still illegal to purchase cannabis and consume it in the same locations. As cannabis becomes more widely used, people are interested in consuming cannabis in public, just as they do alcohol. Some legislators are moving to change these regulations.

At the end of 2018, a group of state assemblymen and county commissioners from Nevada toured San Francisco’s cannabis cafes and lounges to see how they’re run. In Oregon, legislators are pursuing a change of state laws that would allow cannabis cafes and lounges. Massachusetts is working with cities interesting in allowing places for “social consumption” of cannabis to create rules and study the impact of business. New Jersey’s legalization bills include provisions for bring-your-own social lounges and will allow hotels to designate up to 20% of their rooms as cannabis-friendly.

With the wheels turning on this initiative in so many states, the US is bound to have a few more solid areas of the country to look at the many ways cannabis can affect our way of life.  Consuming cannabis in public will be just another one of the many ways that the cannabis culture is changing – we believe for the better.

Check out this helpful video on different ways to consume medical marijuana.

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