Celebrities who use CBD and Medical Marijuana

More and more celebrities are reporting that they use CBD and medical marijuana to help relieve pain.

Olivia Newton John and Cannabis/Medical Marijuana

Condition: Cancer

Olivia Newton John's Cannabis story:  Olivia has been taking cannabis (marijuana), a naturally for a few years now after having been hesitant at first. Her husband, John Easterling has been pationate about cannabis/medical marijuana and even grows 21 strains of the plant!  Olivia reports that she feels much better and does not have to depend on morphine and optioids for pain relief.  She started slowly while she started expirimenting with medical marijuana and believes in the entourage effect (whole plant use that includes CBD and THC). Olivia says that this treatment has been life-changing.

Check out Good Housekeeping for more info


Rob Gronkowski and CBD

Condition: Pain

What is Rob Gronkowski using Cannabis for?  Recently retired New England Patriot, Rob Gronkowski found CBD this year after he jammed some of his toes in a soccer game. After applying CBD based cream to his feet he felt relief and was stunned by the efficacy.  He has since partnered with a CBD producer to develop a cannabis derived CBD cream that will hopefully help others with their chronic pain.  CNBC has the story about Gronowski and his thoughts on business, Mark Cuban and Michael Strahan.

Whoopi Goldberg and Cannabis

Condition: Glaucoma+

Whoopi has spoken in the past about medical marijuana use to relieve pressure and pain from glaucoma.  She substituted the cannabis for advil to take the ache out! She has even started her own line of cannabis products that aim to help women with relief for mentrual cramps. The marijuana infused products will include: a balm, a tincture, sipping chocolate, and a bath soak. USA TODAY has more about Whoopi and her company.